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  1. R6 also doesn't handle stacking of large tif or jpg still images
  2. Forget the tool. I bought one, tried it & returned it the very next day. It's a waste of time, money & effort. Take your scope outside and target a medium bright star. Polaris works great. center the star and then take it out of focus until you see a circle inside a circle with a number of other circles in between. Adjust the knobs until these circles are symmetrical. Done...
  3. From another Canadian named Chris, welcome to SGL. I am also in a highly light polluted area west of Toronto. You would be amazed at what you can see. Good seeing includes a good focus and well adjusted eyes.
  4. Great shot!! The only suggestion I have is "keep them coming"!!
  5. Is there a specific reason you need this particular lens? Why Arecont? Does Tamron not make a lens that meets these specs?
  6. As a few others have suggested, Velcro is the ticket.
  7. My scope worked great 3 days ago. Tonight while I'm aligning for a great round of Jupiter, the RA stopped working in 1 direction. After searching for a solution on the Internet and tearing apart my Autostar controller with no resolve, I decided to start digging into the RA motor housing. I found the RA control board and removed it. That's when I found this: The board has a burnt component. I ordered a new one online. Is this a common failure? It couldn't happen at a worse time.
  8. Impressive even in good conditions, even better in poor. Great detail. cheers
  9. VSOP

    Hi From Corby

    Welcome from one noobie to another...
  10. Beautiful image with great colour balance.
  11. Thank you all. John, the imaging sections is my primary focus (pun intended). Ever since I began imaging last summer, I can't get enough. I find imaging to be another level of awesome over observing. Best regards...
  12. Thanks Dave, I just got back from Vermont. I have a place near Jay Peak so I'm there often. Great place for a scope. My sister went to UVM cheers!!
  13. I'll play... Is it ok if I didn't use a telescope for my entry? This photo was shot with my Canon T6i and a Canon L Series 100-400mm zoom lens. This shot was taken Feb. 14, 2016 as follows: ISO-200, f9, 1/100 sec, 400mm, 30/40 images staked using Autostakkert 2 & postprocessed using PSCC
  14. Thanks for all the warm welcome's everyone. There are many unknowns in life but one thing I can always rely on is that astronomy enthusiasts are usually friendly & pleasant people. Cheers...
  15. Hi everyone, I found this site while searching for Astrophotography information. It seems like a fun place so I signed up. The price was right also. I hope to learn from some of you more experienced space watchers and maybe I have a few things to offer also. Happy viewing... VSOP
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