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  1. 3x CAN be too much, it all depends on the eyepiece you pair it with.
  2. Since no scope can do everything, find out what your friend wants to look at.
  3. My old Tasco scope from the early 90s is at my Dad's house, but I have no desire to use it. Last time I looked at it the mirror was badly degraded, and its a cheap design anyway.
  4. Tell us what type of astronomical objects you want to look at and we will advise a better scope.
  5. Run away! its a Powerseeker 127 eq, which is a Bird-Jones scope with bad optical quality.
  6. I remember seeing it in the night sky and saying to my self "wow". But I wasn't doing any active skygazing with a scope at the time, so that is as far as it went.
  7. Dream scope? Hubble Actually some sort of large scope, maybe a 12+ inch SCT on a goto eq mount, with a special building to permanently house it in, would be my dream. My dream is really to gain more knowledge of the night sky, than getting very expensive equipment (though my wife would disagree on that statement).
  8. I have in the past had an old second hand Celestron 8 inch Dob, a Celestron 127 SLT, and a Celestron Powerseeker 127 eq. The Celestron Dob I don't miss because I have an Orion 8 inch Dob now, which is better quality than my old Dob. I couldn't get rid of the Powerseeker fast enough. The 127 SLT I do miss, because I was an idiot to get rid of it, and it was on a Go To mount.
  9. Jupiter is always changing, so perhaps the changes in appearance will make making a map harder?
  10. Why not the Orion Starmax 90mm or the Skywatcher Virtuoso 90mm? I know you aren't looking at Maksutovs but they are small, and good for the Moon and planets.
  11. Maybe get a zwo ASI120mc camera, they cost about $170.
  12. The only person I know in real life with an interest in astronomy is my cousins husband. It would be nice if my wife shared it in somewhat, but she only sees the dollar cost. She was impressed when I showed her the solar eclipse last year with a solar filter I have, but that is the only time I have heard her say "wow" to anything astronomical.
  13. Nice scope but probably best used with some type of shroud for solar viewing as well, unless I am mistaken.
  14. I had a Powerseeker scope in the past, I don't recommend them. I don't remember the quality of the barlow that comes with powerseekers, but its probably not that high. Luckily you can get barlows that are good for visual astronomy pretty cheaply, but I don't know how good they would be with cameras. If you want to get into astrophotography, you need to decide which you want to photograph, planets or deep sky objects. Planets would be cheaper, but people with more experience could advise you further.
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