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  1. Most disapointing moment- Setting up my new (2nd user) LX200 12" to find it no longer worked after sitting in my garage in its box for 7 months, did it work when i bought it? who knows. Most dissapointing for me but not so bad for BC&F hey.
  2. Nearly 12 months after the upgrade and a few issues later with the scope, yes it was certainly worth the effort, the scope alighns beautifully as Graham suggested it would 'very' smoothly. The upgrades removed near all slop when losening to fine alighn, i'v spent hours with this setup now and althought perfect alignment seems to be a thing of much fine tuning i am very satisfied with the ease and accuracy that i have achieved. I think without the modifications i would have been doing a lot more work in the dark hours. i'm glad Graham was able to make a sloppy Meade wedge a Super wedge, Thankyo
  3. So how much where they?
  4. @ibraidwo - Nice complete kit for travel i would think, can't see you being disappointed with it for some time to come, you got it at around what i would have maxed out at, i did chat to the guy to see if he would end early for a price and he punched £20.00 higher than what he reached, so he will be happy as well. Welcome to the world of SGL thread posting.
  5. if whoever won it don't get on with it let me know.
  6. make a nice little spotter hey, and i notice they were around £400.00 with the bits he has with it... I might punt on it myself at that money and mount it to my 12" and see what its like as a guide.
  7. @ Pete_l, @Jonathan, i'm with you, I'm just waiting for the 12" Dew-not to re appear on Ebay at the right money again.
  8. I fell foul of not checking anothers handy skills with a soldering iron yesterday, luckily without consequence. i purchased a scope with a dew band already surrounding the tube, remarked as being made via the instructions of Dew-busters website, (haven't looked yet myself) seemingly nicely made and positioned and fixed as if I'd done it myself. when purchasing the scope i was told it had been appreciated and used a fair bit, they were reluctant to clean the primary even though it was slightly murky to look at, I was advised that even with the dew-band fitted dew had always been a problem, well
  9. For me it is very rare to feel so comfortable spending money on products you don't really know with people you don't get to see. being in retail myself (store based) i like to hold and touch things before i part with my money, but Astrotec Limited (Graham) went beyond any expected service level and discussed designed and worked with me to make sure i got what i was after, with detailed drawings and exact (not guessed) costings he has now made two perfect adapter plates and a mounting plate for my pier and scopes. I can highly recommend Grahams services and attitude to his work, the product is
  10. i have two more laying around and that leaves me one spare to keep. if i can make £160-200 for them i will go get myself a small guide scope and sell the ETX90 off. WOW they managed £117.00 for that one.
  11. No comment, but a show of respect. RIP Kev.
  12. Well for near on a year I've been planning and building a twice failed box to house my scope. As with all best laid plans (mine anyhow) they never seem to quite go as expected. i started off with a project that enabled me to house the scope on a Linak lifting column and raise it out the roof as required, about 2 months ago i thought i was all set, but after installing the scope to my newly built 'Stowe' I found an issue with the dimensions of the roof opening, no more detail required it can be summed up in a single word 'frustrating'. So without further dwelling on the matter i set about adapt
  13. Yeah sorry guys, the excitement took over for a while, can you imagine the sinking feeling when i pulled the cap off, LOL. I decided to import the WO Quartz Dialectric from WO direct, as i can save £100.00 i used a duty calc to work the figures and it turns out you pay no duty on this item only the VAT at entry, so for £102.00 i can afford the WO. I trust the Revelation would have worked well due to the comments but i fancy the quality control of WO over the savings. Thanks for the opinions. The UK markup on these items is a little gross if you ask me, 100% in times like these is just asking t
  14. Yep, not sure if I should use the red face smiley or just laugh out loud. John your right I pulled the end cap and as you suggested its the picture off the bottom of the cap reflecting. As I don't own anything WO yet I'm surprised to say the least. Come on we're all aloud a moment.
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