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  1. Just set the sky box to record it !
  2. Hopefully just sent you payment - will PM you further details Mark
  3. Now finished both the Hubble and Shuttle and pleased with both. Quite big so now need to find somewhere for them to go !
  4. Anyone got this and made this yet - just ordered my set and awaiting delivery NASA Space Shuttle Discovery 10283 | UNKNOWN | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop GB
  5. another vote for a rubber strap wrench
  6. Clouds and rain - a normal viewing evening for a once in a lifetime astronomy occurrence in the UK
  7. Mark-V

    It's arrived

    Have you not bought the Zarkov cloud gun from FLO to go with it yet ,looks like the perfect solution for you If not preorder the Hubble telescope it looks like they can get for you within a week according to their website and this will also be a way to avoid the clouds. Welcome by the way
  8. I bought a binoviewer today from a local charity shop : says made by Astro Engineering , came in a box with pair of rubber eye cups and a single Meade super plossl 26mm eyepiece . Grand cost of £15 so I thought it was worth a punt even if not working Anyone ever used this make.If so what are these binoviewers like ,and what would be the best strength eyepieces to look to try. I am quite short sighted so would need something with quite long eye relief,unless I try without glasses. Many thanks for any advice Mark
  9. I use the Celestron eclipsmart 10x42 solar binoculars and find them quite good for white light viewing
  10. Please pm me details for payment for the wind up red light torch Mark
  11. Hi from someone who grew up in Farnborough as a child and now lives in Kent
  12. I got some wheels for my cpc1100 which means I can just wheel it out the garage. The wheels can lock .I would have to say I would find if too heavy to carry on a regular basis
  13. be careful if you plan to by the "jumbo pocket sky atlas" - very good but you need very big pockets !!!
  14. Recorded yesterday and watched it today - very good
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