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  1. Not sure either tbh. I used "Lighten mode" instead of "gap filling" in Star Stax so maybe that has some effect? Did have a look at a "normal" stack of the raw files (ie in Sequator) and it was proper messy. Have clear skies forecast tonight here so going back out and having another attempt. Also wanting to actually get a stack of Ursa Major without trailing, just to see what else is there that I can't see using these so I'll have two cameras running. One for the time lapse and trails and one for the stack, if that even makes sense?
  2. So I was out the other night collecting images for a star trails of Ursa Major over the top of my daughter's tree in the front garden. Out of curiosity more than anything, I thought I'd give time lapse a shot. The attached is low res as I'm still messing around with what codec etc works best. The original avi file was pushing 8gb for 7 seconds!! Managed to get it down to 22mb but can't find anything inbetween. I'll keep playing though. Original raw files cleaned up in Lightroom, then exported out as Jpg's into After Effects. The trails image used the same Jpg set but was put together in Star Stax. As pretty much first attempts at both, I'm happy. EXIF: Nikon D5300, 18mm @ f / 3.5, ISO 800, 162 x 25 seconds Millie's Tree & Ursa Major Timelapse Test.avi
  3. Maxrayne

    My apologies for the weather....

    So is that not the bolt that is usually on the OTA securing rings? Or would that be where the dovetail sits?
  4. Maxrayne

    My apologies for the weather....

    Must admit I am currently leaning more to the EQ3 pro version right now after reading up more. For the reasons above too Certainly won't be rushing into a purchase, although I'm keeping my eyes open. Even if all I do for the time being is ho the EQ3 route, I should still be able to mount camera directly to it?
  5. Maxrayne

    My apologies for the weather....

    Will have a look for that thread, thank you Tbf I am somewhat space restricted and also at times have mobility issues (one of those conditions that you never know if you're going to have the energy or not from one day to the next) Going to have to look closer into this. The EQ3 I think would solve immediate issues of not being able to image (as of course would the star adventurer) but...EQ5...
  6. Maxrayne

    My apologies for the weather....

    You may well be correct on that. I'm more than happy to bow to superior wisdom here as I know very little when it comes to mounts etc. Quite like the idea of that second one, although I'd prefer to jump straight in with a minimum EQ5 to save having to upgrade it at a later date (although I probably still will anyway) Would the EQ3 take something like an ED80 (been looking at a couple of those recently) together with the Nikon? Or would I be better going for a CMOS camera and hooking straight into the laptop say? That said, the star adventurer looks pretty decent? Am I right in saying ioptron do something similar?
  7. Maxrayne

    My apologies for the weather....

    Unbelievable! Just been messaged by the seller to say he's sold it to someone else this evening... Air just turned blue here...that's poor form after an agreement was reached
  8. Maxrayne

    My apologies for the weather....

    Lol no. Max is the name of my firstborn son. Rayne, the name of a character from a game I used to play (Bloodrayne)
  9. Maxrayne

    My apologies for the weather....

    Mental note, change location to Gloucester lol. Planetary is a definite try for me. And I can use the time during the summer to practice before Orion season is back too. Hopefully I'll have some form of tracking etc in place by that point too to increase exposure times
  10. My apologies for the weather we're currently experiencing, completely my fault quite clearly. Getting delivered on Sunday so I can finally get out and start imaging, although the only thing I currently possess is an unmodded D5300, intervalometer, and a t-ring (somewhere.) Pretty sure looking at this there's no tracking/guiding ability at the present time, but looking to add that at a future point. With the current setup, or not breaking the bank too much more, what's the best I can hope for?
  11. Maxrayne

    Orion Cloud Complex

    "Crap" is the word I'd use personally I'm under no illusions about it in all honesty, but considering the limitations I was under at the time, and what the image itself means to me personally, I'm just happy with it. That said, now I have a better idea of what I'm doing, roll on next Orion season.....
  12. So I know Orion has been down now for a while, but I just wanted to share this one. For me, it was a literal labour of love. Orion took on a more personal meaning for me at the tale end of last year, much more than just a target in the night sky. I won't bore you all with details, other than it was all very Romeo and Juliet. Anyway, the one night we went for a drive the other side of Hereford (this was mid February), took a firepit, hot chocolate, jacket potatoes and some very warm coats! It was a blustery night, the intervalometer was acting up and Orion was still in Hereford's light dome kinda. But, still managed to get some images with the 18-55 kit lens on the trusty Nikon 5300 despite all of that. Had all but given up on the stacking and processing 2 months later but decided to run it thru Sequator as DSS wasn't working for me. Was 2am, I was dead tired from work and my good old thyroid in full on flare. Happened to yawn, rub my eyes and momentarily refocus them on the laptop screen...to realise I could just very faintly make out Barnard's Loop. Spent the next couple of days rerunning the stack thru Sequator with different parameters to finally produce the attached image. It's messy, it's noisy as hell, it's nowhere near technically correct, but for ME it's a very bittersweet image (two days later Romeo and Juliet parted ways) and a reminder of what happy is. Anyway, I just wanted to share it.
  13. Maxrayne

    Alpha Persei

    It is yes. Tried pushing the saturation a bit but couldn't do it without it blowing them and ruining it. Need to get some more data I think to bring that colour out more. Only just starting to discover clusters for myself and getting pretty excited about them
  14. Maxrayne

    Alpha Persei

    Ty kindly
  15. Maxrayne


    Thank you kindly. I've got a few days off now so I should have time to go back and have another look

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