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  1. Also if I were to do the same with planets would the same happen, because the planets don't fill the frame
  2. Thanks for the reply, on this run it happened to be on planet but I've tried surface and got similar results (posted). I still get a kind of choppiness around the edges, and it's also blurry. Could this be down to using a webcam or is the scope out of focus or something? thanks
  3. Hi not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but when stacking in AutoStakkert!2 or Registax 6 my photos come out all blurry and choppy. I am manually tracking, perhaps not well enough, but I thought alignment and stacking were supposed to reduce this. I have also tried PIPP but to no avail. I'll post images how how they come out, along with settings. Thanks!
  4. Thanks all for the replies, this is such a nice community think I'm gonna try again tonight if there's a break in the clouds, with my eyepieces I can only get 36x, 72x, 90x, and 180x so I'll probably just start with the lowest, probably like I shoulda last night, and build up to where there's a balance between mag and detail. Can't wait haha, gonna be a long work day
  5. Hi, complete beginner here first night out with my new Skywatcher Evostar 90, and managed to focus on Jupiter n saw 4 moons, which was awesome. But Jupiter itself was only a white ball, and could see some bands, but they were very fuzzy, as if they were out of focus, but I had it as focused as I could. It's been very hot today, could that affect the seeing? The stars don't twinkle too much, but that's pretty much all I can think of, as I believe a 90mm refractor should have enough aperture to resolve detail. Magnification was 180x.
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