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  1. Thought I'd give N.I.N.A a try last night and was playing with sequencing so picked my target from the atlas, set up via the Framing Assistant and after a few test exposures, put in four sequences for 30s, 45s, 60s & 90s exposures for the Altair Hypercam 183C Pro TEC / SW ED80DS-Pro/EQ6-R Pro combo.

    After shoving this (and the corresponding darks) through DeepSkyStacker, I'm pretty happy with the results from what was an unplanned night.

    I could hear PHD2 pinging every now and again so there was some light cloud cover here and there but NINA just resumed guiding which was nice :) Only downside was the sequencing messed up and was dithering every frame with no way to change it (I should really read the help pages) - but was a lot simpler than using SharpCap/PHD2/Stellarium.

    Have a free weekend off work so might try to figure out GiMP and some better post-processing - but here it is uncropped with very rough levels/curves:

    Cassiopeia Salt & Pepper Cluster and Bubble Nebula [M32 & NGC7635]Autosave030.thumb.png.d504c86d41a2e5461a8315168613edf1.png


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