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  1. Mark-V

    Hello from Maidstone, UK

    Hi from Deal , down on the Kent seaside
  2. I cant find the "Firmware.bin" file anywhere on my sd card - sorry
  3. In addition to the folders I have sent you I have just found a hidden file that wasnt visible on windows 10 on my computer It is called LOST.DIR and seems to have no files in it ??
  4. I will try to send you files from my sd card for you to copy to a blank formatted card of yours, do you want to send my your email address to send the files to Sorry but I don't know the significance of the flashing LEDS is though Mark
  5. Mark-V

    Some advice on Zoom Eyepiece

    Another vote from me for the Seben 8-24 zoom
  6. Mark-V

    Hi from Kent

    I'm from Deal Mark
  7. Mark-V


    Never had any problems with them myself
  8. Mark-V

    Hi from Kent

    Hi from another Kent resident Mark
  9. I’ve had no problems with mine so far,including updating it , but I agree with the “remembering to take the cap off comments” - important to check this if it isn’t working,as I know to my cost !!
  10. Mark-V

    Double stack etalon -is it worth it ?

    Thanks for all the advice . I have a solar max II 90 at the moment and may financially in a position to double stack it in the next few months which is why I was asking
  11. Is it worth getting a double stack etalon for a solar scope for viewing the sun or is the visual gain not worth the additional cost ?
  12. Another vote from me for using 2 strap wrenches in opposing direcrtions
  13. Cant remember the name but there is a Patrick Moore audioguide on astronomy on CD
  14. Mark-V

    Parker Solar Probe

    Done for the family - all 3 of us may as well all go together ! Mark
  15. Mark-V

    Voyager disc release

    Well my copy arrived this week complete with the pin badge. The book is interesting - about how they decided what to go on the record. Now need to find the tome to listen to the LPs

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