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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, just wanted to share my first stacked Jupiter pic. It's nothing special, but I'm happy enough as it is my first attempt at Jupiter with a webcam. Outside is very windy (especially on the roof) and cloudy, but I managed to capture some wobbly frames of Jupiter between the clouds It was also the first time I was able to do some rough polar alignment and successfully track an object, and the first light for my new Vixen eyepieces and my new Antares 3X Barlow lens. The preview on Sharpcap didn't show any color, even though the Saturation was about 70. I tried to increase it but the image was only showing artifacts rather then colors, so I ended up with monochrome captures any suggestion? Telescope: Skywatcher Explorer 200P Mount: Eq5 + Dual Axis Motor Barlow: Antares 3X Camera: XBOX Live Vision Cam Software: Sharpcap + Registax 6 on Windows XP (Virtual Machine on MacBook Pro) and Adobe Lightroom for OS X Location: Cork City, Ireland Jupiter (click to enlarge) And my rooftop: I have captured several AVI's so I hope come back with better pics. Clear Skies Riky
  2. Beautiful clear skies over London tonight, first test drive of my new scope is done; amazing view of the moon, large mountainous craters on the edge which i've never seen before, can actually tell that the moon isnt a perfect disc at all; very happy Going to try and spot M42 soon, its nice and clear to the naked eye, fingers crossed... However... while i can already see the potential of the mirrors, the eye pieces are absolute rubbish, significant color shifts on the edges of everything, and that doesnt inspire confidence for looking into deep space; will be getting a pair of new ones asap, X-Cel's probably, or starguiders, we'll see what my bank balance is like at the end of the month! Not especially disappointed though, all the reports i'd read had prepared me for rubbish eye pieces lol I would like more control over focus too, i bought a little device (not sure what its called) for my old refractor, which was essentially a focus with a very low gear, making focus very easy: i saw a version of the 200P with something similar built in, can anyone tell me what its called? And if there is one for 1.25" eyepieces? This looks interesting: http://www.365astronomy.com/Dual-Speed-1-10-Microfocus-Upgrade-Kit-for-Skywatcher-Crayford-Focusers.html Anyone tried it? Or have a better solution, 10:1 seems good though No photos yet, still need and adapter for my dSLR, and a decent low light 1080p cmos/ccd Scope: Star Watcher 200P dob w/ SkyWatcher Super 25mm & 10mm Sky: [SW London] 100% Clear, Moon 92%, Light Pollution bad
  3. Hello, so I bought my first telescope a few days ago, I bought a SkyWatcher 200p on a goto EQ5 mount, my first general impression is that I made a good decision, it was a bit over my budget, but I bought it second hand, and 8" with goto EQ5 is a good start in my opinion so far, as I won't need to replace is really soon. So I tried observing for 2 nights so far, I tried using it from my garden, and obviously its not amazing, but I live in a relatively small city with a decent light pollution. So the first night was pretty bad, it was really hard adapting to everything, learn how to use everything, my brother ripped by mistake the crosshair in the finderscope(I fixed it today tho, it was kinda loose before, so its even better now), and it was pretty hard. Today I read a little about the things that were harder to me, I tried to align my finderscope, and even tho Im unable to do it for some reason, I know where the finderscope leads me, so its a bit easier, I learned how to use my eyepieces better, managed to use the 2x barlow lens, I still couldn't figure how to really do all the aligning correctly such as polar align etc, but hopefully I'll learn that slowly. I also tried adjusting my goto mount, but I couldn't do it because when Im trying to do the star aligning I don't know yet which stars I should use, and trying to figure where each star is in a place that you're not even sure if you can see it because of light pollution is kinda hard, so I gave up on aligning the goto and just used it to move the mount sometimes to follow an object. The only object that I really saw was mars(I think), I couldn't see it very well tho, I tried using all my eyepieces(25mm, 10mm and 4mm) and my 2x, but it still wasn't really great. Im not expecting to see anything too well obviously, but I did except to see it a bit more zoomed and a bit more detailed than sort of orange lamp light, it makes me wonder what can I do about it, what do I need in order to see mars better? Is it because of the light pollution? Maybe the eyepieces? Something maybe Im doing wrong? Again, Im not expecting to see it like hubble pictures or anything, not even with details, but just see it a bit bigger and a bit more clear, this is a photo for example(took it with my phone and 10mm super eyepiece): One more thing is about the finderscope, when Im trying to adjust the finderscope, I simply can't adjust it enough to make it accurate, I need to loosen the screws to adjust it, but eventually the screw will just go out and the finderscope will still not be aligned with the scope, what can I do about it? I have a lot more to learn and experience, so sorry if I ask really stupid questions etc, thanks a lot for the help!
  4. After a long time I've been able to capture Jupiter in colour and it looks like I caught the GRS! There were some odd settings in the "filter" of my Philips SPC900 that were causing the loss of detail and colour. It's a small picture and lacking of detail, this certainly doesn't make it a jaw-dropping picture but I'm quite happy with it and wanted to share Location: Cork, Ireland Seeing: Fair Skywatcher Explorer 200P / EQ5 TAL 2X Barlow (need to try the 3X next time!) Philips SPC900 Stacked with Registax 5 70 % of 3000 frames Minor edit with Adobe Lightroom Thanks for watching
  5. Trawling through the interwebs I found a 2 year old video of the gadget show comparing a few telescopes against each other, it's nothing too fancy but its pretty good for seeing the size of the 200p EQ. =] http://fwd.channel5.com/gadget-show/videos/jon-test/telescopes
  6. Now I know the Skytee 2 can hold 15kg on each mount apparently (never tried this out), but thinking of getting a second hand Skywatcher 200P to see how an 8 inch reflector would work from my garden, so just wondering does anyone use one on their Skytee 2 mount at all OK? With EP's fitted and a 9x50 finderscope the weight of the OTA will be around 11kg approx I think , so should be OK on the mount, but want to make sure before I possibly buy it. Regards, Gus
  7. After waiting a month for a deposit to come back, today was the day I finally have it... well "had" being the key word here. Just ordered a Skywatcher 200p and Cheshire. So happy And as Im not here to brag and actually ask a question does anyone know any online guides to collimation of a reflector? Thanks
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