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  1. Learning a bright star with naked eye is easy. For example I can see very clearly the Big Dipper, Orion, Summer Triangle, Cassiopeia etc on the sky but when I point to them with the finder scope there appears a lot more stars than our naked eyes. Hence I lost which is which ? I agree I need to learn to look at each stars. Forget about 3 stars alignment. Perhaps just an exercise to find the bright stars first ? LoL
  2. No problem on finder and main scope alignment. I have got all those apps to locate the stars. I can find them and see them with my eyes. But when I point the scope on that star and I can see more stars. I do need to learn the sky mapping. Just see if any one got a better ideas. I even have two similar guiderscopes can be fit together but is that help ??? Means I have two findscopes and get more confuse ???
  3. Hiya, Please can anyone help me to locate star on finder scope. i am having a difficulty of unable to locate the star I want to see in the finder scope to do the three stars alignment last night. it was a clear night. I am using Celestron Astro Wifi 90cm to do 3 stars alignment. when the sky is clear and full of stars i am having difficulty of locating the star i want because they are all appear to be similar brightness and size. Any recommendations what i should do ? Many thanks.
  4. Hi John Great set up !!!! I am hoping one day to upgrade to NEQ5 when I can justify my expense and knowledge I gain LOL. My is NEQ3 Pro Goto. replace the tripod legs with wooden one. The mount recognized the location when I am using the guiding camera, PhD2, ASCOM and Carte Du Ciel. I just need to learn the calibration and polar alignment. I just got no luck with synscan. Hopefully I could ask one of the member to help on my next practical. I am involved with North Staffordshire Astronomical Society, with the members help I am all gear up but havent got the skills and knowledge to go with them yet LOL. Winnie
  5. I have also set up for EQMOD and PHD2 guiding, but I am still trying to feature out how to use them. its a lot to learn as I just started astronomy not long ago ? and now I have set up for remote imaging. I run before I can walk I suppose ?? I have qhy5l guiding camera and Takahashi fs60 with dlsr canon eo60d on a wooden tripod legs with eq3 pro goto. Just got up from my sleep, its a long day at work today and too late to set up and I need to work toward deadlines tomorrow ? Winnie
  6. Thank you so much for everyone, I shall have a look when I finish work, hopefully can get my scope out again tonight and try it out. Winnie
  7. Hi Peter I have entered all the information you have listed, just to be sure because I am not good with my english LOL. when the 1 star alignment done, it will ask to adjust the scope slightly, do I just adjust the dec and ra clutches, then click enter? what happened last night, the scope slew back to wrong position :-( Perhaps I shall press on the park position, instead of enter? Winnie
  8. All of them done correctly, I have polar aligned the scope, the polaris is shown on carte du ciel, it can locate to the star I pointed to but not at the exact location. Not sure what is that mean by Does the mount require to be at a mechanical index position to start with? Do I have to do the polar scope alignment? Winnie
  9. Hi I have just started to use Phd2 guiding, i need to upload the image of the guiding camera to astrometry so that i can determine the name of a particular star. I am unable to do that as I got the error message below, please can any one help. Here is link http://nova.astrometry.net/upload winnie
  10. Hiya, I have a problem of doing alignment with my synscan. I align my scope to polaris successfully. However when i use the hand held controller synscan to do the alignment, forget about two or three stars alignments, it was impossible for one star alignment, it suggested the stars miles away from my location, when i try to slew to adjust the possition, it wont let me too do that because the location is too far out reach. Please can someone help me ? another clear night but i failed misserably ? Winnie
  11. Hi Pete if you look carefully, the other dish has lost quite a lot teeth, the motor drive one direction ok, but not the other. Do you think the mould, I mean the body will be ok ??? I dont want to buy a relacement part if the mount has also been damage ?
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