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  1. And SN9 is even better. Better Stainless steal, and the welded seams on that look even better. I think with SN9, he will land it successfully.
  2. I concur James, this will be mounted on top of the Super Heavy which will have 28 of these Raptor Engines. The Starship section is to be fitted with another 3 engines, these will be vacuum raptors for orbital flight. SN9 is Completed and when the data from SN8 is obtained, he will make the necessary mods to prevent the crash happening. Elon said they Lost pressure in the LOX header tank and if you look, you can actually see the liquid methane burning green prior to the crash land. I personally think this was an 85% success when you think what SN8 Achieved. First time 3 raptors used together,
  3. Fantastic shot, and captured a lot of fuzzies in there
  4. As Allen has already suggested, you could go down the M42 camera lenses, which you can pick up a quite good prices on flee bay, and they are actually quite good, especially if you drop them down a couple of stops
  5. Obviously, he's trying to rebuild his reputation Best Mounts for Astrophotography - YouTube
  6. Yes, that's what I'm getting James
  7. Hi All, is anyone having issues connecting to Astrobin ? it may be down Jhn
  8. Just to add, with your budget, your not going to gain anything by buying a dedicated CCD or CMOS camera. You would require a Pro cooled version to see any benefit over a modified DSLR, then your looking a tripling your Budget John
  9. Problem is, most Astrogear is in short supply at the moment, with weeks if not months in some cases, lead times. As for buying a modified Canon, if your happy with the one you've got, then why not just send that away to get modified ? I paid around £100 to get my 600D modified, and was told 2 weeek turn around time, but had it back in a week.. http://www.astronomiser.co.uk/ John
  10. As others have said, fantastic work Richard, and definitely worth all the effort John
  11. So pleased it worked, and grateful for the feed back. Happy Stargazing
  12. One of these would do https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/lynx-astro-12v-dc-5amp-low-noise-mains-power-supply.html
  13. Yes, can you move it by your car and plug it in to the cigar lighter. Full battery will be OK to at least prove the mount is OK
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