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  1. Yes, it was said that ASCOM Alpaca wouldn't be OS dependent. However, as far as I see the server module for Alpaca needs Windows + ASCOM framework to work. ASCOM Alpaca client might work on non Windows OS, haven't tested that yet. Looking forward for the server side also to be available on other OS. @MarkAR I'll take a look into those, thanks for suggesting!
  2. Hey, I have a question, did anyone here have luck installing ASCOM alpaca Remote Server on a Raspberry Pi 4? Or is it like I suspected as in the below image not possible, unless it's a windows machine?
  3. The Pixinsight Website never works for me
  4. I will ditch the CC and then post my new results here when I can image again.
  5. Hi Vlaiv, That seems to make sense, before I was using a Canon 700D. So to downsample should I lower the gain or use shorter sub exposures?
  6. Hi Alacant, Since I am using a reflector, won't I get coma when I ditch the coma corrector?
  7. Hey All, I recently got a new camera, the QHY178M. After the imaging session of NGC 891. I stacked 1 hour of data and then did a stretch and curves adjustment. However, now I am seeing big bloated stars. What could be the cause of this and how do I get rid of it? I attached the picture below. My equipment: QHY178-M Skywatcher 150/750 Coma corrector MPPC Filter-Wheel ZWO Luminance filter Exposure: 1 min exposure @ gain 15
  8. Hey, With reseating the camera you mean putting it in the exact same postion right?
  9. I have used Sharpcap for polar aligning too. It stated that I had near excellent polar alignment. Maybe I nudged something?? Another thing, if anyone can help me with this. I shot 140 subs but I had to throw away 20 subs due to sattelite trailing and airplanes (I live near a flight route) and 1 sub due to me adjusting something. Is it okay for me to keep the subs with the sattelite trails in or should I discard them as I have done. (It was a pain to throw away so many subs) Is DSS able to take out the sattelite trails in the final stack?
  10. Hi Ebdons, Yes, I have used DSS and kappa clipping for this. How else could I improve the shape of stars?
  11. This is my first time photographing the M16. Equipment: Skywatcher 130PDS Canon 700D full-spectrum mod Optolong L-Pro 2" filter Image details: 119 subs @ 60 sec ISO 1600 Data was collected over two nights. I applied flats & darks and processed it in Photoshop and Pixinsight. I provided two versions, in one I get some weird grey haze. Any tips appreciated
  12. I own a polarscope from FLO for a couple of months now, however I have never been able to get a correct polar alignment. When I screw in the polarscope in the mount completely then the 3 angle is at the top (see picture). However with this polaris keeps moving out of the circle when I polar align it. (Polar alignment seems not to work) When I loosen it I can get the reticule to 0, however the polarscope is very loosely in the mount. How to best get the polarscope correctly into the mount and get an accurate polar alignment.
  13. Thanks for sharing, I always love it when people share their data
  14. I fixed it by accessing the mount screw. (removing the black side covers with a heat gun) Then I pressed real hard on the damaged end of the bolt that was stuck. After trying to get it out it was no longer stuck and just slid out easily.
  15. Hi all, One of the latitude bolts on my EQ5 mount is bent and I can't seem to get it out. How can I access the bolts or get it out?
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