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  1. I had stellarmate 1.5.8 running last week with my QHY 268M, did you run an update more recently than that?
  2. I've now got Antlia LRGB filters as well as the narrowband ones. Same issue, so I'm pretty sure it's the MPCC. I think the Antlia filters are an improvement though, to the point where it's just about ok for me to deal with in post processing.
  3. Hi, I've got a Baader MPCC MKIII which I've been using with my ASI1600 on a TS Optics Photon 200/1000 (GSO rebranded as I understand it). I got a QHY269M and was using it fine with my other scope (SharpStar 61 EDPH MKII). I've now tried the new camera with the my Newtonian and found that the corners of the images are not corrected. I've eventually managed to improve it by adding 1.8mm of spacers, but it's still not corrected. The baader MPCC is cheap, so I have been looking for a better coma corrector. I've seen the SharpStar 1x coma corrector, and having already got sharpstar gear I am tempte
  4. I did the same thing, they all seem to be coming like this at the moment.
  5. Yup, I had issues whichever way I had the filters in until I had done that. I "borrowed" some from my ZWO filter wheel, having replaced the narrowband filters in that with the Astronomik 6nm ones. What I haven't tried is turning them round again now the edges are masked. I did have them in the best way round pre masking though.
  6. I tried that on the other scope I got bad rings, which I assumed was the reflections from the edge of the filters, but I'll give it another go.
  7. If I remove the MPCC the problem goes away.....
  8. My scope has been indoors since about midnight, so I don't think so, the camera cooler is turned off, so there shouldn't be any frost. There wasn't a huge amount of moisture last night when I packed up. I've seen things like it in the past, but normally a couple of hours with the fan on the scope blowing air through and it clears up. The broadband filters seem to be fine too. I'll try again tomorrow just to check.
  9. I got a new camera a month or so ago, the QHY268M, along with the QHY FW and the Astronomik RGB and CLSCCD and the Antlia 3nm filters (3.5nm OIII as I can't find the 3nm in stock). I got some images with this setup attached to my SharpStar 61 EDPH MKII with the flattener/reducer and all seemed good. I've now tried this on my TSOptics Photon 200/1000 newt with the Baader MPCC. My flats on the newt are awful. There is a huge bright area in the middle, that I assume is a reflection. This causes my flats to over correct the light frames and I end up with a nice clear centre, but hor
  10. I think it's fine, but, wait till the scope is cooled a bit maybe?, I turn my rig on, which runs a fan on the back of the primary mirror, which means some air flows through the rig, moving any moisture from the night before, give it 10 to 20 minutes (by the time I'm PA, got the camera rotated, target framed etc), then I cool. I'm only going to -10. The camera will have already got to just above 0 by then too as it starts cooling as soon as it's turned up (but remains above freezing)
  11. Kstars crashing, what version are you on?, I'm on the nightly's as Jasem has done some work to stop the crashing with the APS-C sized sensors and above on the Pis. I still get it, but only on the rig with my iOptron mount, the other rig is now stable running on stellarmate nightly builds.
  12. Both of these images were taken with the QHY268M and the CFW3-US from stellarmate, so it can be done https://telescopius.com/pictures/view/79492/deep_sky/orion-nebula/M/42/diffuse-nebula/by-endolf https://telescopius.com/pictures/view/79746/deep_sky/flaming-star-nebula/IC/405/diffuse-nebula/by-endolf
  13. I've got this same combo and it's working. I've not done any firmware updates on either device. I have the FW connected to the camera via the 4 pin connector. Have you tried updating stellarmate?, I'm running the QHY guide cam too on one of my rigs, and found that the QHY camera stopped working, a quick update seemed to solve that. I've also got the kstars crashing issue with the 268M (same as the 2600MM for ZWO users), which seems to have been at least reduced in the latest nightly builds (update to the beta stream in stellarmate). The filterwheel on the 4 pin plug doesn't show up a
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