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South Coast Astro May/June meet


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Just an early heads up for our next Turf Hill meet so everyone can place it up on the calender.

The planned dates are:

Saturday 28th May 2011 - this will be the main night if clear


Saturday 4th June 2011 - this will be the backup date should the 30th May be clouded out

Will be a nice late start, probably 21:30. Lasting until whenever everyone wants to leave. The last session finished around 1am.

Saturn will of course be well placed and there will be a nice gathering of planets in the pre-dawn sky if we can last that long. But the main event as always will be deepsky targets.

Hope to see you there.

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I don't believe it! Looks like this is about three miles from me, as the crow flies!

Count me in.

Excellent, i've sent you an invite to the group so you can keep upto date with plans :D

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Russ, can you tell me the site location. I am in Oxfordshire but dint mind travelling to join like minded visual astronomers :-)

You might try the SPOG group. They will closer when they meet on the north side of Salisbury plain.


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Just a quick prompt to say our June meet is approaching this coming Saturday (4th) and this time the forecast is looking really good at the moment. Clear skies forecast for the 4th and the wind dropping to 9mph. If it holds that will be perfect.

It is open to all to join us for a night under the New Forest skies.Just PM Shaun or myself for more details.

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Russ, I'm still planning on attending - do you have the Lat/Long coords of the location you could make available for group members?

I can't find 'Turf Hill' in the NF location on google maps / google earth......& coordinates would make early set up of goto handset / laptops possible in advance.

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