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  1. Thanx but you can see it's not in stock at TS. It' sthe first place I checked. Aeroquest may be good, but I guess the prices are overkill for a dec worm... It's an EQ6 after all.
  2. Hi all! I dismounted my EQ6 with a friend so as to change all bearings and switch to Rowan Astronomy's belt system. I realized that the worm of my DEC axis wasnt in a good shape, it's slightly twisted, making t very hard to fine tune. So I'm desperately looking for a replacement worm (the silvery part that goes against the golden "crown" on the EQ6), I tried all french stores, the official importer, some shops in Germany and Hungary, even FLO, but couldnt find the part; At least, it's not going to be available before the end of April. (thanx to the CNY for part of it) So if anyone could tell me where I could find this part i would be very gratefull... Thanx for your help !
  3. Hi all! I've had trouble with the alignment of any fw above 3.27. When performing a 1 star alignment, with a star near the object to shoot, I've always been off. So I reverted back to 3.27 that has always put the DSO in the dead middle of my DSLR's sensor. If anyone tests this new fw, can he-she report as to the precision of the gotos after alignment ? Be it 1 or 3 stars ? Thanx all !
  4. OK I found the solution all by myself. (I think). The home position was wrong. I had to change the altitude to my area, and it is now working OK. Dumb me...
  5. So nobody else has a clue on why it's acting this way ?
  6. I dont think SN relates to the actual mount you use (except if its az or eq). But for what its worth, I'm using an EQ6, with a GSO RC8, CCDT67, Lacerta OAG and a 450D dslr.
  7. Another thought : Could it be that SN doesn't move as it would with an equatorial mount by default ? Is there a way to set this up ? Cause I dont see any option anywhere setting up if the mount is equatorial or altaz...
  8. No the frame size fits the result of the acquisition. There really is a 90° framing mistake there that I dont understand. To be able to have the OAG and the DSLR's frame on the same FOV display, I chose a CCD in the equipment. The imaging areas are as specified on Canon's web site, so resolution and size is OK. I ticked the built in chip guide option, and gave the proper values as well. with the proper offset. Since I'm using a focal reducer (CCDT67), this has been integrated in the focal length as well (else the guide chip would be offset as well, and that I dont want to). Regardless, framing orientation should be OK. There MUST be an option that I ticket somewhere that makes the camera rotate unproperly when slewing to the object, but I just can't figure out where...
  9. nobody uses this software ? And nobody noticed this problem ?
  10. Hi All There's something not working properly on this program. I dont get a correlation between my prep and the real thing in the sky. i.e. Tonight I want to shoot NGC6992. I'm starting from SN's "Home" position, with th camera straight. I slew to the object I want to shoot. OK it's badly framed, but i'll get to it later. I get back to the home position and see how I should orient my camera (the little square is my OAG's fov) But there is a 90° inversion between what I get for real in the sky nd what SN tells me. Here's a picture of the setup with a proper framing of NGC6992. So I must have left out an option somewhere, but I have no clue what... Thanx for your input if you have a solution t this... Best regards
  11. Hi all ! I'm digging up the thread. These long exhaustive lists dont come near what I got as alignment stars suggested when i do a 1 or 3 stars alignment procedure. These are the lists existing in the catalog, but not the one that are suggested to make the alignment ? Or is there a way to unlock those as alignment stars ? i.e. I am doing a simple one star alignment when shooting an abject. I choose as alignment star a star sually as close as possible to the shot object. So i.e. if I want to shoot M20, I would tend to choose Kause borealis as an alignment star. But it's just not available... So how do I do ?
  12. Hi all Ever since I took apart my GSO RC8, I'm not sure about the distance there should be between the secondary and primary mirror. This distance is set by driving the central screw further or closer to the plane where the branches are attached. See picture below. On a stock RC, there seem to be only 1 or 2mm on the "B" distance. Another friend did some tests and calculated there needed to be 74,5mm for the A distance. That's much more than what seem to be the stock distance. So the question is, what is the proper distance ? Can anyone please upload pictures of their front area on the RC to compare ?
  13. Sorry can't edit yet.; The bahtinov was falling inside by 10-15mm on one side, not generally.
  14. OK Some news. 1 - It might have been a focus problem. I realized my Bahtinov mask wasn't straight when I put it on the opening of my RC8. It sort of felt inside ny about 10 or 15 mm. Since my tests were made on M63, very much up on the zenith I might have had a distortion in the spikes due to that ? 2 - Comparing my GSO RC8 with the one of a friend's I realized the secondary mirror cage was two far towards the primary. I must have mounted it wrong when I cleaned my mirrors a while back. I didnt have a chance to do any more tests yet, I'm waiting for a clear sky and some free time for this... Regardles, thanx all for your input !
  15. Hi As promised, here's a picture. A full frame, and a crop.
  16. Hi all ! I'm shooting with a GSO RC8 with a Canon DSLR (Canon) and OAG + Lacerta Mgen. Two times in a row, I started shooting M63 that was pretty high in the sky. And both times, I got doughnut shaped stars. I checked colimation both times with a takahashi microscope. Focus was made with a bahtinov mask, so it should be ok as well. Anyone knows how this can happen ? I'll post a picture tomorrow to make things clear. Thanx for your input !
  17. OK thanx for your input ! Just an extra question. Cant mixing different kind of grease be harmfull in the long run ? I mean, adding Lithium grease to the existing one without removing the old grease beforehand ?
  18. Hi all ! I gave the polar alignment feature a shot the other day and was quiet surprised by the way it was behaving. I had my DSLR connected to the scope with BYE on my Mac to monitor the alignment. So I did a 2 star alignment, and lauched the PA routine. Cant remember in wich order things went (alt and az or as and alt), but here's the point : So I get to align the first of the two (let's say ALT), OK no problem, I could recenter the star in the middle of the liveview. When getting to the second adjustment, I realized that when moving the screws to adjust on the mount, the star would move in the exact same direction as with the previous adjustement. To make things clear : moving the ALT bolts would move the star left and right on the liveview, and moving the AZ bolts would do the same. So in the end, there was no way I could actually center the star in the FOV. Can anyone tell me how this could happen ? Best regards
  19. Hi and thanx for your message. When you say : "A peek inside the cover showed another common problem with new EQ mounts- the stepper motor drive gears had no grease on them" can you be more specific ? Is it about the "EQ6/Atlas Motor Gear Removal and Adjustment" section of AstroBaby's page ? Because I have the feeling that if one removes the motors, some adjustments need to be made again afterwards ?
  20. Hi all ! I started using an EQ6 tripod extension to avoid meridian flips i.e. Dont know if it's related to a missuse of the later or if it's due to 3.35, but it seems to me the 1 star alignment isn't as good as it used to be. I used to have the DSO at the dead center of the sensor afeter a 1 star align, now it's ALLWAYS a little off (let's say on the lower part of the sensor) What can explain this ?
  21. Sorry for the multiple posts, got to reach 250 messages to edit... But regardless, the SG Should be doing the calibration anyway if this wasn't the case right ? Aligning the axis makes life easier for it, but shouldn't be compulsory. We just cant figure out where the problem's coming from. And we tried everything. It's not the CGEM's motherboard as a whole, since it's tracking very well unguided, It's not the cables (they have been changed) It's not the power Cold it be the ST4 port on the mount ? Obviously SOMETHING is happening under the SG's influence, since the star is going away under its impulsion. As if the calibration was wrong somehow...
  22. As if the SG was sending correction signals to the mount for no reason. The SG is brand new, powered by a stabilized 6v source.
  23. Sorry I forgot. When guiding starts, the SG drifts in DEC.
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