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  1. M106

    ah well

    i have been waiting for tonight all week, clear skies predicted and virtually no moon, slept all day so i could stay up all night, only to wake to cloud and clearskies changed from green to orange, and red for the rest of the week and my pentax adapter just arrived too. sigh...
  2. are the cheaper versions worth buying? eg skywatcher does an OIII for less than 40; are there any to avoid completely?
  3. M106

    First mirror grind advice

    was supposed to get to sleep early lol great watch esp loved his smashed up van hehe
  4. M106

    south west london black hole

    great, lets see if any other members are local and go from there in the meantime i'll contact a few parks and commons mangers and see what is possible as regular meet sites, esp if they can offer late night parking access, skies are allot darker over this way
  5. M106

    south west london black hole

    not that far from me, relatively lol, im in roehampton, a few minutes from barnes and richmond, are you a member of a society/club already? would a new group interest you? there a fair few very big parks and commons around SW that are good for star gazing, as good as it can get in london anyway
  6. ive tried and failed to find any groups in south west london, even the Greenwhich society said its a black hole is there anyone out there from SW? perhaps we can get a group/society going?
  7. M106

    Dew Control Build

    neoprene slowed down the fogging, but didnt stop it ive made a very simple heat tape as a prototype, 4 parrallel runs of nichrome 32awg, 80cm long, @ 12V more than enough power to give me lots of control with PWM, will give it a test run before building the final version, will take pics and post up a howto when its tested and working i *think* it was the primary which fogged, so ive made the heat tape for that initially
  8. plan a weekend away, a log cabin maybe, or even a tent (canvas hot tent in this weather lol), when you are in true darkness, with the milkyway above you in full color, the buzz will come back i had a little refractor for years, i got bored too, living in london its rare to get more than a vague glimpse of deep space, but going off to truely dark sky country never failed to bring back my excitement over astronomy and star gazing even with just a pair of binoculors, the milky way in a dark sky is spectacular give yourself a weekend of stargazing, then deciede if you really are bored of the hobby, you may find you just have to make your star gazing times into a weekend getaway every now and then (or move house and buy a home up a mountain )
  9. M106

    First glimpse of Orion Nebula

    got my first ever 'close up' glimpse of Orion Nebula this morning considering the moon was streaming down and the local car park had both sodium and halogen floods blasting into the sky, and Orion was skimming the horizon, i didnt think i'd see anything more than Orion's belt, but the nebula was there, a hazy white patch in the sky... Wasnt 100% sure at first, but after ruining my vision checking my atlas, yep all the stars matched, spent an hour and a half gradually freezing solid in the hope it would resolve a little better, but it wasnt going to happen cant wait to try again when the moon has gone and i'm out in the sticks; trip to north wales at end of the month is in order i think! exciting times for a newbie Scope: Star Watcher 200P dob w/ SkyWatcher Super 10mm w/ Moon & Sky Glow Filter Sky: [SW London] 100% Clear, Moon 97%, Light Pollution bad
  10. M106

    Show us your subs!

    great idea for a thread! hving taken just a single shot of the moon through a supermarket refractor i always wondered what people were seeingin their raw shots
  11. M106

    IC 1848

    superb shot, feel like i should be ordering war speed! beautiful nebula
  12. M106

    Jupiter 2017

    awsome shot, scope/cam specs?
  13. while not light, i dont have to much trouble moving my 200P dob using the supplied handle; def easier to remove tube and carry each sepertly of course
  14. install stellarium and enter your scope specs, then click on target and choose scope view (button with square with hole/circle, top right) make sure no lens or eyepiece is selected, but your scope is it'll give you a fair idea of what you potentialy can see ...not including light pollution or accounting for exposure time, of course
  15. a camera lens cleaning kit is always worth havimg on hand, i'd call the supplier, see if they wll exchange, but i'd also say i want to try cleaning them, if shop is happy to exchange if cleaning doesnt work cleaning with alcohol (iso) (assuming lens isnt coated with somthing alcohol dissolves) and lens cloth & lens tissue should do the job tbh

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