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  1. If a motor can be put on the GEM mount, then I would be better off with this: http://a.co/enEjkn8
  2. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Top row, left to right: UHC filter, a red and blue filters, Celestron 9mm Kellner eyepiece, Orion 2x shorty barlow, Celestron 25mm SMA eyepiece. Middle, left to right: Celestron 10mm SMA eyepiece, a moon filter. Bottom, left to right: Agena 7mm-21mm zoom eyepiece, Celestron omni 32mm plossl eyepiece, box of 4 Orion color filters,Orion Sirus 25mm Plossl eyepiece and a small credit card shaped red light flashlight.
  3. Maybe I would be still better off with a ETX 80 then, because these 90mm refractors won't do what I want with planets, so I may as well get a scope that can find DSOs.
  4. Both similar scopes, the Meade is a 900mm focal length and the Celestron is 1000mm. The Meade is slightly cheaper. Both have motor drives available for the mounts. How do both compare in planetary and lunar views? I would assume the Celestron would be better at higher magnifications, but is a slightly longer and more awkward tube. How do their mounts handle the weight and length of each scope? Does either of the mounts seem over burdened?
  5. Astromaster equatorial mount on Ebay

    Perhaps I would be better off putting a motor on an Astromaster 90 eq refractor, since I think the performance (though not the physical size) would be similar to a C90.
  6. This mount: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Celestron-Deluxe-Equatorial-Telescope-Mount-Tripod-Accepts-Dovetail-Bar-NEW-/401448611740?hash=item5d7833af9c If I put a motor such as this: http://a.co/3YeG6qh ... ...on this mount, could it mount my Orion Goscope 80mm on it, and have it track an object? It seems to have a Vixen style mounting system on it, or am I mistaken? Could it handle something like a modern Celestron C90 scope?
  7. I agree, I sold two scopes before, and maybe got back 40% of their worth. I would prefer to give away to a youngster who was interested in the hobby, than sell basically a new scope at less than half its worth.
  8. Virgo Cluster Quickie

    So many galaxies; it looks almost like one of those Hubble Deep Field images.
  9. Cleaned filthy mirror - with pictures

    Even if the dust cap is on and the scope is covered in a blanket?
  10. Cleaned filthy mirror - with pictures

    Out of curiosity, how often do you need to clean a mirror? I have read elsewhere that its a bad idea to judge how dirty a mirror by shining a flashlight down the tube, because it can look filthy but still function well.
  11. does your telescope have a name?

    I think of my Dobsonian as "Big Bertha", because it looks somewhat like a piece of artillery, and I guess my Orion Goscope would be "Little Red", because its little and ....red.
  12. Show us your set up in action at night.

    My picture is a little boring, but it is of my 8 inch Dob. Note the high tech "counter weight" I use on my scope, it's a steel wrench stuck on with magnets.
  13. Hello from Mexico

    Nice scopes those Minis, welcome to the SGL.
  14. First buy help.

    Yes, what you can see is quite basic, but still you can see the Andromeda galaxy (as a faint smudge), the Orion nebula (some stars and bright nebulousity), the Pleiades (stars with nebulousity around them), Jupiter (you will see the four major moons of Jupiter, and at greater magnification you will see two of its equatorial bands). you will see the rings of Saturn (small but still recognisable as rings) and of course you will see our own Moon. There are lots of things to see in small telescopes, and different types of scopes are better at seeing certain objects than others.