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  1. Apologies! I missed the post where you said it was set up at 4 o'clock and that it had plenty of time to cool down. Still only into my 1st cup of coffee here in the USA. I should of waited till cup number 2 before reading and posting. Hope you get it all worked out. The 5 inch mak really is a nice little scope that packs a lot of punch for its size.
  2. I have the Orion version of your SW 127 and my scope does require some cool down time, otherwise the views are not crisp and I see a lot of heat waves in the eyepiece. Sorry, not sure if "heat waves" is the technical name for them or not. Depending on the temp difference between the house and outside it could be anywhere from 30 min to 1.5 hours that I leave it outside. Once acclimated though, the views are nice and crisp. Awesome scope on the moon and planets! Its funny how much of a difference it makes just by getting the temp right inside the scope. Personally, I would try again with an acclimated scope just to make sure that was the issue before I even touched a collimation screw. But thats just me. I only own a Mak and a refractor, so collimating is not something I'm really used to. You dob owners could probably collimate with one hand tied behind your backs.
  3. Vortex Diamondback HD 10x50 Vortex Diamondback 10x42 (not pictured) Nikon Action 10x50 My Nikons are prior to the Action Extremes, so I guess they would be now considered the current Aculon's. They were at the time and I guess are still called Action according to the label on the binocular. They're Extremes, but not waterproof which doesn't really make them very extreme.
  4. My beloved 19 year old Orion Starmax 127. I'll eventually get a set of rings so I can also use on my Vixen Porta II mount. I can attach to the Porta II using the dovetail but it's on the bottom of the OTA so that puts my finder in the 7 o'clock position with is pretty awkward.
  5. I hear ya! Ive been thinking about the same thing. I have an Orion 127 Mak and the lowest I usually go on that is 15mm with an occasional 10mm when the nights are good using either my Vixen Zoom or a WO Swan 20mm (barlowed) to get 10mm. I have 10mm and 6.5mm plossls but the eye relief is a little too tight for me. I now have an ED80 and when using it a couple weeks back it liked going down to 8mm with the zoom and even down to 4mm with the barlow in. Felt like I could even push it further. It got me wondering if I should start thinking about a 3.5mm EP for those nights when I want to push the refractor or just keep using the zoom with the barlow at 4mm. A higher power EP would only ever be used in the refractor since that would be too much for the Mak. I bought the refractor for the wide field views and the Mak is there for the high power. So I dont know. I figure I'll figure it out this spring and summer when it warms up and I can spend more time outside with both of my scopes side by side.
  6. And if I wanted to resell it (no chance) as "brand-new" I probably could. Purchased in late November and have only had it out under the stars once. Stuff just keeps happening and I cant get outside. Stupid weather.
  7. You all have some real beaut's I'm seeing in this thread. Definitely drool worthy! My one and only refractor, my humble ED80 could probably be used as a finder scope for some of you.
  8. cupton

    Hello from the USA

    My last two EP's and two diagonals have been second hand and they have been excellent purchases in like new condition. I wouldn't hesitate to keep purchasing second hand for items that I see at a great price and in good condition. That being said, I am going to lay low for a while. Begging for forgiveness still lands me in the dog house. Being in the dog house in the middle of winter in western Pennsylvania is not a good idea.
  9. cupton

    Hello from the USA

    Apparently I cant add a signature yet until I reach 5 posts so we will count this one towards that quota. Currently own a couple of modest scopes (equipment below) which work just fine for me. I'm quite content with the smaller scopes I have and am able to get them in and out the door with ease. Someday I wouldn't mind something with more aperture if my observing skills, location, habits and finances allowed it. Oh and the wife! Scopes: Orion Starmax 127 on AstroView EQ-3, Vixen ED80SF on Vixen Porta II Tall Eyepieces: ES68 28mm, Orion Sirius Plossl's, 32mm, 25mm, 10mm, No-Name Plossl's in 15mm, 6.5mm, WO Swan 20mm, Vixen LV 8-24mm Zoom, Meade 4000 8-24mm (Japan) Zoom Diagonals: Tak 1.25" Prism, ES 2" Dielectric Accessories: Orion Shorty Plus Barlow, Set of Parks Planetary filters, Orion Moon filter 13% Bino's: Vortex Diamondback 10x42 and 10x50 HD, Nikon Action 10x50 and 12x50
  10. cupton

    Hello from the USA

    Thanks all! Appreciate the warm welcome!
  11. Just wanted to say "Hello" from the USA. I've browsed for a while on these forums but never participated till now. You all are very knowledgeable and have some fun conversations. I have similar experiences with the gang over at CloudyNights (am I allowed to mention them here? ), so I am looking forward to learning more from you all here at Stargazers Lounge.
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