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  1. Hi all, Looking for a UK sale Tasco 1603EF focuser, can't find any UK sales on eBay etc
  2. Thanks for your help. Doubt I'll find any camera used, where I am they rarely pop up on the used market Just going to have to spend some real time thinking whether £153 is worth it
  3. That's good to know, and thank you. So do you think getting a dedicated cam like an ASI120MC would benefit much? Because I saw on CN a small bore challenge and people with similar setups got absolutely incredible results. Although they probably have a lot more practice.
  4. Hi, I'm getting started with some basic planetary imaging with a webcam, and was after any tips if any of you could help me? I've attached some files of sum images I've taken. My question is, is there anything obvious I'm doing wrong? Also, what would you upgrade first? As I'm leaning toward the camera, seeing as it only does 30fps at 480p. It's just an xBox live vision webcam. Complete equipment list: 130/900 Skywatcher newt (spherical) EQ2 mount 90/900 skywatcher achromat AZ3 mount Celestron eyepiece/filter kit (not a good buy) - celestron 2x bar
  5. Hi SGL, is there any plugin or setting that can (more) accurately depict views through an eyepiece? I'm aware of the oculars, but what I'm after is the shimmer of the planets, dimming of DSOs when using smaller scopes, planetary detail dependent on telescope size etc. Thanks
  6. I'm pretty sure it's good, it's about 6 months old, I'm at a loss as to why it caused this, I've used it around pretty sensitive electronics where it really has to be high purity. Maybe the manufacturer just used a coating which happens to react with isopropyl. Oh well, all's well that ends well.
  7. Yeah, lesson learned. I make £5 an hour so you can imagine how worried I was to lose a £180 scope! Haha. Anyway, thank you to everyone that helped. Really appreciate it.
  8. Update: So in the end, I threw caution to the wind. I figured there's a chance this mirror is useless now, and I found I can buy a new one for ~£30. So, I rinsed it under deionised water, and cleaned away marks with a dishcloth. It looks okay, everything looks sharp and I popped it back in the tube and checked it out with some terrestrial viewing, everything looked up to standard. Looks like it could be a clear night here tonight-we shall see (or maybe I won't)
  9. They're not so much tarnishes as just parts where it hasn't turned green. It's strange, some guides say that isopropyl is okay.
  10. Also I tried running it under the tap again but it didn't come off
  11. I tried a bit of paper towel, just barely touching the paper against the mirror, like holding one end and letting the weight of the corner drag across this residue and it seemed to come away. Got some water coming today so. Question, is deionised water the same as distilled? If not, will it still work?
  12. Hi, I followed cleaning guides for my mirror (tap water followed by distilled), however I don't have distilled water so I used 99.9% isopropyl. It left this yellow-green tinge. Am I screwed? Please help
  13. Also if I were to do the same with planets would the same happen, because the planets don't fill the frame
  14. Thanks for the reply, on this run it happened to be on planet but I've tried surface and got similar results (posted). I still get a kind of choppiness around the edges, and it's also blurry. Could this be down to using a webcam or is the scope out of focus or something? thanks
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