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  1. The eyepieces are one diameter only right? 1,25 or 2. Whats the purpose of those filters? Point me to a link plz. What pocket sky atlas you recommend? Tks!
  2. @Alan64 So much to learn! I was inclined to a newtonian already for my first telescope. Will put that 8" on my short list, tks! As I said, before big expenses I need to experiment a bit, look around, talk to people. So far everybody says that the first telescope should be something like that.
  3. Those opticrons and hellius recommended above fall into that cheap category? Thanks!
  4. Sorry, I was not clear. I already spend that. But that is not my "budget", that is only something I bought out of impulse just to get me started... I meant for the future. Your post was fantastic! I now have some options to pursuit... Nevertheless, I'm trying to contact local amateur astronomer groups and will try to join them to experiment all the different types of telescopes out there and their differences. I have no doubt they also give me good advices.
  5. Thank you all! I really appreciate these advices and I'll try to follow them!
  6. So, from someone that is starting, spent around 150€ on a budget scope, books and some gadgets, and is committed to, this time, make smart buys, my questions are: - If you started today, where would you spent your hard earning money, and most importantly - If you started today, where would you NOT spend your hard earning money. Thanks!
  7. I think I must try to test other magnifications / diameters before I buy anything. So... adding a scope tripod/monopod to the list...
  8. Hi all Monday will arrive my first scope, a Skywatcher Telescope AC 80/400 with StarTravel 80 table tripod. If I understood correctly this can be motorised, so if any1 has such motor around and is willing to send it to Portugal please contact me. Also, maybe looking for a motorised mount, even without a tripod that anyone may have surplus. Nothing fancy (I'm low on cash currently), something that can allow me "follow" the stars... Even if needs some repair I may be interested. Thanks!
  9. So I've read a bit about binoculars and came across some horror stories about collimation. If I understand correctly, I cannot repair it if it become un-collimated right? Since I'm inexperienced, how easy is to detect if a binocular is not correctly collimated? Yesterday night I tested some Orion 10x50 and I found really hard to use them without a tripod, is this normal? And to focus, again first time and inexperienced... Would a 10x70 be easier to focus? I know more magnification equals more difficulty in use without a tripod, but is it linear? Ex: will a 15x50 be 50% more difficult to use than a 10x50? If this makes any sense....
  10. Tks! Any brands / models that you can recommend?
  11. Hi What do you recommend for a beginner for around 100€? Im 47 and my sight had better days, so I need glasses for reading. Otherwise I don't use. Also I would like nice optics and waterproof .. or at least something weather resistant. What should I look for? Thanks
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