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  1. http://www.astro-baby.com/heq5-rebuild/heq5-m1.htm Check the above guide. Make sure that there is no movement on dec and that the gears on the side move freely. Also check the screw on the one side of the worm (under the black cap) and make sure that the worm turns freely without sideways movement. Check if there is big distance on the gears on the side. Turn the one gear. If you feel that you need more than 2 steps to move the next gear then you have to get the one closer to the other. The distance must be like a sheet of paper. Generaly there is hard work to be done and much testing.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm very pleased to join you! My name is Theodor , i live in Athens and i do astrophotography since 2014. My observatory is at my village in Messinia with relatively dark sky (bortle 4). Because of the birth of my son its not easy as before to travel for my hobby. So my next goal-challenge is to upgrade my setup and go on with astrophotography in my white zone Athens... I wish you all Clear skies!!
  3. Generally bearings are not likely to wear off due to the slow movement of the mount. I got mine replaced because my mount was not used for many years from the previous user and got really stiff. I made a service and replaced them because of the low cost. Small difference may be seen by the worm bearings. The big difference will be, when you tune the worms perfectly. Thats the hard part.
  4. hi there, I changed them some months ago. I used the following bearings. 4x Roller bearing = skf 60062z 30x55x13mm 1x Tappered bearing= skf 30205j2q 25x52x16,25mm 4x small worm bearing = skf 689zz metal shielded 9x17x5mm I hope that helped.
  5. Yes i saw it, but i thought there was an easiest way to do it. I'll stick with lynx adapter and rotate the tube. At least its the most firm and tight combination of all. I'm still worried then if i can use 2'' filters with this setup. Anyway i appreciate your help!
  6. I'm sure they will so, is there any alternative to lynx adapter so i can rotate my camera? Also if i am going to use the lynx m48 , how i m going to use a 2" filter?
  7. Hello, i am about to order the 72ed to use it primarily for astrophotography with my 450d. I choosed to match it with the ovl ff and the lynx m48 adapter. I asked FLO if there is any other option so i will be able to rotate the camera for framming and they told me about this extension tube. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/moonlite-15-focus-extension-tube.html I thought that my goal was to be closer to drawtube and not going further. What is your opinion?
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