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  1. The 103 would push your mount to its limit. Not ideal for astrophotography in that case (fine telescope though). Perhaps the 73mm for your setup. The Skywatcher ED pro scopes might come in a tad lighter. An 80mm might work well.
  2. Yep, an 8" Dob like the 200P would be ideal if you can push the budget a bit more and will give many years of great views.
  3. The best planetary views I have seen were with my 12" Dob. I found them better than through my 11" SCT, as the cool down period is quicker there are no tube currents. That was from Sydney where the local seeing can be exceptional at times. Back in Ireland with the same scope and the low altitude of the planets it is mostly mushy images with the odd night of average/ decent seeing. I rarely push it beyond 120X. Syywatcher scopes are pretty good. What does a star test look like through your scope (in and out of focus). Are there nice concentric rings on both sides of the focus or is it mushy? Make sure the scope is fully cooled down before doing this. use a high powered eyepiece and a green filter if you have one.
  4. I'm bringing a scope and filter to work and setting up after lunchime in the carpark for an hour or so for anyone who wants a quick peek at the event. Loads of interest in it with my colleagues and I get to sneak off work for an hour
  5. I have a SW 127mm Mak and a 103mm doublet. I love the views through both instruments. The refractor gives lovely wide field views but can take some magnification and gives good planetary views. I could spend hours just looking at the Pleiades and Perseus double cluster which are perfectly framed. The Mak is a moon and planet killer and good general purpose instrument. I use an AZ4 mount for both scopes and swap them around as required.
  6. I have the Zenithstar 103. It's a nice instrument and gives very pleasing views, especially on wide field stuff. Nice sharp optics. Its a bit more expensive that the others but the fit and finish are very good. I suspect the optics are similar to the other scopes mentioned but in FL53. Not mad about the focuser though. I haven't tried any astrophotography with it yet . Like yourself, I got it to complement my 72mm Megrez refractor.
  7. A small refractor such as a 72mm or 80mm ED will work well. There are plenty of choices out there, they have an easier learning curve and are easier on the mount. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-evostar-80ed-ds-pro-outfit.html https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p4964_TS-Optics-ED-102-mm-f-7-Refractor-Telescope-with-2-5--R-P-focuser.html I have seen great results on those short focal length reflectors (F4) that are available at good prices. You need a coma corrector as well You are looking at the best part of £600 for a 8" scope with corrector. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-quattro-f4-imaging-newtonian.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/pro-series/skywatcher-f4-aplanatic-coma-corrector.html https://www.firstlightoptics.com/coma-correctors/baader-mpcc.html
  8. I have the Zenithstar 103. Its a fine instrument and is fairly light and portable and works fine on a small mount like an AZ4. The focuser is OK but not brilliant. For the same price (£1170) I would go for the triplet. They were 1800 euro when I was looking around so that price you quoted is a great deal. It even cheaper than the 102mm version at the moment. Go for it.
  9. I picked up a 4 inch doublet semi-apo recently and compared it with my 8" SCT. The SCT will always have the edge due to the aperture but for sharpness and nice wide field views the refractor is lovely. If I was on a fixed budget and had to decide between SCT, refractor and a reflector this would be a tougher choice. For the same price you could get say a 4 or 5" doublet apo, an basic 8" SCT ota or a good 12" dobsonian. The dob will blow the other instruments away on practically everything except for the portability. I could never decide what I wanted so I got all three!!
  10. I can vouch for the Pentax SP 10x50 WP binocular. Nice and sharp and comfortable to hold. I also use them on a camera tripod. The 8 x42 binoculars are lighter and easier to hold for birding but you see the difference in light gathering power for astronomy use.
  11. The C11 is a good all round instrument. Get a decent mount though, something like a Losmandy G11 or better. Be careful with Celestron mounts if you intend to hold onto them for a long time as spare parts can dry up on them once Celestron stops supporting them. I find myself using the smaller instruments most of the time, largely due to time limitations and the crappy weather here. I can't remember the last time I set up my C11.
  12. I have a Meade 8" SCT and I picked up a 12" Lightbridge mainly for camping and for taking to dark sky sites. It easily fits in the back seat of a small car and only takes a few minutes to pack away. Visually it blows the 8" SCT away on pretty much everything, especially on the planets as it doesn't have the long cool down time and tube currents to deal with. It is a bit heavy but the fully assembled OTA can be carried outside by one person and set up. I leave mine fully assembled in the house and carry it out in two trips (Base and OTA). The flextube would be similar except you can add goto. I personally prefer the truss tube design for a telescope of 12 inches as it can be broken down into smaller pieces for transport. Enjoy your new toy !!
  13. I have one I bought from TS for my old EQ1 mount and a 90mm Mak. From what I seen they are all pretty much the same and likely from the same manufacturer. They do work and track quite well. I'd get the RVO one at that price. Shop around. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p394_Skywatcher-Tracking-Motor-for-EQ-1.html
  14. I have been comparing my SW 127 Mak against my recently acquired WO Zenithstar 102mm doublet. So far I have not seen much of a difference in performance. I love the wide field of view with the refractor and it is very sharp but the MAK shows more lunar detail and doesn't need a barlow to get a decent magnification (F7 and not F9 doublet). If you are based in Sydney or are in the city at some point , pop into Bintel in Glebe and have a look at the instruments and their mountings. I believe the 180 Mak is quite heavy.
  15. I have my camera equipment declared on my home insurance with all risks. It costs a few quid to cover it outside the home.. Its a small package with all my lenses in one bag so it could be easily dropped or stolen. I have all risks on items below a certain value (I think about 3,000, below which I don't have to declare the item. None of my scopes would come near to this now especially with depreciation added in. I might add them in collectively to the policy as i would hate to have to replace them. SWMBO would not let me anyway and there is no cover against that !
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