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  1. Ceph

    NB and Jelly

    In my case I am not sure that it is the filters, the camera itself is told not like bright stars and I think this proves it, but I might be wrong. I do agree that the two big stars are not good on this picture even though they look kind of cool, don't know really if you can avoid the way they look without straight forward paint around them which I will not do. Thanks Anne :)
  2. Caught the Jelly a few weeks ago. Been testing a little different NB combinations and except the std red I ended up with this. Astro-Tech-AT-65Q, ASI-1600M-Pro-Cool, HA 19x360, O3 23x360, S2 16x360
  3. To be frank I cant see this nebula in any colour with my human eyes
  4. Messier 33 is tricky to get right. I think that your image lacks some of the faint parts of the galaxy, maybe you should try and double the time/image or even up to 180-240sec? I dont know if you lives in a light polluted area? If you do a CLS filter will also help And just to point out, NGC 2403 and M33 are two different galaxies. Cheers
  5. The weather sure tests one's patience. During the two last months I only got 2 nights with clear skies. Looking on various weather forecasts just is depressing. I have seen several times now that the clouds passes my location and just when you thinks it is getting brighter the winds turns and brings back what just have passed over my head, haha well I can only laugh on it. Hopes you gets some clear skies soon so you can complete your project, still looking forward to see the result.
  6. I posted another version of this pic a while ago and I have been working on so many options with the colour combining on the Ha-Sii-Oiii results, my mind likes this beige version best. I do have a few red (as it should be) but what is real out there. More of the data has been extracted on this version hope you likes it.
  7. As it is christmas time I can only wish for such a journey and even more to take a picture like that. Lovely shot Göran :) (I knows who are coming tomorrow and it is not santa so I must dream on)
  8. The Reindeer is also here Well done The last things on my list is A chicken A magnet The chicken, Maybe I can see, the magnet I cannot
  9. Good spotted, but what shall we call it?
  10. Yes, It is there . A giant leef blower could be on my next todo list :) Thanks Wim
  11. No one said that yet so you are the first :) One actually said a womans utures or something like that. There are a couple of more answers that I got, maybe someone finds them.
  12. Darth vader is what 2 on my work said :) This is what people has seen in this picture beside already meantioned, I guess there is more to find. Space craft Christmas trees, 1 one big and one small One man standing on the top Gates of hell Goat Giraff Horse Demon Grinchen Various santas A bat (this one I have failed to find) A man in sunglasses (Can't really see this one either) If you turn the pic upside down you will see some of the above things.
  13. Wow, that was a really nice picture Alan. As you say it is a bit noisy, I guess that can be improved. I guess it is the scope doing the halos, they seem to point out from the center on the edges. I gets the same result with my refractor Astro Tech AT 65Q, but less on my mirrorscope and it seems to increase were there are dark dusts around, maybe I am wrong but that is what I found so far.
  14. I mailed the picture out on my work today asking if they could spot any kind of objects "hidden" in the picture, between 15-20 objects were found, but no one beats the rat You can also take one or two steps back from the screen and some other things might pop up.
  15. Haha, that was good I can see the Rat on jet propulsion
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