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  1. Thanks Chris, how do you move aperture off the auto f22 position on Tamron lens? regards, Andrzej
  2. Hello, @chiltonstar, did you finally purchase any of these Nikon - CCD camera adapters? If yes, how do you set F stop on the lens? I got ZWO one and I realised, that all my lenses stay at F22 while disconnected from Nikon camera.
  3. I am sorry for reanimating this old thread, but I have a couple of questions. First, to my logic, the first expression sets value of 0.001 to all pixels with value higher than 0.01. Should it be opposite? If I run this expression alone in PixelMath, I kill all stars in the star mask. Second, the end result is OK, images are nicely combined, but changing parameters in the first expression has no influence on the final image. It means to me, that the change to star mask in expression 1 has no impact on the final result, as PixelMath uses the original starless image for combinantion. So dest
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