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  1. I think you are right! Basically the 8mm is my maximum EP judging from the magnification level.
  2. That site is indeed very helpful! But I always found that it showed a green circle indicating OK status even if the magnification is greater than two times the diameter of the scope. I'm not sure what to make of that honestly
  3. I'm going to get the Skymax 150 pro mak with a 25mm eyepiece. i'm looking to replace the kit eyepiece for some better quality BST pieces. I'm want to look a basically everything. But what I want to prevend it buying a eyepiece that will be "too strong" for my scope (to be).| Thanks for your help so far:)
  4. So in my case with 1800mm and a 150mm diameter. Which eyepieces would you recommend and which barlow ( if any)?
  5. Hello dear Stargazers! Sorry if this been answered before but I couldn't find a clear answer. Lets say my scope has an focal length op 1800mm and a diameter of 150mm. Maximum useful magnification with this scope should be double the diameter. So 300x For instance if I use a 10mm eyepiece I'll be a 180x magnification (1800/10) But with a 5mm eyepiece i'll reach 360x (1800/5) this would overwrite my useful maximal magnification right? But what if I use a barlow of 2x. Thus doubling my focal length. in this case to 3600. My maximum useful magnification will still be 300x. Can
  6. Might be obvious for some but I needed this! Thanks! I'm saving this info for later!
  7. aah ! so I basically cant magnify above 300x. But how do I know what my magnification is? And which eyepiece is too much?
  8. Good advice! Stellarium ofcourse doesn't show if the magnification is too much. Can you explain this rule? For example with an 150 mak
  9. Can you explain when I should pull out the barlow? From "playing" with terrarium i''ve found that I like to take it out when for instance I want to look at saturn and even a 3,2mm eyepiece doesn't show much more than a "ball"
  10. Awesome! But I got a 28 Apex 2" skymaster piece. Won't that overlap with the 25?
  11. Hello Gazers! I need some help ones again. Lets say I have a scope with a 150 diameter and a 1800 mm focal length.(f/12) I'll supplied with an 28mm eyepiece. I would like to know which lengths I should get? I'm in the market for PST pieces. These are the lengths they offer: 2x barlow 12mm 15mm 18mm 25mm 8mm 5mm 3,2mm All have a field of view of 60 degrees. In which order should I buy them? Clear skies:.)
  12. Thank you so much for your comment! Very wise words. I'll take them to heart:)
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