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  1. Hi Geoff, being more of a mechie the cabling side is a bit of a minefield for me. I’ll have a closer look at the old cable I bought and see if I can tell how it is wired up. Cheers.
  2. Hi Merlin66, I’ll check back on what I ordered as it is possible I didn’t appreciate at the time the different mount types and cable requirements. Why I hoped the USB adapter would solve my connection issues. Will persevere and hopefully get there some day. Thanks.
  3. Ok, I’ll need to have another look at the one I got from FLO this weekend as it was specified as the correct one when I bought it. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Thanks for feedback. @Merlin66 - unfortunately purchased secondhand and no cable came with it. I did purchase one through FLO a couple of years ago, but could never get it to work either. Only realised a couple of weeks ago that the cable connector to the hand control unit was 4 pin RJ11 and not the required 6 pin RJ12. Thought that was why it wouldn’t work previously so thought I would try the USB adapter as it has the correct connections and I had a printer cable for the USB to USB-C. Ron - yes, did have power supply connected and pressed 0 & 8 during power up. Also tried the different data settings (normal, Med and Lo) but still can’t get the laptop to ‘see’ the HC unit. out of ideas at the moment, but would consider posting the hand control unit to someone if they would be willing to try!
  5. Hi, I have been attempting to update my SynScan V3 Hand Controller from V3.08 to latest version. Handset bootloader is V1.7. Unfortunately I just get the message “Can not connect to SynScan hand control”. I have looked at numerous forums and tried everything that has been suggested (including older versions of firmware installer), but getting nowhere. I am using a Skywatcher SynScan USB Adapter (purchased from Bristol Cameras) and installed the driver from the Skywatcher website. The adapter shows in the COM ports and says it is working properly. I have tried different computers (Win10 and XP) with no joy. Can anyone help, or is there anyone in North Aberdeenshire that has successfully updated their handset willing to give mine a go (once travel restrictions, etc ease)? Thanks
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