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  1. Maxrayne

    Advice on Guidescope for Star Adventurer

    That would be grand
  2. Maxrayne

    Advice on Guidescope for Star Adventurer

    Was looking at the ZWO one as well together with the mini guidecam bundle on FLO as I'm thinking it will go nicely on the SW ST80
  3. Maxrayne

    First Horsehead

    Thank you. I kinda caught it by accident a few weeks ago (was on the extreme edge of a Flame Nebula image) and decided to have a go at it
  4. Maxrayne

    First Horsehead

    Thank you, I did an earlier one that I used as a reference for the framing and used Alnitak as the focus point. It was perhaps still a little low down hence why the focus is a touch off. Looking forward to having another go after the moon has done one
  5. I've not tried weighing mine down as yet, as I don't think I have any vibration in it. Just doesn't feel stable lol. So far the biggest issue has been balance but I think I've sorted that now
  6. I have been doing, yes. Last night though I added more weight at that end and it just "felt" better...Not sure if it was because I just took more time to prep than I usually have time for tbh
  7. Maxrayne

    First Horsehead

    Granted, it's far from the best, but for a first "proper" go at it, I'm chuffed. SW ST80 mounted on SW SA, taken with Nikon D5300. Combination of 30, 40, 45 and 60 second exposures (131 in all) as I was seeing how far I could push it last night. 90 minutes total data. No darks etc (as you can tell) Maxed out at a minute. For once though it felt like I had a good balance and PA
  8. Atm I'm using the SW ST80 coupled with a Nikon D5300 body on mine. Up until last night I was struggling to balance it, but I've used to counterweight plus a Canon 550D with 55-250mm lense to sort that and was able to get both a good balance and a decent PA. First time I've been able to push 1 minute exposures. Like you it's most likely my tripod that's the weak point in mine, so I'm keeping my eyes open for an EQ5 tripod to take it
  9. Likewise mine seems to spin quite freely with the clutch loosened. If anything, I seem to have a bit of vertical play despite tightening everything up after I've polar aligned
  10. Maxrayne

    Nebulosity Around Sadr, Cygnus

    Very nice
  11. Maxrayne

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    V nice indeed
  12. Maxrayne

    Backlash explained.

    That was so easy to understand, even I got it!! Thanks for that
  13. Apologies for image spam, just found the member's gallery thing so I'm populating my own one 😕

  14. Maxrayne



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