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  1. This might be true, but I have been successfully been using PDA on two other computers using the exact same techniques and drivers
  2. I didn't do a star alignment so PHD didn't know where it was pointing, it was indeed pointing right at it. But I found a solution last night. I pointed it at the south pole, did the drift alignment and moved the stars in the opposite direction until I was about 30 arc minutes from being polar aligned. I then disconnected the mount and switched the hemisphere to north. It worked amazingly and was able to get within 2 arc minutes of being polar aligned. (In case you were wondering, yes I did check it over with hemisphere set to south).
  3. Sorry about not mentioning my equipment before. I use a lens as a guide scope and a knock off asi 120mc
  4. PHD2 Debug Logs.zipI'm pretty sure theis is the right one.
  5. Here works fine. I don't have an account for PHD forum.
  6. I started using my other computer to guide last night, I connected the drivers and everything looked smooth until I tried polar drift alignment feature. When I adjusted the altitude knob on the wedge the stars would go left or right. The stars would go up and down also if I moved the azimuth knobs. I could easily put up with that usually, but I have to move the stars in the opposite direction to the red line otherwise i gt further from being polar aligned! I use a knock off zwo asi 120mc and a skywatcher az-gti in ew mode. Any help is appreciated.
  7. The devices list is grayed out for some reason. Do you have this issue or is it a windows issue?
  8. This is the issue I am getting.
  9. I have already tried that but it has not worked giving me multiple errors.
  10. I own a nikon d3300 and a nikon d5000. I wish to connect it to ekos but I can only find dead ends and heartache. I run Kstars with ekos on my windows 10 x64 bit computer. I run the Indi windows server but I do not know how to connect my camera to it. Does anyone know how to do this? Any help is appreciated.
  11. Wow... That's a lot better than mine
  12. Looks like I might have to bite the bullet and get the BSUSB from shoestring astronomy.
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