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  1. WoW big difference with the spikes , i much prefer it with the stop down mask...!!! What 135mm lens are you using..? Im looking to get the samyang 135mm for use with my asi 1600 osc. just set up with my 24-105 usml lens on asi 1600 osc Regards Graham
  2. I tried sharp cap 2.9 last night with a 50mm canon lens and zwo 120c with 2 second exposures and found it very easy to use......just followed the instructions and nailed polar alignment on my SWSA down to 00.09" took just minutes. WELL IMPRESSED Regards Graham
  3. Well i thought i would try out the new polar align tool in sharp cap last night with my SWSA and was very surprised at how easy it was to use. so i attached my ZWO 120 C to a 50mm canon lens and solved 30 odd stars , followed the instructions and hey presto an alignment of 00.09" Gob Smacked !!! As time was limited and clouds on horizon i quickly attached my Olympus EM10 Mk2 with the 40-150 len s set to 70mm , the OMD has a built in time lapse that i wanted to try so set it to take 30 frames at 60 secs. Below is a stack of just 12x 60 s lights as OH those clouds got me. just fiddled a bit in pixinsight, this is my first real go with camera an SWSA Regards Graham
  4. Very nice shot, i too like dark nebula in my widefields Regards Graham
  5. Lovely widefield shots, as you say i like the moon through the trees also Graham
  6. A really good shot. i like the light on the left going up through the milkyway........ Graham
  7. Im selling my : William optic GT81 Triplet Complete with field flattener/Reducer, William optic Clamp rings, Losmondy plate, Canon Camera adapter, Hi tech Robo Focuser, 50mm Guide scope SW 66 Equinox Doublet F4 Complete with 1.25 adapter Atik Titan Guide Camera Atik 314L Mono Camera Modded Canon 1100D. Controlled with computer ie BYEOS ( No lcd on back, cable broke whilst modding) other wise works fine. 1.25 HA Filter/0111/ IR Cut And RGB Filters Reason for sale : working Most nights !!!!!!!! £ 1650 ono The lot ( Not Splitting) Absolute bargain for some one starting with imageing........ Phone : Graham on 077494454580 Can Deliver Devon, Somerset area
  8. Thank you. i love my 6D it is very sensitive . next time out i will take my sw adventurer and take multiple shots to stack.
  9. No just Playing as had to get up early next Morning. was nice n clear so couldnt resist....!!!! Perhaps next time i will take 10 or so and stack them....
  10. Hi Guys n Gals Just a couple of widefields from the weekend, Camping at Slapton sands . Funny thing is i only live 20 mins away ho hum. All 30s single frame tweeked in lightroom 5 Canon 6D 24-105usm l at 24mm
  11. THANKS FOR LOOKING, been having all sorts of problems processing my images and almost gave the hobby up, but now after sorting out a good work flow in pixinsight I think I will still be hanging in there.......lol
  12. Forgot to mention no darks or any calibration files. and cropped down to get file size down for showing here. Graham Still chuffed......
  13. Well been out with the 6D randomly pointed at the milky way,this is 4x 120secs combined and processed in pixinsight and saved as very low quality jpeg in p shop . this is my first go with pixinsight following tutorials on web and well chuffed....... canon6D canon 24-105usm l eq6 guided Regards graham
  14. This is a 4x 30 second stack from last night of NGC7000 stacked in ps with levels and curves applied and converted to jpeg. Self modded canon 1100D and nifty fifty.... i have 40 odd lights but need a stacking program thats made for apple mac... Lots to learn as now using an apple mac and it a big learning curve .....LOL Graham
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