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  1. Great report! Thank you, you got me wanting to view Jupiter too tonight (I've been absent for months ) Have a great day O
  2. the aurora australis by Ohan Smit, on Flickr This is a little gem that I have lost quite some time ago. I was meaning to get back to it and finally managed to do so.This is a 55 image stack shot in Bluff New Zealand 2013 at 1am in the morning with the freezing wind howling from behind.After some time I crept back in my camper and made myself some coffee and also decided to call it a night.NIkon D800, Nikkor 14-24 at 14mm, f/2.8, 55 x 20 second exposures shot at ISO 3200.Regards
  3. Ah, well I used the Golden ratio(spiral) to construct this composite and then afterwards removed that layer. This ate up all my RAM, 25.7GB in total for PS... CHow
  4. I am a tad late to the lunar eclipse party, but here is my go at it. This was taken as the penumbra of the earth hit the full moon at 02:11 and spans over two and a half hours to the last shot which was captured at 04:47. The frames where taken 105 seconds apart until it slipped behind my neighbors roof. 48 frames making up 134 megapixels... Nikon D800, Nikkor 300mm, f/5.6, ISO 100 - 1600. Sky-Watcher EQ6 Pro mount. Lunar Eclipse - Penumbra to Maximum by Ohan Smit, on Flickr Hope you enjoy. Regards Ohan
  5. Beautiful work I can only post mine after work unfortunately, since I have to weave about 50 pictures together from penumbra to maximum eclipse Have a great day.
  6. I really like the monochrome version. Well done
  7. Welcome to SGL. I hope you can sort out your little problem and start using that fine instrument Have a great day
  8. Haha indeed It's working perfectly, just need to fine tune the worm gears to eliminate the play in the RA axis Going to do so tonight after work Mine was 7 years old and used, and even tough I re-used all the original bearings except the conical bearing in the RA axis, the whole mount is a lot more fluent in the turning of the DEC and RA axis. Previously it was quite tight and uneven in its turning with the clutches unlocked. Regards
  9. The upgrade itself is very straight forward and should require no more than 30 minutes to complete if you take your time, its 4 screws, old mobo out, 2 screws DEC motor out, 2 screws RA motor out, then everything in reverse, plug in the new motors to the Mobo and the LED for the polarscope and you are ready to go. My mod on the other hand produced its own series of problems yesterday when I did the dissembling/reassembling upgrade hybrid. Firstly all three Teflon washers in the DEC axis came out broken in bits. Then I tried sourcing them at local H/W stores, pffft.... So I traced the one washe
  10. Would one of the Mods please move this to the DIY astronomer sub forum? I am a little uncertain why I posted here. Thanks
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