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  1. Hi I need some extender that allows focusing on a ST80 without using the diagonal. Need to be shipped to Portugal. Tks!
  2. Anyone knows how to contact the AstroEQ developer? Still waiting to get into the forum but : Your account is still awaiting admin approval.
  3. It moves... But I think something is not right, on the tracking mode the motor just goes back and forward... need to investigate more WhatsApp Video 2020-10-27 at 22.08.26.mp4
  4. I think this covers all I need to try this project.... Now just need to find a power source for this
  5. I'll take a shot at this since I don't need to buy anything to try it but my spare time... if I decide to implement it I only need the a box to enclosure all, motors mount, some pulleys and the timing belt... so Maybe next weekend I'll give it a try...
  6. Im no electronic wiz, never had any training ... but I can read and execute small elctronic projects and I do know how to program arduinos. so, lets see...
  7. not in the site.... due to covid. But i'm looking at the schematics... with a bit of luck I should have all the parts need, arduino, motor drivers, motors, leds, capacitors, etc... maybe in the weekend I give it a try on breadboard and see how it goes...
  8. What controller did you buy? I probably have some nema motors around ...
  9. So, let me see if I got this right: 1 - Using the synscan upgrade + fancy cable + sw in the laptop is the easiest and most expensive way to get a GOTO system controlled by the computer with slew speed acceptable, and auto guiding (+ camera + guiding scope) 2 - Using the dual axis + some HW + sw on the laptop I can achieve auto guiding via st4 port, with slow slew speed. GOTO may be possible but slow (?) 3 - Going all DIY route I can achieve everything, if I can get everything right, including setup a pcb board to control the motors, develop firmware, drivers, etc.... (not going
  10. Computers are my day job.. so I don't have a problem there. Nor hacking an arduino/raspberry pi/etc. Or putting together a pcb with some components and connections. I just need to understand how it works :). I'll take a look at that tks!
  11. Hi Whats is the diference between a EQ3-2 + synscan upgrade and a EQ3 pro? Whats is the diference between a EQ3 + synscan upgrade and a EQ3-2 + Enhanced Dual-Axis DC Motor Drives (besides the obvious that it cannot find targets itself) Asking more about the quality/performance of the motors/etc..
  12. So with that and something like this https://hackaday.io/project/4386-arduino-st4-telescope-control I could get it done right?
  13. That st4 connection allow to control the motors via PC or only with the GOTO that is possible? I live in Portugal, and believe me I've tried to buy some used mounts, but with no luck....
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