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  1. Hi All, If there's any chance of a local meet in Aston Cantlow please let me know I'll gladly bring my 250 goto dob. Just out of interest, the campsite in Aston Cantlow what was it called? Was it Island Meadow Caravan Park? I've been meaning to find a local dark sky site as I do most of my observing/imaging from by back garden in Alcester. Regards Greg
  2. Hi and welcome to you all, I too am only down the road from you in Alcester. I've often considered taking my stuff somewhere down by the church in Studley, the one on the way to Studley Castle (I forget the name). Anyway, I hope you and your family all enjoy your new hobby. Regards Greg.
  3. Hey Paul, Just for piece of mind my GOTO squeaks really badly when moving manually too.. There are threads about this and how to remedy it! Philk_80 Another thing to check is whether you get a light shroud for the gap in the middle where the trusses are... Could be an overlooked expense if not! FLO do Astrozap ones for this scope for about 60 odd quid! And of course check there are no clouds supplied with it... Good luck with your new toy!! it really is a great scope and you will see some awe inspiring sights through it!!... next stop for you will be the eyepiece discussion forum! and then onto online credit card applications to pay for them all...Its a slippery slope!! See you at the bottom!! Clear skies
  4. Hiya, when I'm a using planisphere in the dark I use the rear red light off my bike with a strip of masking tape down the middle of the lens to diffuse the light a bit. Works great! I also use google sky on my phone, which has a handy night mode! Hope it helps, good luck and happy hunting
  5. i use an xbox live webcam fitted into a standard skywatcher "deluxe" barlow using blu tak and a spare 90 degree bracket from an ikea flat pack. as stated above this contraption replaces the eyepiece. i havent used this webcam with my dob yet, but i had good results using this setup with my mak using Sharpcap software downloaded free from the interwebs. i do intend to try out my webcam imaging Saturn tomorrow night so i will update here how i get on search modded xbox webcam for more info. id paste a link but im typing on my xbox atm... Greg.
  6. hi, i had mine just under 2 years before it packed up. the warranty is 2 years on the zoom so i sent mine back with less than a month of the warranty left. im currently awaiting a replacement to be sent. dont hesitate on contacting flo, they seem really helpful in my experience with them, they even advised me on how to get mine replaced and i didnt even buy mine from them, although i have spent a few quid perusing their site. I sent mine back on the 22 April and i am still waiting for a replacement, the store i bought it from have contacted me via email stating it has been returned to their supplier and is sat in a date order queue awaiting inspection before its replaced. Greg.
  7. here are the parts I used This shows the rear of the magnet knife holder with the double sided tape stuck on Here is the finished article complete with a counterweight made at work
  8. Bumfluff


  9. well ive put the magnetic knife holder on, looks okay. i put it slightly off centre so the top truss doesnt interfere when the flextube is collapsed. it works really well it seems, 1 x 0.6kg weight prevents the front dropping at low altitude. i should clarify on the front end i had a raci finder and an es 82 degree 11mm eyepiece in the standard 1.25" holder in the standard focusser. i am confident this will solve my issues with this scope now, but the only way to know for sure is to try it out once the stars come out next. i have taken some pics but i will add them tomorrow at work. ( using xbox 360 atm) i will add my findings here when i have tried it out. regards Greg.
  10. ugh... one should really proofread before posting...
