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  1. another vote from me for rubber strap wrenches
  2. Hi from Deal, not that far from you Mark
  3. hi from sl lower down in Kent (Deal) Mark
  4. Still got my old ZX81 - stored away somewhere ,together with the wobbly memory expansion pack that plugged in the back . Brings back memories of spending ages typing in programs by hand that been published in the computer magazines of old,and backing the programs up on an old cassette recorder !
  5. And even bigger pockets for the excellent “Jumbo size Pocket Star Atlas”
  6. Pocket Sky Atlas is very good but you need quite big pockets !
  7. Yes please to include paying for postage .please send me payment details Mark
  8. please let me know then if the mount becomes available and the price incl postage (within the UK)
  9. I Might be interested in the mount alone if you would consider splitting and posting
  10. Just bought a pair of these for £10 from a charity shop.Never heard of the make.Can any one tell me anything about the make.l felt for £10 l probably couldn't go wrong
  11. Yes please providing you can send by post in UK. Please send me payment details Mark
  12. Did you know we've all been wrong in the real cause of a lunar eclipse !! How can anyone possibly believe the following : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6629463/The-lunar-eclipse-according-Flat-Earthers-caused-unseen-Shadow-Object.html ??
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