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Newbie deep sky enthusiast with a new Skywatcher 200P :)

(sorry dob mob, didnt have the patience for unboxing shots)

Here it is... feel like it should have a name?

Was fairly easy to put together, although the spanners didnt fit the nut that holds the base, and the screw driver only properly fit the screws for the EP holder; thats pretty bad imo, and makes me wonder what else they may have skimped on... but given its one of the UK's favourite scopes, i'm hoping nothing to serious

The tube itself is metal, i was expecting plastic (confusion from reading soooo many reviews and listings for 100 or more scopes lol), i think i would have preferred plastic too as i'm now going to have to consider condensation allot more carefully on those cold nights; no 5 minutes grab and go with this scope in the winter i think, we'll see!


Question: Hot or Cold? Is it better to just let the scope cool down somewhere with dry air before taking outside, or would a heater be better? Heat cable should prevent condensation quite nicely, wrapped around the tube, but from the little i understand heat + astronomy isnt a good thing, maybe that only applies to the atmosphere high up where its visually more disruptive?

Anyway here it is...name coming up eventually... :icon_biggrin: 



Clear skys expected from 9PM monday night, fingers crossed for first light then; will see how my Pentax dSLR does shooting through it too (not expecting much there tbh, no tracking on this scope, although i might get some decent moon and sun shots one day)

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Looks great. I would gIve it a try in the daylight, get the finder aligned ahead of Monday night!

have you got a view out to a distant object (hill, tree, telegraph pole?)


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I've roughly aligned it with a tree about 60m away, thats the furthest i can do at the moment, but i live at the top of a hill so later i will try aligning it with a skyscraper in london; but i think i'm going to order a cross hair eye piece to do it properly ...assuming the cross hair on the finder is accurate enough to be worth it? Not sure, seen lots of people saying its not great?


Couldnt get a pin sharp image of the tree, it was pretty sharp, but with (chromatic aberration? Is that the right term.. colorful distortion around the edges), is that just down to the distance i was trying to focus on? Using the 25mm

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Don't rush into the crosshair eyepiece, you may not need it.

you may swap to telrad or red dot finder in the future.

as the finder is only x8 magnification and has a wide wide view you will be fine.

use the 25mm to get the scope pointed at something, then adjust the finder to the same place.

for higher accuracy, put the 10mm in and repeat.

job done.

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Will give that a go thanks!

I'm waiting for a colliminator aswell, no idea when that will arrive, could lack of collimation be the cause of the color shift i'm seeing on the edges of the tree branches? Or something else?

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probably the eyepiece. they are optimised for night time use. The bright moon can also show up these issues with eyepieces.

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don't worry about colliimation too much in the first week. Just focus on getting to see something.

you can of course do a quick collimation check by looking down the focuser (with eyepiece removed) to see if you can see reflections of reflections and if the centre mark of the mirror is centered.

Of course it is hard to hold your eye dead centre so don't expect 100% accurate result.


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