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  1. 'Paddington stares' - coffee out me nose...
  2. TSR! Lovely box! Now, tho', ahem, might I ask that you upsize that box one more time to allow room for foam between those pretty EPs or wrap each EP in a bit of that thin foamish sheeting so as to better protect the paint/ink/finish? Particularly that Mark III which you will undoubtedly wish to pass on to a kindly, envious sort of fellow at some future point =). Honestly though - Box is cool, recyclable! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. You guys are great! Grabbed a couple mainland china lunars, ND 13% transmission and they seem to be a-ok - under $7 and free shipping. Still scouting for a nice OIII, John, in the auctions - but just from your images - wow, what an improvement - found an older Meade DSI and DSI Pro II for a few farthings, and they give images very like your unfiltered veil - was wondering how to clean things up on the optical side vs post proc - now I know. Phil, JOC, Pieroa et al - I am taking note of your referrals and advice to be sure - side hunts are on - you guys are all very helpful to e
  4. Thanks, Fox-o! JOC and Louis have both made good cases for Dobs and the points they make are valid. I too doubt you'll regret a 200p Dobs and ya have to start somewhere. I will maintain 'try before buy' whenever possible. Our first scope was going to be a 12" Dobs, but I needed something HoneyBadger and the granddaughters could move easily when I was at work, so the 8" flector... which still turned out more than she likes dragging, but will drag. =/ - and I sort of ignored the smaller Dobs although I couldn't tell you why - meh. M' gaen t' bile m' haed... I still like the lil
  5. Took a look around Sky Commander - nice stuff! Usable with Dobs, Forks and GEMs - that's very handy. Thank you for the info! CS&SE
  6. I'm fluey - but - It's can be determined for both as diameter and/or area. Area is the more 'refined' calculation, yielding what percentage of the primary's light gathering area is lost by inclusion of the secondary in the light path. Area of circle = pi * (r*r) for both, then As/Ap or 1/(Ap/As) commonly 9~13% or so. Can be higher for smaller main obj diameters - sometimes MFRS will use the same diam sec with a 90mm and a 127mm. Useful for comparing light gathering capabilities between reflectors and refractors, light avail for AP, Object magnitude limits and so on. Be Healthy
  7. Gosh, Louis, I dunno... accurate polar alignments and the like, twisting those knobby bits associated with RA and Dec in a controlled manner so you can, needs be, use (silly me) tabled celestial coordinates and the RA and Dec rings (which may be of questionable quality, size, readability and hence utility) whilst adjusting for local time to find something so mystical, so elusive that point-n-go or star hopping just isn't getting you there OR you just want to expand your astronomical education/skill set a bit as countless others have over the centuries? There can be a certain satisfaction in th
  8. Before you spend a single ducat, go to a star party and try out any thing they'll let you try. Before your budget starts getting bigger and your wait longer, visit with the members of the nearest astronomy clubs and suggest they 'outreach' you. Put all thoughts of a 'goto' out of your head until you've seen one in action, mashed the little keys on the controller, goofed up the keen little sequence a few times. I'd like you to think Equatorial Mount (maybe with tracker motor - which is useful). It will help you acquire skills you will need later that you need now. Don't try
  9. Thanks for the link! I have - joined 4 or 5 days back and already a satisfied customer thereof - it's a great venue, but you have to be quick! Missed a nice Vixen and a mount because I refreshed my coffee. Very nice folks there, and here, and @ CN. Got a couple Baaders for my HoneyBadger and some X-Cel LXs for the granddaughters - I doubt I could tell them from pristine new, except one box looks 'older' than the others. I expected little thumbscrew marks on the barrels or something - nada. Maybe a fluke - but that's eight lenses from six sellers so far - the quality is there; Astr
  10. Unless ye use yer imaginations... =) Now, earlier I took peach over pear, in a way, and blathered on about pre-owned - but 'budget astronomy' can also mean that which you budget for, making sound and wise decisions as to geld accumulation and equipment selection in advance, then sticking to your basic procurement plan, looking at all times for ways to increase astronomy fund income and decrease equipment costs where possible, but not necessarily limiting your purchases to the pre-owned equipment market. New is nice - you get warranties and guarantees and discounts and added to mailing lis
  11. It says something positive about the community, on a large scale, that you can find good quality gear and not have to worry much. And add to that the huge benefit of SGL (and the other) forums and local clubs - ya save time and munny with that advice-driven ability to focus your search, set your 'goal' pieces, avoid duds and dead-ends. If I had had just this past month's worth of advice gained from the forums, I'd've gotten the wife and I this far for a good bit less. We're 2 hours from anywhereselse and there's been just 1 star party here this year, that we know of. National Park Service
  12. I'm hoping for a glut of post-SE2017 stuff eventually. search-snipe-search. Funny you could p/u a whole set of pre-owned ETXs, say, for the cost of 1 or 2 of those mad premium eyepieces. Got an ETX-60 in beautiful shape for £65 - then a '70 for £71, two 114 Newts w/ tripods & EQ-2/3 equiv mounts for £60 each - and all those were shipped - 40% of the cost was shipping =/ (My reason excuse for the two newts is one's f/4.4, the other f/8.8) - but they are out there, inexpensive, and in quite good shape. And they all came with 'free' EPs - nothing great, but no duds. In the end, 'preow
  13. DatysonT7M / ASI120MM -Thank you - I'm going to try to get one as well - you've set us a fine example! Thank you for your help - honestly. Jim
  14. ...and keep doing it! You give me hope! Those are excellent results for a first time, I think - I am envious! Does this look like your Datyson T7? If this is the same imager, well, I'd say from your fine pix they're pretty okay, yeah? Congrats and Thanks for sharing! Jim
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