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  1. Have to say the illuminated reticule eyepiece is a real lifesaver when paired with a diagonal flip mirror.... now I just need an auto focuser motor (on order) Jupiter BEST 22_17_26_pipp (2).bmp
  2. thanks for the comments to date.. been a great help I've also come across illuminated reticle eyepieces, anyone use tried them for this purpose? They don't seem expensive if they safe alot of aimless sky searching
  3. Some great tips here thanks.... esp on video settings and IR cut filter... I've already ordered a shield and dew heater together with a power pack as I'm always finding something will inevitably run low on power just as things start to get interesting.. so for me worth the investment in terms of the number of times I actually get a clear sky + objects high enough to see + getting enough heads up to be ready in time and not chasing my tail to get set up..... as winter is on its way i'd rather be prep'd Appreciate your comments... very helpful
  4. Thanks ..... think I will have a play on astro tools to see what else i can come up with...
  5. Thanks.... I've ordered a flip mirror , but will defo give that a go in the meantime... not sure why i didn't think of that, but then i often find myself in a (slightly panicky ) race against time to find and lock on before the neighbour's chimney pot, (and various trees) get in the way he wont move it so i have to move location... Perhaps if i line up on the top edge of the red dot... (Saturn doesn't show through mine) that will be a useful reference point.... will try it tonight if a get a chance...
  6. Ahah that seems a very useful tool for my needs... Just found one and ordered it.... Whoop whoop! Thanks so much!
  7. Ok so I had my very first opportunity to see what I could see of Jupiter and Saturn yesterday evening. I have a Skymax 127 (AZ mount) with an ZWO 224 and a red dot finder. I found it incredibly hard to locate the little beasties on my viewscreen (Laptop) Once I had them aligned as best i could with the red dot, I found myself just blindly moving the synscan up down and about in the hope id see it pop onto the screen view... I have a few obstacles around my garden which make for having to relocate from time to time, so view finding became a bit of a curse... I had all sorts of trouble with dew (I've now ordered a heater, power pack and shield for that) so some lessons learned and I might try a 2x barlow to get a bigger and hopefully clearer image, but that makes me think view finding is going to become even more difficult.. Re images i got (which i'm pleased with considering the difficulty I had) I haven't bother stacking the image below is just a single frame of each but i'm hoping for better things once my dew heater etal arrive.. If i get another chance anytime soon Any tips on view finding folks?
  8. Great topic choice! I'm new to anything astro but lovin it... Captured this with 8-9 shots, on my Nikon D7000 through a Skymax 127 then stacked n processed this week... am gonna give it another go as I didn't set the camera 'mirror up' (which I learnt about today).. so will see if it means I'll get a sharper set of images... I find the mineral moon idea fascinating..
  9. My attempt at a Mineral Moon effect
  10. Mach13

    Mark's Stuff

    A Collection of my photos
  11. Thanks. much appreciated... Will keep at it..
  12. DSC_5468_lapl5_ap87834.bmp b.bmp Thanks so much for your comment.. so i went for a DSLR.. steep learning curve on how it to use it but finally started to get images I like... this is from Sunday 18th July 21 the full image is 46mb...
  13. So ... I've been playing peek a boo with the moon this morning as I found there was a possibility of it being visible in the lovely bits of blue morning sky .... and it was... periodically But then found I had no idea what my camera settings ought to be for daylight shots once i'd got myself setup on my scope.. Can someone give me some pointers? Pleasey I'm using Backyard nikon on my laptop EDIT OK I had a bit of (non moon ) blue sky to play with so I tried to work it out for myself. The attached photo is of what I THINK is going to be getting something useful when/if the moon comes back from its hiding place.. So the settings were Shutter 1/1600, Aperture f14, ISO 1600... To my untrained eye that looks to be a reasonable starting place.. but What do you think? Is this me being on the right track ? I've saved these settings in the app to recall them next the moon pops up in daylight (maybe tomoz) Would you believe there's a whole window full of blue sky -just where the moon isn't... Where the moon is is just a white out of bulbous spoil sports.. - I bet you would believe it!
  14. Thanks rsarwar, it seems you can actually do quite a lot... I've found (through the forum) that there are a couple of apps that work quite well Controlmynikon and backyardnikon the latter being the one I'm trialling see the YT demo. You can create a live view from your camera to a laptop, adjust all sorts of settings, with some cool focus aiding tools too.. and take images with a variety of options Still a learning curve but well worth a look if you haven't seem them. As for my camera I ended up buying a used but in good condition Nikon D7000 and Nikon Nikkor 28-100mm f3.5-5.6 AF lens £250 inc delivery. I'm still trying to get used to it but its thrilling to get such quality terrestrial shots... I got a T2 ring for it which attaches it directly to the OTA and give a good picture... Just need some clear skies to try it all out... When will that be? who knows Its not astro modded as far as I know, but i will look into that when its out of warranty
  15. Thanks I've found it.. and downloading the trial right now.... Watched the demo video.. looks awesome!
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