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  1. johngm

    Hello from Sweden

    Hi Simon, And welcome to SGL. Regarding your Mak, you could measure the diameter and purchase some tube rings and Dovetail, then you will be able to mount it on you NEQ6 John
  2. Totally agree with Merlin. What you have to remember with adaptors like the first one you purchased, they act like macro extension tubes, shifting the focal point further away. Great for close up photography!!. The second option, has a lens which will correct the focal point, very similar to people who cannot reach focus on a standard Newtonian, until they insert a Barlow. There's always a trade off though, and you'll probably find it introduces Vignetting. John
  3. Hi All, As some of you maybe aware, there has been supply issues trying to obtain Baader Narrowband Filters. I have been in touch with David Hinds, who has already contacted Baader in Germany and has received this reply; Many of you have been waiting for many weeks for some of our most popular filter models and other products to become available again. Unfortunately COVID has also caused problems for us. Nevertheless, the production of many articles had to be stopped temporarily because supply chains are interrupted again and again at various points. Unfortunately, this affects especially high-tech suppliers such as our filters. We ask for your understanding for this situation and would like to assure you that we ourselves are working everywhere to solve the supply problems for the components of our products and especially for the filter production and to bring our delivery capacity back to a normal level. Especially for the filters the delays are due to a very costly product development. The appearance of more and more sensitive CMOS cameras with smaller and smaller pixel sizes forces us to bring the filters, which have proven themselves up to now, to a new technical level. In the future, too, our filters should continue to be the reference - with real measurement curves over the entire spectral sensitivity range of modern CMOS cameras, against which cheap copies from China must be measured. The development of filter sheet systems, however, requires complex test series, prototype production in each case - and ultimately intensive testing in the night sky. We are very close to producing our filters with further improved properties, but "one does not talk about unlaid eggs". You can be assured that we will provide detailed information about the improvements achieved. As soon as the first regularly produced filters are finally tested here, we would like to present you the real transmission curves. Therefore we ask for your understanding that we are currently unable to give binding answers to inquiries about delivery dates for products that are not available." I just thought i would forward this on to everyone to keep them in the loop John
  4. Hi Steve, I to have a cgem, and recently my USB/232 adaptor gave up on me, so I took a punt on one of these of flee bay; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5m-USB-PC-control-cable-for-Celestron-Nexstar-telescopes-4-pin-plug-FTDI-chip/192871671185?hash=item2ce80c2591:g:WOsAAOSwImRYb9UP 5M length with built in FTDI chip, works a treat John
  5. I would most definitely say, if its saying the moon is not above the horizon yet, and it clearly is, you have input the wrong time/date. Make sure also, you set you time zone UST and daylight saving, because, don't forget, we are in British summer time which is one hour ahead of GMT. John
  6. Yes, i followed the instructions to a Tee, and installled the Starnet++ PI window module but to no avail, followed the readme file
  7. yes mate, even rebooted, no joy John
  8. Hi All, Has anyone successfully installed Starnet + +Pixinsight module for windows 10 ?. I am having issues with Pixinsight not seeing the module. First, a run down on my laptop. It Has an intel 4000 series Dual core processor, 8GB ram, (shared Graphics) and 512GB SSD dirive. From the readme doc, it meets the requirements. Its a Windows 10 64 Bit OS, and my PI is version the most up to date. Installation procedure. I am following the instructions in the readme file. Downloading the Starnet_PI_Windows.zip file, Unzipping this file. Then i open the unzipped folder and copy and then paste the files into the PI Bin folder, as per instruction. Next i open PI, and navigate to Process > Modules > Install Modules. Then when the dialog opens, i hit the search tab, but i then get the message "0 new modules found" Has anyone else come across this problem ? Regards in advance John
  9. Tell me about it. I'm still waiting for the 36mm Baader narrowband set, seems an even longer wait. Not ordered yet, but FLO say 40 - 60 Day lead time. No one else has them in stock either. I'm not pre ordering, because if I am having to wait this long, some used ones may pop up in the classifieds. John
  10. Its Probably something to do with it, but, I've been checking on them for the last couple of months, and still same situation, you would have thought they would have had some stock somewhere by now. None of the vendors have them
  11. Trying to get hold of a set of baader 36mm Narrowband filter set myself, appears they are as rare as rocking horse poop at the moment. FLO 40 - 60 day lead time. Does anyone know why ? John
  12. Yes Anthony, More data will definitely help with OSC . I'm no expert with OSC, only my Canon DSLR, but you could also try imaging with an Ha filter, doubling your Sub length time and increasing the gain (someone with more experience with OSC may give you some pointers) and adding the Ha to the red channel I believe. John
  13. Hi Have convert your image to Jpeg for comparision with the image I took a couple of weeks ago with my SX 694 mono with 12nm Ha filter. This was only 1 hour 15mins of 5 min subs from my bortle 6 back garden. As Miguel says, mono is better for "fainter" DSO's
  14. hi Anthony, This is a quick stretch in Pixinsight, and levels tweek in PS. Like Miguel said though, 2 hrs is not a lot with OSC Camera. But you have captured some detail there John Autosave_ABE.tif
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