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  1. OK I see your point, you are right I missed at first Thanks
  2. Seems? I can not understand that you accept the fact that skywatcher mount is filled with shards of metall and they could be so be, and in the same time comparing a dumb watch 9.99 with a Rolex, what does that has to do with anything? When I started this hobby I saw a fantastic pic. Ohhh I would like to take that one as well. After checking what this guy had for equipment, it would have cost me above £40000 to buy the same gear, so..... What does that has anything to do with my NEQ6? Yes it is an expensive hobby and the NEQ6 could be improved, but I disagree on what could have b
  3. Not everything is a walk in the park, there are always two sides of a coin, and I have seen the other side of the coin, bad luck? There are many names of what it is called when you have bought something you should not, bad luck? In my case the dealer recomended this gear tube and mount and the dealer after purchase will not help. This is my story with Skywatcher and others and in some way as I am still writing here means that I have not lost hope I just got bad luck and Skywatcher will ever never be my choice again not only the mount but also the tube. I still love this hobb
  4. Thanks Julian I was thinking about thin clouds but at the same time I was worried about the camera,
  5. I recently bought a ZWO ASI 1600MM pro and have taken say 8 complete pictures with it now. Now and then I notice that the star size suddenly can change, inspite of me not touching anything. It can happen in the middle of a picture seqeunce. I use Astro Photography Tool to run the camera. Pictures below is 50 s LUM, took around 60 pictures in a row and had to remove 8 of them that had larger stars like the left pic is showing. I have seen this a couple of times now and wonders what it could be and if I can fix it somehow?
  6. I do agree, LRGB is much harder, first I have to find the correct exposure time for lum (which I am have not) Then for RGB, in a light polluted area where I live, which I have not yet found the correct time, so I had to edit the stars to remove the burn out colurs and strange colour objects bursting around the stars in perticular blue colors. Well this is not correct but this is my first LRGB pic. And I placed amount of time to fix the stars:) Not only that, Because I had problems with my 190 MN since I bougt it (2016) and yesterday I finally got round shaped starsall over the pic. Hor
  7. Some pictures ended up in some newspaper and Television yesterday so they are obviously a rare thing. It was pure luck, but then how many times have you not said when you see something spectacular "Why did I not have my camera here!" and the moment is gone :) Thank you Gina /Jimmy
  8. Thanks Martin I am just so happy that this bird made me go out. The time window is not that long, and you have to look towards the sun, it took me 60 years to see it.
  9. So there are even more types? I captured a sundog and a Circumzenithal arc a couple of years ago. The seemed to be rather far away from the sun. Thanks for the info
  10. Very! During one hour the display was on, I think I got the best pics under the second half. It truly was a privilege to have witness this kind event.
  11. Thanks :) Yes they are a spectacular sight in the sky. I wonders how many times I have missed them as the time window is rather short and if you dont look that way...
  12. Ahh. Yes there they are. It seems like the main reason for this phenomenom is that the size of the waterdrops are the same in the clouds. Thanks Sean /Jimmy
  13. Today I saw a bird high up in the sky, thought at first that it might be that Golden Eagle visting again. Went out on the balcony with my camera in hope of getting a pic on the bird, but no it was gone, intstead I happened to place my eyes on some clouds and my visit on the cold balcony was not in vane, thank you bird. This event happened between 16:30-17:30. I have never seen such clouds before and don't know what they are called. Hope it is OK to place the images here. Camera Canon 70D, lens EFS 18-135mm
  14. In my case I am not sure that it is the filters, the camera itself is told not like bright stars and I think this proves it, but I might be wrong. I do agree that the two big stars are not good on this picture even though they look kind of cool, don't know really if you can avoid the way they look without straight forward paint around them which I will not do. Thanks Anne :)
  15. Caught the Jelly a few weeks ago. Been testing a little different NB combinations and except the std red I ended up with this. Astro-Tech-AT-65Q, ASI-1600M-Pro-Cool, HA 19x360, O3 23x360, S2 16x360
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