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  1. Ahh okay, I have looked down the pedestal tube before when cleaning and I don’t recall seeing anything like that sadly. Maybe they existed on the very first scopes being made? I’ve been trying the dobsonian out the last couple nights, having some new kit problems but I’m getting there.. got the tracking working properly for the first time last night which was very exciting! But my Cheshire collimator doesn’t give me a full view of the secondary, so I’m pretty sure my collimation is a bit off as my view of Jupiter and a couple DSO’s had no detail. so I need to order a collimation cap! Think my problem is that I don’t know how much detail I should be able to see.
  2. Ahh okay, thank you for the help! Can’t wait to get into it!
  3. I do try at least they’re only minor problems that can be sorted in the daytime
  4. After clear outside told me it was 100% low cloud, I was surprised there was quite a lot of the sky that I could see stars. Thought it was the perfect chance to test out my new skywatcher 12” dob (I’m a newbie). I thought it did look a little hazy, but I’m not experienced enough to distinguish. I also thought I was only going to get a few minutes so didn’t bother setting up the GoTo. i’ve got a lot to learn.. forgot to align my new finderscope, couldn’t figure out how to focus it in darkness, a bit of pinched optics which I’m worried about fixing (I’ll try and reduce the tension of the primary collimation/locking screws but I didn’t tighten them hard anyway) and probably out of collimation even though I did it a couple days ago, the scope was really stiff to move, had a shambles finding my way through the sky and Jupiter looked exactly the same through my 4” newt. can’t say I’m not very disappointed, was really looking forward to The first light. Thought I was more prepared than I was but I guess it’s a learning curve maybe the seeing conditions weren’t as good as I thought, as I only realised once I was back inside that I was sweating from the humidity. sorry for the rant/negativity, I’ve been waiting for my first good night of stargazing ever since the start of April, and it’s very frustrating and needed to rant somewhere guess the positives I can take are that I could have messed up on a really good night! have a good night everyone!
  5. I thought the dual Astro/daylight mod meant you didn’t have to use a custom white balance for daytime photography? I read the description on cheapastrophotography and that is what I gathered from it? if not, then is there any difference between that and the IR filter removal mod? As you can do daytime photography with a custom white balance I believe. regardless, I think your pictures are amazing!! Given me much hope and excitement with this camera!!
  6. No I don’t have a tracker yet.. I think I will go with the star adventurer one, and what you suggest is what I had in mind really. I’m going to give the kit lens a shot but I’ve heard they can give soft images. If I find that is the case then the plan was to get a Rokinon 14mm and canon 50mm for Milky Way and constellation-like shots. I may not need a tracker for this but I know it would help a lot. When I’m ready to upgrade, instead of getting a longer fl camera lens I was instead going to get something like the WO space cat or 60mm apo, so it’s small enough to still fit on the star adventurer. I really like the look of the space cat, seen some incredible images with it. And I’m pretty sure that would keep me occupied for some time!
  7. Wow been away for a bit I wasn’t expecting this many replies! Thanks to all the kind words, it’s collimated and ready to use, but I also ended up seeing a great deal for a skywatcher 12” collapsible GoTo dob + extras on the weekend that wasn’t too far away from me. It’s exactly what I wanted so ended up buying it. As my Astro-shed isn’t up yet the dob has taken priority and the TAL is stored away for the time being. Hopefully in a couple weeks I can give some proper viewing experience with it. dave - I’m not going to do any more modding for now, as you said it will now be a case of using and modding if I see fit along the way. I don’t really want to take too much of it’s vintage look away tho. The flocking looks great however! What is your eyepiece rack btw? It looks like a polar scope In a focuser mark - the mirror was in quite a grim state.. I’m surprised it cleaned as well as it did to be honest. There is some obvious wear though that can’t be seen in the picture. Alfian - I’m really excited to use it now it’s fully collimated. I believe my pinched optics were down to the locking ring in the primary mirror, which I really tightened down. It’s much looser now but still doesn’t allow the mirror to move, and whilst it was disassembled I added a centre spot, which made the collimation process far easier. My spider veins are quite awkward though. They are slightly bent and the screw caps were very stiff, which made it quite difficult to reassemble them and to centre the secondary mirror. I am quite reluctant to take them out again now really. I also couldn’t tell you about the tank gun barrels, as I don’t know what the pedistal tube is or what rifling looks like if you could describe where to look I’ll be happy to check though.
