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  1. Have a 3cm diameter O ring off an old finder if that is of any use to you?
  2. Don't mock the FES! Thanks to the internet, and the application of Poe's law, what you have, is one of the greatest Trolls of all time, and from this perspective, the FES is genius
  3. Oh bum! I concede, although I did give it my best. I shall take my leave now, I'm off to post my pseudo science on www.theflatearthsociety.org, perhaps they can offer enlightenment
  4. ok, so there is this irksome coincidence that I just can't get my head around. The video was shot 09-07-17 at 00:22:29. All the tracking sites place 'Genesis 2' bang on target with the exact same trajectory. So this would mean, at the exact time Genesis transits the moon, I just happen to capture some random object in transit, and on the exact same trajectory! That has to be too much of a coincidence surely? Now then, this is all new to me, but here goes! Genesis is 4.4 meters at it's longest, and would have been at a range of 15000 meters, which when put through an angular size calculat
  5. Your right, way too big for Genesis. But seriously, you have to love the PreviStat plot, date/time & trajectory for Genesis are bang on the money (not as cool as a rocket booster though) I think it's time to put an end to all the speculation, and just admit that Johnfosteruk was right all along
  6. Yes, sorry about that! I posted the wrong attachment.... corrected now
  7. and just so the balloon proponents do not feel left out https://x.company/loon/
  8. Oh do keep up, this has been resolved already. Now put your Occam's razor away before you cut yourself
  9. Brilliant link Dave, thanks to you & Previsat it's no longer a UFO! It was "CZ-2C R/B 28480" a Chinese rocket body! Top marks to all who predicted that
  10. Trajectory was perpendicular to the wind direction. Rather like the spent rocket stage idea, that would be quite a cool capture.
  11. lol, but probably not too far from the truth, I walk the dog up on the moors & often come across the remains of these big party balloon type things.
  12. Heavens above says no, tbh it appears too big & slow for the the ISS.
  13. Yes, that is the true orientation, it would have been heading north east (ish).
  14. Yep, bat/bird was my first thought, albeit on closer inspection what I assumed to be 'flapping' was it coming into, and out of focus. I am sure it is something quite mundane, have captured a lot of stuff whizzing through the fov, just the first time I have been unable to readily identify.
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