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  1. johninderby great ad, I will save that pic as it's exactly the C8 I own !
  2. Mark 2020, sorry for being late but here are the pics I promised - hope this helps
  3. Hi Mark 2020 I also own a very old (early seventies) C8 SCT and am using it on a HEQ5 Pro mount. As soon as everybody wakes up here I will go up in the observatory and have a look at the screws (my C8 is already mounted on a vixen bar) and I will try and take a pic for you to check, if this can help
  4. Now I begin to understand what you mean... fifesky and chris thank you for taking the time to explain and yes chris, Stellarium must make its own calculations for LST somewhere while it displays the watch time.
  5. From EQMOD documentation: EQASCOM shows the Local Sidereal Time and users should not be concerned that the value displayed does not match the PC time.
  6. Uhmm fifeskies and MartinB, thank you for yr replies but... I am losing a few points here... I don't understand the prime meridian of the time zone thing... need to check my geographic knowledges. What I understand however is that the hour displayed in the EQMOD panel is ...just a display that won't affect how EQMOD itself works with the mount (alignment, limits, park positions, planetarium interaction, game controller, etc)
  7. Hello I am connecting my HEQ5 mount to a Windows10 laptop using EQMOD Eqdir LynxAstro cable. Looks like it works OK but the EQMOD control panel is showing a wrong clock time - 20mins ahead. The observatory coords are correct and while I was using a connection through the handcontrol of course I had to set the time myself so it came out correct. I have tried to unplug and re-plug the cable and also use another Eqdir cable but... nothing, always 20 mis ahead. Somebody has a suggestion on how to change the time displayed or why this happens?Thank you
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