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  1. As other posters have said, it looks like you have some tilt in the optical train. Try screwing the Flattener direct to Focuser Draw tube instead of using the Click lock to see if this helps eliminate the tilt. I also have the SW ED80, and frame it by using the locking ring on the focuser tube to frame my image. Just screw the camera and flattener on as far as you can until it is fully locked onto the tube, back it off half a turn, and lock it down with the locking ring, then all you do to frame it is slacken the locking ring and move the camera and flattener to your desired frame, and when your happy, lock the locking ring in position. I hope this helps. John
  2. Welcome MaHa. Unfortunately, those Exos 2 Mounts have poor reviews. Google that mount and check it out. Maybe the new ones are OK. If you want a half decent mount in your budget, I would look at maybe this https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-eq5-pro-synscan-goto.html And the telescope with the mount you shown, was very slow at F/10, so not very suitable for DSO's. As others have suggested, you could use lenses to start, but if you want to buy a scope, I picked up a second hand skywatcher ED80 for less than £400 with field flattener, and this is an excellent scope. Regards John
  3. I have just been on the Tracer website the LifePo 12AH battery is £167 with the VAT 1400+ Charges or the 7AH version £144. https://www.tracerpower.com/tracer-12v-12ah-lifepo4-battery.html John
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the filter Emil, will have to get one, I have heard a lot of good things about this filter. John
  5. Hi Emyliano, I'm a bit late viewing this post. I am in a bortle 5 region. What LP filter did you use to capture the Orion widefield shot ? John
  6. I hope you don't mind, I just had a play with your image. I tweaked the levels and increased saturation slightly John
  7. Nice Image, I have an RC8 but its yet to strike a blow in anger. Cant wait to use it. John
  8. Hi All, and I appreciate any feedback. Today, I took delivery of a skywatcher AZ-GTI mount, to be used in EQ mode. I set it up indoors, to update the software, and installed the Windows Synscan software. All works fine. I am still awaiting delivery of 12mm bar for my counterweight. What I have noticed, there appears to be a fair amount of "sticktion" on the RA axis when the clutch is realeased. So, to other owners of this mount head, is this normal ? and if it is, how do you achieve Balance ? Regards John
  9. I am looking forward to your review. I have heard good reviews about this filter from across the pond. John
  10. Ken, My Altair 60EDF weighs around 2Kg, not sure of the total weight with camera and guidescope, but the SA handles it no problem. I will have to take off the imaging train and weigh it all, you've got me curious now ?. I can get 5min subs with no dropped frames (unless passing satellite's or aircraft). I reckon I could get longer but haven't tried yet. Unfortunately, where I live, skyglow becomes a problem after this, even with a LP filter. Your 120MC camera should not be an issue for guiding. John
  11. Hi Ken, I also have the ASI120mm which I use for a guide camera with an adapted skywatcher finderscope, works a treat. I got a finder of fleebay for £20, and got an adaptor From Modern astronomy. My rig below John
  12. Personally, I own a Celestron CGEM, I had my issues, but they turned out to be software related. Overall, I am very happy with my mount, and hundreds of skywatcher owners will say the same. At the end of the day, putting it crudely, your buying a Ford Mount, not a Rolls Royce. 50% of owners will say it was the bees knees straight out of the box, 25% will say they have had minor issues, and the other 25% will say they've had nothing but trouble. At the end of the day, don't expect quality control on a £1500 mount to as good as a £20,000 + mount. Make yourself a shortlist of the mount you require, budget, payload capacity etc, then google the reviews for that particular mount, and see what floats your boat. Bare in mind though, most critical reviews are from the 25% that purchased the Monday Car as they used to say. Also Check out youtube. John
  13. In a nutshell, EQMOD is designed for Skywatcher mounts to be used as a remote hand controller from your PC. Celestron also do a similar thing called Nexremote. ASCOM is a universal platform interface that allows you to connect all your devices, mounts, cameras, guiding, dome controls etc. Go to the ASCOM website, there is a lot of information there, plus all the necessary drivers for your equipment. All free to download to. I hope this helps John
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