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  1. Thanks vlaiv. Is the difference negligible? I initially had a 120MM Mini for my guidecam but exchanged it for the 224MC. I was under the impression it could double as a reasonably good planetary cam as well as being my guide cam. But maybe it was a pointless upgrade as the 533 can work just as well?
  2. Thanks ONIKKINEN. It was taking too long so I stopped at about 800 frames. Each individual frame looked well. But then when I opened them in AutoStakkert this is what each one looked like I'm not sure what has gone wrong. I will be trying a video output next time around.
  3. Do these settings look okay for lucky imaging? Specifically the Colour Space and Output Format? I don't really understand them.
  4. What is the benefit of using the 224 for lucky imaging over the 533? I know the 224 has a higher frame rate due to the lower resolution, but couldn't I just reduce the resolution through the imaging acquisition software (Sharpcap) to achieve a similar frame rate?
  5. It does. Specifically the one I would like to know about
  6. Does anyone know what these figures should be set at? Is the idea to play with them until the histogram lines up like below? I'm using an ASI533MC-Pro and an ASI224MC if that makes any difference.
  7. Tadaa https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/manuals-guides
  8. Indeed, just no idea what the values should be. I thought someone might have chimed in by now. I'm beginning to think nobody really knows. I've tried searching online. Can't really find anything about it.
  9. I'd correct it. Just for peace of mind if anything
  10. Here's a screenshot of mine last night at unity gain. You need to be going into the milliseconds for the moon.
  11. Is this in video mode? What is the gain? What is the exposure? It looks in focus, just over exposed.
  12. Does anyone know what these settings should be set at? Is the idea to play with them until the histogram lines up like below? I'm using an ASI533MC-Pro and an ASI224MC.
  13. That isn't in Live Video.. If it's still the same after switching to Live Video, put the dust protector on and see if the image turns black.
  14. Won't be long I have that same Cheshire sightube you have. It's a great piece.
  15. It looks like the secondary could move just a tad more towards the primary. Other than that, it's an excellent job mate
  16. Have you tried bringing down the gain? Also, make sure it is in fact directed at the rooftop and not slightly above it looking at the sky.
  17. I set the gain to unity and left WB (B) and WB (R) at 50, there doesn't seem to be an automatic setting for them. Not sure if that was correct or not. I never checked the histogram. I adjusted the exposure until it looked bright on my screen. If I reduced the exposure time, would that have given me more FPS? Anyway this is what I managed It's okay, not overly impressed with it. It's a mosaic. I might try my main cam next as a comparison. That can fit the whole disc in it's FOV. I will try a longer video and stack a small percentage.
  18. Hi guys, I've decided to try some lunar photography with my guide cam (ASI224MC) and Asiair Pro. I'm confused about what values I should set the video settings at in the Asiair. Can someone help? I'm using a 130P-DS
  19. Thanks mate, I'm familiar with the process but I am asking Mr Spock as just wondering how he does it with the laser.
  20. For extra peace of mind and security. Post what you think you would like to buy in this thread for feedback. Equipment is generally well looked after but as with buying anything online you need to have your wits about you. Not so long ago, a chap was scammed here on SGL but it was dealt with very well.
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