  8. How have you found the dual Astro/daylight mod? I would like the option of being able to use it for daytime, but it’s not the end of the world if not. It looked far too expensive for me initially, but if I just got the IR mod then in order to use it I’m thinking the addition of filter comes to roughly a similar price? I don’t know if I’d need to use a white balance filter for planetary? do you have to use any filters for any photography purposes you do? Have you found any problems with this mod? Feel free to add more pictures as well I’d love to see them! The capability for good planetary imaging as well is another thing that sold this scope for me. It’s something I’m very interested in. Also my photographer friend has convinced me to only use prime lenses, as they are generally faster aperture and much better quality. So atm my plan is to get the canon 50mm f1.8 and the Rokinon 14mm f2.8. Prime lenses at 200mm seem to be stupid money so instead I’m just going to buy some small Apo refractors instead. They seem to be cheaper, far better for AP and can use them as a telescope too! And I’m going to get either the star adventurer or the ioptron skyguider.
  9. I ended up buy a 12” skywatcher GoTo Dobsonian only a couple days after ordering the camera. I think this will probably end up being my only visual Scope as by the sounds of it, they are by far the best visual scopes (except for bigger dobs ofc) so hopefully I’ll learn my way around the sky as I use that. The camera arrived on Monday, got it checked by a friend who’s a professional photographer for sensor scratches who doesn’t think there are any. It’s currently in a shop for a sensor clean and if that turns out okay with no revealed scratches then I’ve gotten very lucky! I got the camera, 18-55mm kit lens (autofocus doesn’t work but no problem for AP), camera bag, 3 batteries, 2 chargers and a lightweight tripod for £110. Touch wood everything goes well!
  10. I’ve looked on there before but never for pics from a 550D, I was set on getting the 600D for a while. Hadn’t thought about looking in there for the 550! cheers
  11. Yeah it does seem to be a hell of a lot to learn, I’m trying to juggle starting out in visual, AP whilst saving up and preparing for what gear I’m going to get. I’m seriously obsessed with this website currently though so I’m constantly learning things, even if they aren’t relevant to what I need yet. that Milky Way shot is actually very useful for me, as I’m bortle 5, edging on 4, and was wondering what one of these images would look like. Is this one single image or a stacked one and post-processed? I Don’t really know what you mean by washed out but I think the moon pic looks great! cheers!
  12. Looks like I’m going to be a new member as I’ve got a canon 550D after finding a nice bargain! Hopefully be here next week... I expect it will be solely used for astrophotography; deep space, planetary, and wide field Milky Way shots. I have the kit lens and I am going to buy a 75-300mm zoom lens to start me out with deep space photography, and I want to get it modded. By the looks of what I’ve found, full spectrum mod is the best one, but then there is problems with using lenses with it. Is there any way to get around this? If not will just the IR removal work with lenses? If anyone has any other advice with this camera please let me know! if anyone has any images with this camera they are willing to share, then please put it in here! Cheers!
  13. Ahh okay nice! When I come round to retouching and doing the finderscope I’ll keep that in mind to do. Thanks for letting me know! when I say a snug fit, I mean I have to give it a bit of force to shove it all the way in, so it is a very good fit, I think I even tested it upside down and it didn’t move. And that’s a big bulky baader Hyperion zoom mk iii. i may give the motor a shot, I guess it is worth trying. But if it doesn’t I’m not really interested in fixing it. At least for now anyway; maybe one day when I’m more Experienced and fancy a challenge. cheers!
  14. I was given the cables for the motor the other day but they don’t look particularly safe. I haven’t tried it but I don’t think I’m going too tbh. Maybe one day when I’m mentally prepared to face mains electricity (not for the first time) I have pushed the mirror forward by about 30mm, I just forgot to say! I haven’t changed the focuser though, just stuck some PVC tape in it so it fits my baader Hyperion zoom quite snug now. I will soon be buying an EQ6-R so I will fit the scope on there also whilst learning the mount and saving up for a bigger scope. i probably won’t end up giving this set up enough time before upgrading, but I’ve spent that much time doing it up I won’t just be leaving it to rot again. Heard many people say the optics are good on this scope so once I get the collimation right I’m sure I’ll be blown away with the views! I did spray paint the OTA Inside a Matt black colour but the picture doesn’t really show it. I did the best I could with it but I couldn’t reach my hand inside to do the middle so it is probably quite uneven and not fully covered. Never heard of flocking before what is it? Will the reflectivity of the inside affect the performance much?
  15. Been some time since I posted on here about my TAL-1 that I was going to strip down and refurb. Well here it is - got some before and after pictures for comparison... had many people say it looks like a old rocket launcher so thought I’d stick with the idea and go for military green colour! Definitely gave myself a hard task giving my first ever telescope, made in 1993 (I think) new life. Haven’t done the finder scope and there are some scratch marks due to lack of proper storage and I was missing a leg, which I got made, so some retouching is in order. But overall I’m very happy it’s finally in full working order! Gave it first light a couple nights ago. Turns out it has pinched optics. So need to get that sorted and make sure collimation is spot on, but I got some nice views of the moon, which was good enough for me! I gave Jupiter a shot and I think more accurate collimation is in order, but I’ll get there.
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