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  1. blumming exams getting in the way of everything!!
  2. Thanks mate very helpful will look into this! only one Brian laudrup
  3. Thanks Lorne that's fabulous thanks for the invite! I have my last exam for work coming up at the start of May so going to look into joining once that's out the way! Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, I live in Hamilton, Scotland and was wondering if there are any local astronomy clubs about I could join to help enhance my astronomy experience? Thanks, Gary
  5. cheers guys thanks for the vote of confidence! is the mount pretty decent or would I be better with a dob? I would be interested in imaging planets and dso's in the future, just at a basic level to start with, would the scope and eq5 mount make this possible? thanks again
  6. Hi everyone, I currently have a Celestron first scope 4.5" Newtonian on an EQ2 mount (f/8). However I have been considering an upgrade. I would mainly use my telescope for planetary/lunar observation and some galaxies/nebulae/DSOs with a view to imaging in the future, but not yet. I have been looking at the Skywatcher explorer 200p EQ5. What is everyones thoughts on this scope? Is it worthwhile? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/reflectors/skywatcher-explorer-200p-eq5.html Thanks and happy observing! Gary
  7. Fair enough, a lot to think about! Thanks for all the advice! For talking sakes, if I went for a new telescope, I assume it would still be a good idea to get a few new eyepieces and a Barlow?
  8. thanks, would you recommend the star guides over a plossl? Would you also recommend a full set of star guiders or high power eyepieces of star guiders and the low power eyepieces vixen plossls? Thanks
  9. Celestron firstscope 114 Newtonian 4.5" f/8
  10. Thanks for the advice! makes more sense to me now!!
  11. Hi mate thanks for the response. I was looking at around £30-50 per eyepiece. Will acquire over a period of time not all at once I feel. ( I notice you are in the US so I think that's about $45-75) No I do not need to wear glasses, I do have a slight astigmatism but not bad enough for glasses. To be honest I do not really have a preference for apparent fields of view as of yet. My telescope is an f/8. I observe a variety of things, planets, moon and try to see some DSO's. Would like to be able to maybe see nebula and galaxies if possible. I also enjoy just setting my t
  12. Hi everyone, I am thinking of getting some new eyepieces in a wide of ranges. Been thinking about 6,9,15 and 32mm and a barlow lens. However there is so much choice with the pieces I have no idea where to start, if I should buy different brands or all eyepieces the same brand. I have been recommended a few already here but still totally unsure. I have been researching the celestron Omni plossl, Vixen NPL and BDT Explorer ED and I was looking for some more help! Any advice is greatly appreciated! Clear skies!
  13. Hi everyone, I have recently got into astronomy and I find it incredibly amazing. I have a Celestron model #31044 Firstscope 114 EQ 4.5" Newtonian Telescope with the folloing specs: Aperture: 114mm (4.5") Focal Length: 900mm F/ratio: f/8 Standard Oculars (or Eyepieces): 20mm 1¼" (45x) 10mm 1¼" (90x) Resolution: 1.0 arc seconds Light gathering Power: 267x unaided eye Limiting Magnitude: 12.8 Highest useful Power: 270x I would like some advice on eyepieces. From one of my previous posts I enquired about the celestron eyepiece kit an
  14. Thanks everyone for your help! Will look into what eyepieces to invest in and I look forward to more star gazing! Unfortunately I won't be doing much of that as it is meant to be cloudy for the next 14 years or something like that haha! thanks again
  15. Hi, I am just starting out with astronomy and was looking for some advice. I have a Celestron model #31044 Firstscope 114 EQ 4.5" Newtonian Telescope (lived up my loft for years and just brought it back down!!) I was just looking for some advoce on how good a telescope this is and what i will be able to see through it. Will I be able to see the two ice planets and possibly pluto through this? How likely will I be of seing any nebula? I have also looked at the celestron eyepiece kit and wondered if this is worthwhile investment? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-94303-Tele
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