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  1. Alpha Persei

    It is yes. Tried pushing the saturation a bit but couldn't do it without it blowing them and ruining it. Need to get some more data I think to bring that colour out more. Only just starting to discover clusters for myself and getting pretty excited about them 😊
  2. Alpha Persei

    Ty kindly 😊
  3. M42

    Thank you kindly. I've got a few days off now so I should have time to go back and have another look 😊
  4. Alpha Persei

    Alpha Persei Cluster in Perseus Nikon D5300 60 x 4 seconds 70mm @ f / 4.8 ISO 3200 20 darks, 20 offsets. One day I'll learn how to do flats. Seriously challenging conditions last night with high winds and a great deal of intermittent cloud, despite the forecast of clear skies. Nevertheless I'm quite happy with this
  5. M42

    Ah, that's what I thought, but just thought I'd ask anyway if there was a way round it. From what I've read about flats, they're a bit of a pain in the posterior to get right?
  6. M42

    I've got a couple of sets of darks from a different night, same ISO just different exposures, would they be any use?
  7. M42

    Thank you 😊 Is that when layering in PS comes into play? I'll be honest, I've never attempted that one yet, although I guess I'll have to at some point. Assuming I'm going to get clear (ish) skies sometime soon I'm planning on a reshoot. I'm still having a play with the image atm and I've managed to get more out of that area to the lower left and a hint of red above the main part. But I think that's the absolute limit with the data I have. If anyone wants to have a go at it the file link is below (assuming I've set the permissions right) https://1drv.ms/i/s!AiwnMLNod1FKhbVBU4NmENFYlsPVAQ
  8. M42

    Oooooo I like, ty kindly 😊 I'll go back and have a revisit once I get my 6 year old off of me πŸ˜£πŸ˜‚
  9. M42

    Messier 42I know Orion has been done to death but atm it's one that's within my meagre reach. Was thinking of reshooting this at 200mm to get the slightly longer exposure times and maybe drop the ISO to stop the core blowing out so much? Obviously more captures, getting out of the city and waiting until it's higher would help Nikon D5300 360 image stack, 10 offsets, (oops on the darks) 300mm @ 1.6 seconds exposures ISO 5000 @ f / 5.6 Stacked in DSS, data stretched out In LightRoom and Photoshop. Lots of noise in this as it was very low down on the horizon and I forgot to add the darks, but still my best attempt yet. The core and several brighter stars are blown but I've sacrificed those for the sake of cloud detail
  10. NGC1499

    That's a bad image??? What does a good one look like??? That's amazing!! And is one of the things that inspires me to keep going with this, even if modding and scopes is further down the line for me <3 I'm not very handy at stuff so that advice on buying a used one already modded is gratefully received.
  11. NGC1499

    Hiya, is there any way of finding out how much the D5300 cuts out? I've tried the usual route (ie Google) but not come across anything yet. If I understand correctly, H alpha is the red? As it's my own body and used a lot during daylight as well, I'm obviously loathe to have it modded so a filter is looking good. I'm assuming I'd need one for each lens I use? TIA, u guys are great. Had a couple of quick skims thru again this morning and loving a lot of the images I see. One day, when my bank manager decides he loves me again....πŸ˜‚
  12. NGC1499

    Quite a close crop from 300mm, not even sure how many images, but it was 1.6 second exposures. Thinking of bring it down to 200mm and slightly longer and dropping the ISO down (this was 5000 under city conditions) Obviously some of the stars are blown and there's definitely not as much nebula as I'd like, all of which I'm hoping will improve once I can get further out into the middle of nowhere with no moon (was 3/4 full when I did this)
  13. NGC1499

    Nice mosaic 😊 31, 42 and 45 I've had a go at with not bad results. Just reprocessing 42 atm as I foolishly forgot to add the darks and offsets (it was late and I was out of coffee)
  14. NGC1499

    Sadly I can't get anywhere near 5 minute subs. I'm untracked for the time being so it's literally whatever I can get at the FL I'm using...which ain't much. I know I've seen one somewhere recently shot at 40mm that included M45 as well which was taken from the centre of Belgium, which is what prompted me to give it a go myself. For the life of me though I can't find the post (think it was in one of the AP groups on FB) and find out exactly what they were using πŸ˜”
  15. NGC1499

    So I was looking at having a go at NGC1499 with an unmodded D5300. After having a quick look, is it even worth it? I've had a try anyway and I'm currently running an 8 minute stack under light polluted skies. Preparing myself for some disappointment here. Can I get away with just adding more data under better conditions? Because I was shooting at 70mm on a standard tripod my exposure times are somewhat restricted. If there's anything at all from this stack I'll post it up but I'm not holding my breath