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  1. It's been cloudy the past few nights, i'll try tonight to get an image. But it is on a Star Adventurer EQ wedge with the EQ firmware from the official skywatcher website, so it acts like a German EQ mount. It also has a counter weight and isn't off balance.
  2. use the new blacker than black paint and only one side
  3. I have the az-gti goto mount with equatorial wedge, good mount nothing to complain about. but the other night i got it polar aligned and there was no star trails for anything that passed the meridian or was close to it. anything that was <80 degrees above near direct east would show star trails. this has happened on multiple occasions. i do not have an autoguider but im not sure if it would change anything. these star trails are quite long and very weird due to it tracking fine toward the west. anyone got any ideas? Cheers
  4. I was looking to get the ZWO asi120mm usb 3.0 mono camera, but stumbled along the SVBONY Color Astronomy Camera CMOS. It is significantly cheaper than the ZWO camera and they have very similar specs. Apart from this camera being Color and not Mono, are there any major differences that should still make me buy the ZWO camera?
  5. I don't currently own a guide system, but if you live in horrible skies like me, I don't think off axis guiding will produce enough light to use. But if you live in darker skies it should be pretty good and it would be much easier to use since you don't have to align it with the scope.
  6. It has a 400 mm focal length f/5.5, no reducer (not enough money for one), i did a few tests on a few stars (Altair, Antares), for 20-30 second subs, very little to no star trails, wind did effect some tests though. Note, only rough polar alignment was used (phone planetarium app), haven't got a guide scope/camera yet for precise polar alignment and tracking. Still a newbie at this and still learning.
  7. I have this mount in EQ mode and i can get some 30 seconds exposures without auto guiding and only rough polar alignment, with my Nikon d3300 and 72ed APO
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