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  1. Hi guys. I am trying to remote my scope for planetary and moon imaging. I have a Sky-Watcher Star Discovery mount with the Synscan Wifi module and a Raspberry pi 4 4GB with astroberry loaded up. Since I don't have and EqMod cable I have been connecting my phone with the Synscan Pro app to the mount and connecting astroberry to the smartphone. It works but would like to know if there is another way to do it without leaving my phone on the mount tray. Thanks in advance
  2. I use SkyEye and SkySafari Plus on my android and Stellarium on desktop.
  3. Hi Pedro. Warm welcome from one Portuguese to another. I was also thinking about a budget beginning telescope but went for a reflector. Hope you and your daughter have fun learning and watching the skies.
  4. I wish I had bought one at that price. And a modified one with long exposure and filter. Wow. Will have to be on a look out for a bargain.
  5. Wow. He is asking for 70 plus shipping... And I know there are a lot of better cameras out there but I am just beginning and with a really tight budget
  6. I am thinking of buying one of these cameras mainly for moon imaging. What would be an acceptable price for a SPC900NC with telescope adapter. There is a guy in my country selling one but i think its too expensive.
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm just getting started and already loving this community. By the way, a guy near me is selling a Philips SPC900 Webcam with a telescope adapter. What would be and acceptable price for it ?
  8. I live 15km from Carvoeiro. And the sky has been so clear lately that just observing the moon and jupiter with the naked eyed I just couldn't resist and had to buy a telescope. It's still on back order but it's ok. Will give me more time to learn how to use it and what to see.
  9. Hi everyone. So I finally bought a telescope after dreaming about owning one for 31 years. I discovered this forum a week ago and have been reading a ton of topics and learning so much from collimating to polar alignment and imaging. My primary focus is just exploring and observing the night sky but if I can will try to image the moon and maybe jupiter with my smartphone :) Thanks for all the help
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