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  1. I was told by my mentor Ron Brecher that adding calibrated 120-180 and even 300s all together and then integrating is fine. You can also take the 2 masters and copy them. then integrate those 4 files (after star aligning).
  2. 1. Silly question but... should we get the firmware and how do I know which VERSION of firmware I currently have? I have the EQ6-R and got it only 2 months ago. I only use EQMOD; but of course have the controller. I have NOT put any firmware etc on it. IDEAS? and thank you 2. POWER FAILED anyone else? I am having skywatcher send me a motor board to allow me to R and R it because this mount guide at 0-4 to 0.6 arc seconds~~~ it is AMAZING ~~ I dont want to give it up.... any advice here? Thank you Dawn
  3. hello all. read through the pages of WONDERFUL info. cant seem to find Or missed it.~~. any concerns with the 6R not tracking at the zenith? i did a flip last night on M101 and ( this happened while in texas as well). It would not track. using EQMOD. with much success on my EQ-G's. and on this mount EXCEPT at the zenith. the frame and focus platesolv even show trailing. I did make sure sideral was checked on of course. then i can also hear it go back and forth and back and forth adjusting slightly after a plate solv. like it corrects. and then Uncorrects persay a
  4. I am a new member of the family now. I had to send mine back today though. SAD.. I had a bad error with guiding. So another is on its way and then going on a road trip for a week under BORTLE one skies!!! I do love the mount. I have just spent th last hour reading this thread. From what I gathered... 1. I need to update the firmware 2. I already used EQMOD successfully with it (without the HC and using 0.5 to guide) 3. This is not an UNcommon but not common issue. ( I pray it doesn't happen to me again)... I may need to learn eqpec training. I am not permanent so i ho
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