  11. Hi all, I did some testing last night and I found that the alignment stars play a huge part in the accuracy of the goto. I had previously been using Polaris and Capella with varying results but last night I used Arcturus in Bootes and Regulus in Leo. After the alignment I went back to Arcturus and it was bang on using the 10mm supplied eyepiece, I then manually moved the scope ( I should also point out that I have centred the alignment stars finished with up and right directions), I went into named objects and it went back to Arcturus, still centred in the 10mm. I tried various other objects in different parts of the sky and all seemed to be within the 10mm eyepiece. Polaris seemed the most out but was still fairly central So to conclude I think the clutch friction setting does pay a large part in the accuracy, but not as much as good alignment stars. However to dampen the mood, when I attempted to view Saturn the scope nosedived again, so as I couldn't be bothered faffing with the clutch again I simply took off the finderscope and it seemed fine. This obviously is not a permanent fix but researching online I came across a good idea of using a 30cm long Magnetic knife holder (a kitchen devil one seems good) attached lengthways to the lower tube using some no more nails double sided tape so the magnetic side is facing away from the tube. Then using a steel weight about 0.6kg I can slide the weight up and down the magnet to achieve balance at lower alitutude observing, I may need to use more/bigger weights to balance my different eyepieces and DLSR. I emphasise the Kitchen devil as the few I looked at a few in a local store and the ktichen devil one had a solid back face whereas the others had a hollow back so there is more area to stick the double sided tape on the kitchen devil one! (and it was black so matches the OTA) Can't wait to get home from work now and try the magnet and weights out. I will post my findings here. Regards Greg
  12. Hi All, I have a Skywatcher 250px Flextube GOTO, which I have had for about a year. Recently however I have had issues with the GOTO missing targets, sometimes quite badly. This isn’t a major issue as I do like finding objects rather than being shown them by the GOTO. I have had pretty good results with the GOTO but recently it has been off by at least half of the (9x50) finderscope. I have recently tightened the ALT axis clutch a little after the tube nosedived whilst imaging the moon with my DSLR. I tightened the Alt axis so it wouldn’t slip with the DSLR mounted, maybe ¼ turn at the most. My normal setup routine is: 1; Level base with a bubble level on the base (I Have a levelled slab in the middle of the lawn for the dob) 2; Collimate and align finderscope using Polaris 3; Switch on (Scope is powered by a Skywatcher 17AH powertank) 4; Date + time, daylight saving ON 5; Input co-ordinates (which don’t change as I always observe from my back garden) 6; 2 star align (I have been using Polaris and Capella ) After centring Polaris, Capella was pretty much centre of the eyepiece so I assume this is okay? Last night after this alignment I slewed to M3 and it was out about half the diameter of the finderscope so I slewed back to Polaris, it was slightly off centre but not the same error as M3 was. I realigned the encoder on Polaris and tried again but the error was almost exactly the same. I feel I’m doing something wrong but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe the clutch(es) are too tight although it doesn’t feel like it when manually slewing the scope. They certainly are NOT too loose to cause slippage. Poor choice of alignment stars maybe? Perhaps I should just let it slew to objects rather than manually pointing it in the rough area then use the GOTO for the last bit? I haven’t set anything in the backlash settings, could this be the problem? I hope some more seasoned users of this scope can help me!! Regards Greg
  13. Hi all, Had my Explore Scientific 11mm 82 deg eyepiece delivered yesterday from optical-systems.com, took a 5 working days from dispatch to delivery. WOW... an impressive box these come in, I was expecting a jiffy bag and a tube like the stock plossls (will post a couple of images once I'm home from work). First impressions are good, it feels sturdy and well made As usual with new kit it came supplied with cloud cover, although it's looking up for Friday/Saturday for first light!! Will update here for anyone interested! Greg
  14. It is a shame that this eyepiece has had its reputation tarnished with these seizing issues. It really is a great eyepiece to have in your case. I certainly wouldn't make your decision based purely on this thread, I think people will more likely come online to share a grievance with a product but rarely to praise said product IMO. I had my first zoom for almost 2 years with no problems what so ever, based on the pleasure I've had using it I would still recommend one, certainly for beginners. Greg
  15. Hi all, Just to update this thread, I've had a reply back from F1 telescopes stating the warranty on the Hyperion mk3 zoom is 2 years according to their supplier so I can send mine back for a replacement. Happy days! Hope I get a new one this is one great eyepiece, I've felt a bit lost without it on my last observing session. Works great in both of my scopes! Also I should add, I kept mine in a flight case in the shed so the problem could well be temperature related? All I know is when I get my replacement I'm keeping my eyepiece case in the house. Greg
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