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  1. I have been trying to attach my DSLR to my telescope via a T-Ring. The T-Ring appears to be made up of a wider ring which clips into the camera and an inner ring which screws into the telescope focuser. The problem I’ve found is that the inner ring just spins with absolutely no resistance, so when I attach it to the telescope, the camera swings with the adapter. The inner ring also has a bad habit of falling out of the outer ring, risking the camera falling to the floor and suffering damage! Am I doing something wrong? Have I been unlucky enough to buy a faulty T-Ring? Thanks for your help!
  2. Nice clear night for it tonight, get out there and look for the double cluster.. absolutely incredible!
  3. Thank you both; good suggestions! I guess it will be a case of trial and error and see which works best!
  4. Morning all, I recently upgraded the stock finderscope on my skyliner 150p dob to a 9x50 right angle finderscope. the problem is when I tighten the screw to secure the finderscope, the attachment doesn’t feel as secure and the scope easily slips out of the attachment. am I doing something wrong or are there any tips for improving the attachment? thanks in advance!
  5. Welcome from England! Not sure whether you can mention them on here... the name sounds like a bad omen!
  6. Another vote for turn left at Orion. I also bought David Chandler’s planisphere to accompany it. It’s been a huge help as a beginner.
  7. Welcome from Durham! Clear skies!
  8. Seeing your first planet is so motivating. I couldn’t believe how amazing it was to see Jupiter for the first time. If you haven’t already, check out the Orion Nebula. That was even better than seeing my first planet! clear skies!
  9. CraigB86


    Welcome! I absolutely love Barcelona. I’ve spent many great nights at Harlem Jazz Club!!
  10. Welcome! Clear skies!
  11. Welcome from a Durham newbie!
  12. Welcome. Good luck with choosing your first telescope, though I can certainly vouch for the advice given by this community when my wife was choosing my first scope!
  13. Welcome. Those images are incredible!!
  14. Thank you both! I can’t pretend it was my first attempt though... more like 100th!
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