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  1. I know if an object is in a high velocity hyperbolic orbit, it's orbit could go through the planet in such a way that it would hit the planet head on, thus showing no streak. But that would be an amazing sight to see that, I wish a saw it.
  2. I do not know a lot, but I am pretty sure it is a ritchey chretien type scope (correct me if i'm wrong). Also a hair dryer with an inlet that big would be amazing!
  3. I currently own a Nikon D3300 and I am thinking of sending it to the local camera shop to convert the IR cut filter to a 700nm. I plan to only change it so I can clean it and so focus on lenses will still work. But the one thing is that I would like to do regular photography as well. Will a 700nm filter make sure i can still do regular photography like I would with the stock filter? Is there a different size filter I can convert it to so it gets the best of both worlds? Is there a clip in IR filter for it? Or is there a way to correct the infrared in post processing? Any help will be greatly a
  4. For deep sky, refractors are great as they don't need to be collimated and are really light allowing most mounts to handle it. Also, Tracking, polar alignment and autoguiding will make you frustrated as a beginner if you get an SCT for dso imaging. When I just got in the hobby my 400 mm refractor almost made me cry, I don't want to imagine what it would be like if I have an SCT
  5. Last night I was super bored and cold while imaging so I thought I would bring out the old binoculars. I put my phone to the eyepiece and took 2 second exposures and stacked them in dss. I got 3 mins of integrated exposure time and I am really surprised with what I got. Forgive the overstretching.
  6. You can also use registax there is a lovely showcase of it in this video. He shows how to stack images of planets and uses it for deep sky AP for some reason...
  7. Sorry I could not resist, I just had to do some adjustments. I can't believe what phone cameras can do nowadays, these images look better than the ones i did a little while ago with a dslr.
  8. You have only captured this little bit here because of the amount of exposure time you have gotten. That is the brightest bit and is only white. Don't worry there is nothing wrong it's just that you didn't have much exposure time and only got the trapezium. Great images for a phone camera though.
  9. If everything worked first try, It wouldn't be as rewarding when you get the image you want.
  10. Thank you. I am relieved it's faint nebulosity and issues with my camera/optics.
  11. I live next to the city in bortle 8 skies while the city next to me is bortle class 9. Orion rises there and is there for most of the night. after imaging and processing 7 hours on the horse head nebula i'm left with these brown patches in my image and i don't know what they are. I was wondering if anyone knew what they were and how I could fix my image. I use photoshop cc 2017 for main processing and pixinsight 1.8 for gradient removal.
  12. That's a pretty good image, but you might want to sink a bit more time into it. Having more time should help remove some noise
  13. That's a nice one. Glad you got a break from the clouds, it's been 3 weeks since a clear night here...
  14. Over here in Australia they run for the exact same price. I was thinking of going for the colour sensor so I don't have to buy anything straight away and possibly save a bit of money.
  15. Nice one of m31. If you don't have a guide scope you can use the DARV method to help polar alignment. To help focus you can print a Bahtinov mask out of paper. I'd love to see some more pics.
  16. I currently own a 72ed f/5.5 refractor with a orion field flattener for short refractors and I am thinking of buying a ZWO ASI178MC-C Cooled Colour camera. I would also like to buy a Ha filter that is 12nm (can't afford 7nm). I pretty sure the Ha filter size has to be 50mm to fit but I am not 100% sure. Any advice is appreciated.
  17. I had 1 second which usually worked. But i finally figured the problem. I use a lens and the shutter closed causing a really low f/ratio. That also explains the focus issue. Thank you for the help though.
  18. i also cannot focus on sharpcap
  19. It focuses both ways and has plenty of focus on both sides.
  20. tooth_dr I love you!
  21. I am currently setting up, but in phd2 there is this black dot in the middle of stars and they appear huge, I have no clue what to do and i cannot see faint stars to guide. i also cannot focus in on stars
  22. As I am waiting for my field flattener to come, I was thinking of doing some wide field AP. But I don't know what to image. Is there a site or a book that has many objects that I can browse through to choose? Any help is appreciated.
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