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  1. Gotta luv a Haynes manual. Dad was a mechanic so I grew up reading them!! Just ordered these 2 for pick up at local store. Thanks for putting up the post. nikki
  2. Yes it's an 800 focal length reflector. And sadly after today's spending the 20mm will have to keep me going for a while anyway. Have a rather limited budget when it comes to hobbies.
  3. Thank you, I wouldn't have known which moon was which, and to be perfectly honest I wasn't really expecting to see much at all but knew it was Jupiter. Have already hit ebay earlier for a used 20mm plossl and a 2x "deluxe" barlow. Would something about 12.5mm be a good choice for the next one I get? I think I'm hooked already
  4. Hi everyone, Total newbie here. Only picked up first scope yesterday (pretty basic Jessops ta800x80 for a whole £8). Watching Jutiper is a definite wow. Eyepieces I have look about as cheap as you can get but 20mm with 3x barlow is making out one band and 3 moons. Maybe 4 if one's right next to planet right now. Anyway, was excited and just wanted to join in really. Nikki
  5. nikkita

    hello everyone

    If I rush out to buy something sadly the budget will only be about £10!! Have to wait a little longer for something more than that.
  6. nikkita

    hello everyone

    Thanks, until recently I would have said Velvia was my favourite film stock (profile pic is expired 35mm velvia 100f in c-41) but have been experimenting with kodak vision3 500t a bit lately. Never made it up yo medium format yet but will certainly want a reasonable scope I can fit a camera onto. But anything "bargain basement" will do for starters. Thank you, that is very handy to know. I will google that.
  7. nikkita

    hello everyone

    Thanks everyone. Will mostly be lounging and reading for now (and browsing ebay and gumtree lol), but will join in more when I have something to share. Or just plain desperate for help!! Looks a great site
  8. nikkita

    hello everyone

    Hi I'm nikki. Just joined after having a read of some of the threads on here last few days. Don't have a telescope yet but know I definitely want one. Probably known that for over 40 years though and just never got round to it. Ooops!!! Anyway, love photography (especially 35mm film) and looking up at the sky.
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