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  1. Selling the above. Came with the mount but I never had the camera etc and now have the proper handset for the SE mount, as well as computer control of it. Therefore this is surplus to requirements. £75 UK mainland Inc p&p For sale elsewhere as well
  2. Might be worth having a look at comet C/2020 FL4 as well
  3. https://www.365astronomy.com/Starway-85mm-Guidescope-Rings-1-pair.html I've ordered two of these now for the 9x50 finder on separate rigs and they're perfect for it
  4. Possibly not the cleanest image of it. M51 captured with ED72, modded 450D on the SW SA. 324 x 60 seconds @ ISO 1600 plus darks/flats/bias. Stacked in DSS, cleaned up in LightRoom
  5. Hehe thankfully I don't have that issue ? And thank you so much
  6. Awww cool. You'll have to post it up once you've got it done ??
  7. Thankfully not yet run into that issue, although I'm anticipating it come warm summer nights lol
  8. Slightly less than 3 hours with this setup although non guiding as it kept dumping the camera for some reason. Was getting up to 90 seconds at one point though which I'm happy with. Added an extra counterweight to help with the balance. She's a little east heavy but I'm fine with that
  9. I use a converted 9 x50 finderscope and ZWO ASI120 mono, if thats of any use? Cheap and cheerful and does the job quite nicely. Lightweight too
  10. Money can't buy this kind of happiness and joy. That smile is my whole universe This is her having a blast with the Celestron Nexstar SE mount and ST102T ?
  11. I really am. My own first ever astro photo was appallingly bad and this is a far cry from that. Seeing her so happy and pleased with herself, and seeing her enthusiasm too, isn't a feeling I can articulate (in a good way.) Literally adore her to the stars and back
  12. This was my 7 year old little girl's first light tonight. Yes she had help from me (lining up and focusing), but she's the one who pressed that button at the right times. Fast moving clouds and moderate winds made for semi challenging conditions. This was further exacerbated with her complex medical condition (she was born with half a functioning heart.) She's so into her astro atm, and although I know these won't win any prizes, but I'm literally SO proud of her she completely melts my heart First image is a single frame. 1/40 at ISO 100, taken with the ED72 and stock 700D on an SW S
  13. This thing is a bit trickier than I expected to find, not having the benefit of GoTo etc, and this was my third go at it. Pretty glad I stuck with it and didn't default to M42 as per usual! 60 second subs x 71, plus 42 darks, 30 flats, modded 450D through an ED72 on an SW SA. Quite obviously more data needed but I'm more than happy with this as a first go.
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