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  1. A very engaging read indeed. Many thanks for sharing this. The instrument sounds like a serendipitous find and its clearly in a good home. As you say, JO made a small number of these triplets, I am aware of a couple of others, but I wonder where the other instruments now reside?
  2. Very sad indeed to hear this news, Kieron was such a fixture at events such as Astrofest going back years. Always knowledgable, quietly understated and always very helpful. Please pass on heartfelt condolences to his family and RIP Kieron, a gentleman who will be missed.
  3. In addition t the great books mentioned already S&T Pocket Sky Atlas - https://www.shopatsky.com/pocket-sky-atlas and Peter Birren's Objects in the heavens - http://www.birrendesign.com/astro.html are two guides I often use with my binoculars and scopes
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    TAL on my Mak

    TAL 100RS mounted on 10" Mak Cass
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