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  1. Camera sold! i have Canon 1Ds Mark III in really excellent condition, it has around 30 000clicks, if anyone is interested i can sell it. Also, Canon tilt shift lens TS-e 90mm f/2.8 - in really perfect shape, it is used for only few times.
  2. Also for sale: Astronomik 1.25" LRGB filters, type 2C - https://www.astronomik.com/en/fotografische-farbfilter-photographic-color-filters/l-rgb-filtersatz/astronomik-typ-iic-l-rgb-set-1-25-m28-5.html My price 180 pounds + shipping, contact me for shipping rates ZWO filterwheel 5x1.25" - https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/efw-mini My price - 120 punds + shipping To answer on my most common inquiries - I am not interested in exchange, every piece of equipment that i own or sell is in almost perfect condition, working like new, contact me if you want photos of the item you are intersted in. Clear skies!
  3. Bump! Just to be clear, i am NOT going to send anything without buyer making payment. I just lost 35 euros worth shipping because one "buyer" refused to pay after we agreed that i can order and pay for shipping and he will make payment for my item.
  4. I have that telescope and i am also thinking about cem40 and i believe that you are wrong If you balance it correctly, then only thing that matters is a mass of an object, it is the same if you have an object that is 100cm long or 200cm long if the weight is the same That optical tube is 6.4 kilos, mount the guidescope, camera, filterwheel..... and you are well beneath the 18 kilos that mount can handle, just balance it carefully
  5. Thanks, i missed the spacing from sensor to the flattener i will do better next time
  6. First light with 183mm pro TecnoSky 115/800 triplet v2 with WO Flat 6A II 0.8 reducer/flattener ioptron ieq45 tuned mount sony imx291 usb 3.0 camera as a guider 60/330mm ed guidescope 45 frames, 180 seconds each, R,G,B
  7. For sale is my refractor, WO star71 Good condition, clean optics, i used aperture mask to make stars look tight Took this photo with it: https://www.astrobin.com/full/358938/B/ i forgot, if you want to see a full frame field on this telescope - click here : https://www.astrobin.com/full/392572/B/ 900 pounds+shipping Atik 490ex mono camera I think i do not need to say anything about the camera or the sony sensor, everything works like a charm. https://postimg.cc/v1wB755k 1100 pounds+shipping Astronomik cls T2 filter https://www.astronomik.com/en/filter-gegen-lichtverschmtzung-filters-against-lightpollution-lpr/astronomik-cls-filter.html?___store=en 80 punds+shipping zwo uv ir cut filter, 2" 40 pounds + shipping
  8. That is a great image!
  9. Thanks guys. I always try to give my images natural look.
  10. i planned this image for a very long time... I took about 160 1 minute images, using 1600 iso. It was very windy, my original plan was to use 30 sec, 1 minute and 2 minute subs but i ended using only 1 minute. Canon 5dmk2 - full spectrum with zwo uv/ir cut -160x1min 1600 iso, darks Wo star71 - closed to 66mm Iopton ieq45
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