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Solar spectrum using Baader grating

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I set up a needle to make a reflective slit; used a 135mm lens with the Baader 207 l/mm grating, modified Canon 1000D, ISO200, 1/1000s

The profile of the spectrum (blue) compares well with a G2V reference spectrum (purple) - just a bit of fun.





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Nice idea! I have resorted to a shaving mirror for the same'ish purpose (Beck prism spectrometer). I haven't yet managed to load Vspec though, so I can't look at the spectrum, even though I can see a lot of lines in the .nef (less in shrunk jpeg).



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I have a Beck DV as well - should try it....

Which camera were you using?

It's worthwhile getting Vspec up and running - if you need assistance just let me know.

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Yes, I'll try and get Vspec up & running (more strong coffee and an hour or two).

The camera is a Nikon D300 - bought it for my other "hobby" (entomology). For example:-



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