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  1. The Detail in the cropped image is amazing. This, without a doubt, shows the true worth of the ASI6200MM sensor. I need to start saving my pennies Great upload Ole. John
  2. Hi Graham, Pulse guiding in a nutshell means you interface through ascom direct from PC to mount, or via the hand controller. What mount will you be using for your widefield rig ? Also, for what you want to do, you may as well just use a 9X50 guidescope and by an adaptor from modernastronomy for your ASI120MC. What may i ask do you want to pulse guide rather than via the ST4 port ? John
  3. RIP Heather, you have gone to the stars.
  4. Im Sorry if i am getting political here, but we are being constantly told by both local and national politicians, about cutting down on our usage of electricity and gas, and we are even being penalised by so called green taxes. Its not only Brighton football club, go around most towns and city centres at night and see how many commercial premises leave there lights on all night. It seems to me, we are living in a hypocritical society. One rule for you and I, another for businesses. Whatever happened to leading by example ?. Time for new legislation me thinks. You couldn't make this up. John
  5. you need to remove that extension tube on the focuser to reach infinity focus John
  6. What is the payload capacity you are looking at ?, this will help the members give you some guidance. If you are on a tight budget, you could look at upgrading your own mount with this kit. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/synscan-pro-goto-version-3-upgrade-kit-for-eq5.html you should be able to get this stateside and save on international duties John
  7. Fantastic image, i picked out another 4 faint galaxy's in that image. John
  8. From Online Dictionary "a room or building housing an astronomical telescope or other scientific equipment for the study of natural phenomena." John
  9. Its a shame i am now on a weekend working pattern, because come the end of the month i will be in a position to purchase an ASI183mm, which i have been after, and one retailer is offering 10% off ZWO products !. that would have been a great saving of 93 quid. John
  10. Yes, I here the Samyang 135mm f2 also performs well wide open. Hopefully ill be purchasing one this year.
  11. I agree. When using lenses its always a good idea to drop them down a couple of stops. John
  12. This is a great idea. I do not own, as yet, the samyang 135mm, but from some of the reviews iv'e read, this should go someway to removing the tilt that can happen using the standard EOS adaptors. John
  13. Hi Space Bat, I think you will struggle with a finder guider at the focal length of the C9.25. Believe me, i have one which works great on my EDF60 and ED80 scopes, but its as much use as a chocolate tea pot on my RC8. I had to purchase an OAG. I maybe corrected, but i think the ball part for a guidescope focal length is greater than 50% of the main imaging scope. My skywatcher 9X50 Guidescope which i converted to a guider, has a focal length of 180 mm and my RC8 has a native focal length of 1600 mm !! John
  14. Unfortunately Bobby, that would not really be an upgrade to your modded 450D. To see any kind of benefit, you really need a Cooled camera. The cooled version of the 183MC is £200 more expensive, so you would be better off saving a bit more and going for that. There is a used one on UK Astro Buy/sell at the moment for £500, https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=156790 He states its less than 12 months old, but he is the second owner ? Curious to know why though. John
  15. Does help if i read your OP correctly.
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