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  1. Maxrayne


    Not atm no. Just pretty much the SW SA and a D5300. Still getting my head around trying to get anything on screen when I use the ASI
  2. Maxrayne

    camera on telescope

    If I'm understanding the question, then I believe its the aperture you can't adjust as that's fixed with the scope. ISO and shutter speed you can still adjust accordingly
  3. Maxrayne


    My first attempt at M45 on the SW SA. Still pretty noisy, and I'll have a ton more data to add when I can get back out. But I'm happy with this for the time being. And actually had a decent PA for once (just didn't have enough battery to start increasing exposure length and mess about) EXIF: Nikon D5300 300mm @ f / 5.6 ISO 800 2070 seconds @ 30 second subs (no darks etc) Bortle 5 Stacked in Sequator. Edited in LightRoom
  4. Maxrayne

    Nothing in camera...

    That's the exact setup I have. I'll give it a go in a bit Thanks again guys
  5. Maxrayne

    Nothing in camera...

    Thanks guys. Going to give it a go first during daylight and see what happens. Then I'll try it at night. Didn't realise that the focus points for the eyepiece and DSLR would be different, although it makes sense now I think about it. Not going to get anything next few nights looking at the forecast, but I'll give it a go soon as. Thanks again
  6. Clearly I'm doing something very basic wrong here. Setup last night to do some imaging thru the ST80 on NGC7000. Set my focus via the eyepiece and focus extender, polar aligned, took the 25mm eyepiece out that I'd used to focus with, put the DSLR in with appropriate T-ring. Fired a couple off, checked what I had...which was basically nothing. Tried at various ISO's etc. Still nothing. Cycled the focuser all the forward and back, still nothing...Nikon D5300. Any ideas at all? The DSLR btw works okay as I took some afterwards without the ST80, which also works okay on its own. It's just when I marry them up...I know it's going to be something I kick myself over, but...
  7. Maxrayne

    First Light Optics

    Ordered a few items from FLO now, on word of mouth recommendation, and I'm FAR from disappointed. Martin has been most helpful in assisting picking the right items for what I want to achieve within my budget. He'll query one way, but once I've explained, he isn't someone who gets all funny about not going with his recommendation, something I find quite refreshing. I also ran into a problem with the SW auto focuser my ex got me as a birthday gift from the kids, in that it stopped focusing. After explaining to Martin in a late night email, including the fact I'd stripped it down as far as I could to see if it was anything obvious (sadly not), I woke up this morning and was more than pleasantly surprised to see a replacement on it's way. And that was before my first coffee!!! Can't ask for better service than that!! Think I'm happy to say that the only time I wouldn't use FLO is if they're unable to source something, and even then, I believe they'd bust a gut to get hold of something they don't have in. Great work, you guys seriously rock and, imo, have a well deserved reputation of being the "GoTo" (pun intended) place for all things astro
  8. Maxrayne

    Double Cluster

    Thank you, I appreciate that
  9. Maxrayne

    Double Cluster

    Think my eyes need testing lol. Dialed back on the green in saturation and luminence. You're absolutely right, it's another improvement. What's bothering me is that I'm failing to spot these things myself
  10. Maxrayne

    Double Cluster

    Thank you. I usually do the editing in LightRoom. I agree that this has been pushed a lot, and it wasn't until I came back to it that I even saw the nasty purple hue it had (after someone else pointed it out!) So I've gone back to it and dialed it back a bit. Think it already looks better
  11. Maxrayne

    Double Cluster

    Probably my best Double Cluster yet, shame the focus was off (and my processing sucks), but I'm slowly getting there EXIF: Nikon D5300 220mm f / 5.6 @ ISO 800 1280 seconds (30 second subs), no darks Bortle 5 Stacked in Sequator Tracked on SW SA Good PA, focus slightly off
  12. Maxrayne


    Just had a look at the ZWO 20mm guide scope. Next purchase I think https://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-scopes/zwo-mini-guide-scope.html
  13. Maxrayne


    The star adventurer yes. Loving it in all honesty. Have a ZWO ASI120mm that I want to plug in for guiding, but need to get my head around it first. Which guidescope do you use?
  14. Maxrayne


    30 second subs on an SW WA at 300mm using a Nikon D5300 at ISO 800. Was hoping to start using the ST80 but was having balance issues and then focus issues too. In the end I scrubbed the ST80 and went more direct as I could see the clouds coming in. Hopefully the focusing will be resolved today. Ex has ordered me an electronic focuser from the kids for my birthday
  15. Maxrayne


    Reasonably high tbh. Certainly up over my rooftop (more or less). Only overprocessed this set to bring out what I could in fairness. As I add more data and restack etc, I'm hoping it'll soften out

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