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  1. Hi, I've been out for a few night now with my HEQ-5 Pro skywatcher mount. The problem is, when polar aligning, Polaris is clearly out of focus. How do I focus the polarscope? Emilis
  2. The mount is a HEQ-5 Pro, the scope is a celestron C8 which came with the AZ mount. Sending a video, so you can see what is the problem. IMG_2509.MOV
  3. So I had this problem where if I put my finder scope on my OTA, and the finder scope is around 135 degrees from the mounting part of the scope. This made my DEC axis always stay leveled but never stay in any position I put it in (if I turned my RA axis to the balancing position, then the DEC axis to balancing position and moved the DEC axis anywhere, it would go back to horizontal or balancing position). Any help would be nice Emlis
  4. Already bought the EQDIR cable. As I understand, you have to connect it straight to the mount. Thanks alot!
  5. Yes, I have my mount connected to my hand controller. Thanks alot, I will probably buy this!
  6. Hi, thank you for responding! I, however, do not have the RF-12 to male RS232 cable. It didn't come with the mount. I have heard that some cables do not work. Can you link a reliable cable that will work?
  7. Hi, so I wanted to ask, how do I connect my HEQ5 Pro SynScan (5V) hand controller to PC. I tried the usb port, but had no luck, so now I will try the RJ-12 port. The problem is, I can't figure out how. Do I buy a direct RJ-12 tu USB cable or do I need a connector (RJ-12, then RS232-USB), which ones will work and which ones won't? I have a port on my PC (looks like it has 8 pins). It's a laptop, also has usb ports, of course. I would be SO happy if someone helped me because I've been stuck on this for about a week! Best regards, Emilis
  8. I have a celesctron nexstar 8SE OTA, to which I attach my focal reducer (0.63x by celestron), the a T-Adapter-SC, a t-ring and then my dslr. Does the T-Adapter affect the performance or use of the focal reducer? Emilis
  9. I just booted the telescope back up, set the exact date, nothing else changed, and what do you know! Works like a charm. I think I misclicked the date button somehow. Thought that the problem was the firmware, but it was just my buttery fingers. Thank you for reminding me of such a simple solution!
  10. Hi, I was trying to guide the other night, but my skywatcher HEQ5 completely went off track in star alignment, not even close. So I figured, I need to update the firmware. I installed the latest firmware and the latest loader. My synscan is a 5V, which means it has a usb output. I held 8 and 0, it showed the version like in all the tutorials. But when I tried to autodetect a COM port it didn't find it. Was it because of the usb, do I need to use the other connection? Or do I need to use another loader, since the loader that I downloaded off the skywatcher website said that it was for 3V/4V hand controllers. I would be grateful if someone could help me.
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