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  1. Not sure if it's of any worth. But I've bought a 7nm svbony Ha-filter from ebay for around 170AUD (!). contrast and detail improvements are significant and works well for long exposures in my Bortle 8 backyard. The coatings are decent and haven't seen any reflection on really bright objects
  2. I bought a ZWO 294mc cooled camera a year ago and have had some really fun times with it. The other day I noticed though that when I cooled it and took a photo there was what looked like some dew or something on the sensor. Some images to confirm, 2 flat frames, one at 24C and another at -10C, and 1 image of thors helmet -10C. Is there a desiccant tablet that needs to be replaced, just cleaning? Any help is appreciated.
  3. I'd hang it on my wall.
  4. Just finished figuring my first telescope mirror about a week ago, put it on the star tester and had a look. I took a snap of it and although I think it looks good but I'd like a second opinion. Take into consideration it's not collimated as it should be, but I only had gaps in between the clouds and didn't have time to collimate properly. 8 inch f/5 8mm eyepiece
  5. Accidental duplicate post Original
  6. Ah I understand, I'll give it another go and see if it works
  7. Here are the frames. Hope this helps Examples.zip
  8. I bought a ZWO asi 294 mc pro a few months ago. I was really happy with it and my 72 ed. Recently I have been getting this colour blotching artifact which I cannot find a cure on how to fix it. I have tried not using the cooler, using flats, darks, dark flats etc. Unfortunately nothing is working. I'm afraid that it won't be curable as other people have been getting the same or similar artifacts. (https://bbs.astronomy-imaging-camera.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=8007) Any help is appreciated.
  9. Yes that seems to be working. Thank you
  10. I am currently making my first 8 inch telescope mirror. 950 - 980 mm focal length. Figuring was going well, until I made a bit of a mistake and did a stroke for a bit too long. Around the centre zone I made a deep zone and I am unsure of how to fix it. I have a full sized & a 3 inch size lap to fix this. What stroke will help get rid of this? Surface texture is not an issue at the moment, I will smooth it out later. Any help is appreciated.
  11. That's strange, I did have polar alignment within 5 arc minutes
  12. It slews to the target, find the location, but after the correction the error in ra & dec increases.
  13. Sorry for being unclear. I have it on a wedge and in EQ mode.
  14. The mount does not connect through eqmod, it connect stright from the synscan app to ascom
  15. I have an asi 294 mc pro, az gti and an asi 120mc. This platesolving has not been going to plan lately. I use platesolve 2 in sgp and it finds matches, but every attempt it makes to centre it it just gets worse. I have tried many solautions but none work. star aligment did not help. Any help is appreciated
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