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  1. Does anyone use a solar filter with the Redcat 51 ? If so which one - thanks
  2. Just received a WO Redcat 51, but there were no instructions or quick start guide. Also there's a hex key in the case...no idea what it's for. Does anyone own a Redcat 51 that can advise - thanks
  3. Nah...it's pegged down with heavy duty pegs and now has guy ropes on.
  4. Great setup...Love the camo on the dome
  5. I started imaging about 10 days ago and had mixed success. I'm capturing in APT and stacking in APP, but my processing has been a bit hit and miss, the pics below have been re-processed as I've learned more. Here are my efforts since starting. M45 -Pleiades, M31 - Andromeda, NGC7308 - Wizard Nebula and IC59 Ghost Nebula. All taken with an Altair 183C Pro TEC, Esprit80ED and EQ6-R mount, captured with Astro Photographic Tools and stacked in Astro Pixel Process, finished off in Photoshop.
  6. In an effort to shield myself and kit from all the neighbours lights and street lamps I decided to make my own makeshift observatory that I can take down in summer, if I want to. Initially I was going to make it from 25mm pvc tubing, but ultimately decided on 36mm...much better. It's roughly 3m x 2m and 2m high, and blocks out everything. I had to make some tweaks to the top and ended up putting some corrugated plastic on the tarp at the top, and then another tarp over it. The seating area is now watertight and nothing sags. I've since put a larger folding table in and put a black shower c
  7. I ran everything as admin and it seems to work...so problem sorted - thanks all
  8. None of them were selected to run as admin...so back to square one.
  9. Thanks will check them all later.
  10. Is there any way to set the shortcut to make sure it's in admin mode when opened?
  11. Last night I couldn't guide in PHD, there was one instance of EQmod open in APT for the mount, but PHD failed with a port error when a second instance of EQmod was opened by PHD for mount. I did notice that if the mount was connected in PHD then it failed in APT. Any advice pls.
  12. Solved it...found the locking nut for the dowel. Tightened it and will try next clear night.
  13. Even though I've had my EQ6-R mount a couple of years I've only just started using it, due to string of illnesses over that time. I've noticed that when using the azimuth adjustment knobs during PA the clamps can be tight, but I can rotate the mount slightly by hand which is enough to throw off the PA. The dowel, when fully screwed in is not facing forward, but a few degrees clockwise. Has anyone else had this problem, if so is there a fix for it?
  14. I just hooked up my EQ6-R mount with an EQDir cable together with a Pegasus Pocket Powerbox, both running to a usb 3 powered hub. From the hub I ran a ran a 2.7m usb 3 cable and 5m usb 3 active booster cable to my laptop in the conservatory. Slews absolutely fine through Cartes Du Ceil, but not yet able to control it through Stellarium (which I would prefer to use). Does anyone use this setup with Stellarium. I'd really like to get this working. I've tried using Stellarium Scope even though it's very out of date and no success getting it to work.
  15. Would the Skywatcher 80ED and Altair Astro 1600M PRO TEC camera be a good combination for deep sky?
  16. Broke one of the knobs on my Skywatcher counterweight. Anyone know where I can get a spare. Can no longer tighten it.
  17. Flask of coffee probably
  18. Only as much effort due to my age and level of health
  19. Thanks I'm really pleased with it...bit shattered though
  20. Used cotswold stone
  21. All done apart from the setting up. Have a chain and lock through the handle and concrete block. Just need to get rid of all that soil...great escape anyone
  22. Top block on and second coat of paint. Should be ready to put the mount on soon. Just need to infill the bottom when the paint is dry. What do you reckon...pebbles...or soil? Checked level...it's a tiny amount out either way...not bad. EQ mount so not a concern.
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