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  1. Ah yall are awesome thank you so much I'm definitely going to invest in the RACI that sounds like exactly what I am looking for and will help me soooo much, thank you!!!!
  2. That's what I was thinking also but I figured that I could use the binoculars to find background stars and use those background stars to help me find whatever I am trying to find since the field of view will be bigger because I am good at getting in the general area of what I am trying to find with my telescope but I am not able to get to the exact location because when I look through the telescope I see more stars than what I am used to due to the amount of light pollution
  3. I'm debating if I want to buy some binoculars or not to assist me in find deep sky objects. I currently have the Cekestron Omni 150XLT Newtonian telescope and live in the heavily light polluted city of Dallas so by looking at star charts I can find the general area of some Messier objects like the whirlpool galaxy but can't see them with my naked eye, so would buying a pair of low powered binoculars assist me in seeing these objects so I can align my telescope with them to get an even better view? Thank y'all
  4. I have the Celestron Newtonian reflector which has a 5.1" mirror so I was hoping y'all could give me some beginner, intermediate, and advanced things to find and look at during the spring and summer (besides the moon). As well as what magnification would be best to observe and see closely with plenty of detail. Thanks
  5. Believe it or not, my parents actually already have that camera and I was planning on using it to start some photography once I can figure out how to without a motor then get a motor.
  6. Do you have any 2x Barlow and DSLR suggestions?
  7. Thank y'all!! Y'all gave me some awesome ideas and things to think about
  8. I have the Celestron Omni 150 XLT Newtonian reflector and my parents want to get me something for it and I already have the Orion 5mm edge on planetary eyepiece so do y'all have any suggestions?
  9. Can someone help me understand how to use the right Ascension setting ring and vernier scale on my CG-4 GEM from Celestron. Thanks
  10. This is what I'm struggling to use and understand and I'm having trouble finding information online about it.
  11. Does anyone have any tips or advice on polar aligning my Newtonian reflector and anything on aligning my right ascension setting circle? It has a RA vernier scale and this will be my first time doing all this once the weather clears up.
  12. I'm just not very sure what you mean because before I fixed the problem by adding the 2" adapter to the 1.25" eyepiece because now I'm actually able to see stuff rather than the black with a white ring. But now I can't focus it whenever I look at anything.
  13. Tonight I was trying to look at the moon with my Celestron Omni XLT 150 Newtonian reflector and I got it lined up on the moon and whenever I looked through at it I would see the spider veins and a black dot and I was not able to get it to focus at all is this due to needing more collimation or something else?
  14. I think I may have actually figured it out! Because I found an adapter that came with the telescope and didn't realize what it was until now haha
  15. I took out the eyepiece and this is the only other part I am able to take out. This is what the assembly looks like once it is out.
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