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  1. Hello Allan. I am no expert but I tried some tools in Pixinsight. DBE first (I know this should have been done earlier, before stretching), Then a starmask and reduced the starbrightness a little, finally a little darker background with HistogramTranformation. I think you are def, on the right track:)
  2. Hello Took this a month ago and think I got a decent picture now, well at least to be from my equipment and edting knowledge which seems to be a very long learning curve, at least for me. It takes longer time to learn and old dog :). After I got this picture I was aware that there is another interesting object in this area: Cygnus X-1 as is supposed to be the strongest X-ray source seen from earth. I can not help myself wondering over how long this X-ray can actullay reach in a dangerous state, anyone who knows? Sky-Watcher-Explorer-190MN-Pro / Canon700D-Baader-mod. + Astronomik CLS / Exposures=33x360, 5x120 at ISO 800 / DSS and Pixinsight
  3. Lovely image Martin. I would also be proud with that result :)
  4. Thanks guys @Brian That was a fast tube indeed and as you say and it is not cheap, in this case I needs to get the tube and a mono camera + filters and what is needed which goes far beyond my budget. But thanks for the suggestion I will keep that modell in mind, you never knows in the future. (My 190Mn is actually not that bad with its f/5,26) @Alan Yes I agree not too much techincal messing for me either after all the problems I had with everything, I dont know how many hours I spend with the equipment just to make it work as it was supposed to do from the start. It seems to be rather normal with this hobby. I guess there are no shortcuts when buying something new. I have been looking on both ZWO 071 and 294 amongst all, but got confused after reading the mixed comments from owners. @Steve ZWO Asi294mc Pro yes that camera is not expensive compared to others and I have seen it gives a closer pic then the 071, so you are happy with it, that sounds good to me. It would be great if you happens to have a sample pic that I can see?
  5. Hi all Got a few days in august with nice weather. Captured this one as it was on my todo list. I think I gets some decent pictures with my Canon 700D but I would like to get a better camera,problem is the weather at my location (southern Sweden) and the more or less the constant haze. I really would like to get a mono and do some narrow band pictures but I am hesitating because of the weather, but living in a light polluted area this would be a great option. Taking pictures in NB will have me do 4 times exposure time compared with today and given not one clear sky since this pic was taken about a month ago and no clear skies is coming according weather forecasts, of course it is autumn here. Last year during 6 months or so gave me only a few days, think it was around 6 in total so NB is really not a good option here if you dont have a bunch of patience and think it is ok to gather material during several years to get one or two pictures. Well a good picture is worth waiting for, but for me this time lap is just to big. I need to get my pictures in a smaller area of time. So I have been looking on some color cameras CCD and CMOS, also seen some pictures taken with this type of cameras but I really cant find any of those pictures online produced from this types of cameras that gives better pictures then I already is getting with my Canon 700D or am I wrong. I am reading about problems with Amp glow, seeing a lot of pics where stars has no colors, lack of nebulosity and also reading about various problems that users are facing. Are there any of this CCD, CMOS color cameras that will take me a step further? Any advice would be of help. Telescope=Sky-Watcher-Explorer-190MN-Pro Camera=Canon700D-Baader-mod + CLS filter Exposures=47x360, 6x120 at IS0 800
  6. Thanks Mick. It took a while for me but I guess it is on the right track now.
  7. Been at this one, many times by now. Happy with the result one day, wondering what I did the next. The data sure is living documents that seems to have endless possibilities.
  8. Ceph


    Which object is it and which picture or pictures is it possible to find in the dark night. Enjoy the night / Jimmy
  9. Done some changes on the picture. A little here and a little there in my effort to make it better. This was taken with the 190MN and Canon 700D.
  10. I think that the DSLR did more then I expected here. Haze was a little over the limit which made me struggle with the background. A clear sky is only in my dreams. The light gathering pixels still did a fair amount of work. The CLS filter does what it is supposed to do. Yes well here it is :) 13x100, 45x360 ISO 800
  11. I have edited some of my images so many times that even the pixels gets tired of me and gives in just to get rid of me. Most of the times when redoing an image it ends out in the bin, but now and then you do something that actually improves. Of course all is about the RAW files from the start. My last two nights gave me so poor results that there is only one place for them. This pictures are beyond hope in the editing bench. I think you have strecthed your picture a little to far and you also have some strange spots in the stars. Rediting it will probably give you a better result
  12. Cool time lapse and picture:) Are you always awake when photographing or you have some kind of warning systems for clouds or even rain which closes the observatory?
  13. @Demonperformer Aha ok :) @SIDO Thanks Sido
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