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  1. Its the one that came with the right fitting
  2. Super excited at my first doublet refractor. My previous scopes were the ST80 and ST102T, both of which were great for what they were and fab for cutting my teeth on, but this little puppy...okay I know it's not an ED100 Esprit but that'll come in time (not on THIS mount tho!!) Set of EQ5 legs, SW SA, SW ED72 DS-pro, with 9x50 finder and ZWO ASI 120mm acting as guiding solution (RA only of course), and modded 450D. Just about balances so I'm guessing I'm at the top end of the mount's weight limits. As you can guess I'm a bit an SW fangirl Didn't realise the 9x50 was such a beast tho! Most of this supplied by FLO, who as always have been completely fab
  3. Maxrayne

    Tripod for SW-SA

    Heh, watch this space
  4. Maxrayne

    Tripod for SW-SA

    https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-star-adventurer/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html This is the one I use for mine. Admittedly I'm pushing mine beyond the recommended performance envelope somewhat, or at least up to its limits, but I've found that this is super stable, and as it's the same set that the HEQ5 sits on, it's something I don't have to worry too much about further down the line
  5. Hi Wim Definitely on the single subs as well. I've given it a blow clean so I'll be using it again the next opportunity. I'll also try it with another lens, just to make sure. If it turns out to be body related then I'll pop it back into my local LCE for them to sort, as it's less than a month old (albeit second hand)
  6. Maxrayne

    IC1805 Heart Nebula

    Just wow
  7. Good question, I've not inverted anything. Not actually sure I even know how
  8. No LED on the lens no, and taped off the viewfinder after the red glow issues previously
  9. Definitely not dew I don't think, had the warmer on the whole time, up to temp before I started capturing anything. The flats on the M31 image I took on my last session, the one's for the 55mm image I took tonight. Thanks Louise, think it rules those out at least
  10. Just finished going thru the subs now, pulled a couple at random and it's there on those too. I'm guessing its a lens issue or perhaps body/sensor. I'm inclined to go with the latter as I never had a problem with the lens on my old 550D In fact I've just finished stacking another image at 55mm and its there as well, same dimensions etc
  11. As the title suggests, it appears I've discovered a black hole Okay, I obviously haven't, but does anyone have any ideas? Taken with an unmodded 700D, Canon 55-250mm f/4-f/5.6 lens. About 90 minutes worth of 1 minute subs at ISO 800 plus darks and flats
  12. Maxrayne


    Charting my own journey in astro with nebulae. Some, if not most, will be rubbish in comparison. But the only person I'm competing against is myself. Hopefully there'll be an improvement over time
  13. If Mel ends up not having this then I'm happy to take it off your hands
  14. Maxrayne

    Red glow Canon 700D

    Hi Bryan, thanks muchly I don't honestly recall it on my 550D, but I'll give that another go on this one. It might be that when I close the screen, it doesn't actually shut down as such. I might be wrong there, but it's worth a go Taken some flat frames and reprocessed some images with them and there's a definite improvement there so I'm starting to think it may be a culmination of things and it's just a case of working through them one by one, as with any new camera. On another note, just seen you're getting rid of your modded 450? I'm torn between this and a WO Zenith 73mm I've seen for £270 complete with rings and finder. Why do these things crop up in pairs?

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