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  1. Thanks everybody for your suggestions, it's very strange as 1.25 is fine. I'm going to order the ultra short 2in visual back from Baader and see what happens. I suspect as has been suggested that the generic cheap 2 in adapter may too long or at fault. regards
  2. Dear Members, ive been using an C925 evolution for 8 months or so. It has a 1.25 diagonal. All works well Rdf aligned spot on. i recently bought an ES102CF apo triplet. It has a 2 in diagonal. so I bought a 2in visual back for the sct so I could interchange the 2in diagonal. But the Rdf is now out of alignment. It is so far off that there is not enough adjustment to get it aligned on either axis. Amy ideas of what I'm doing wrong or what the problem might be? regards
  3. Thanks, and yes that's my scope. I'm about to buy the 2in diagonal.
  4. Thanks everyone as always. So a 2inch 40mm EP will have a larger tfov than a 1.25 I presume? if so I think I will replace the stock 40mm plossl with a 2inch 40mm and the largest tfov I can. agree for a larger view I will need another scope...but that's for later! regards
  5. Dear members, Ive had a telescope for 3months or so...c925 evo. It came with 40 and 13mm eps. After deliberation I added a baader Hyperion zoom mark 3. I love the convenience of it for a newbie until I settle on some focal lengths that I like to use. i am researching my next EP. I want a minimum magnification, widest tfov, and larger afov I can afford both monetarily, and pupillary. im 45 so figure my exit pupil will be 6mm. My scope is 2350 f10. So doing the math, it works out to be a 60mm EP for 40 magnification. where do I get a 60mm EP? And it shouldn't theoretic
  6. Dear Members, I observe from an open verandah/courtyard on my first floor. House and roof to two sides and a fence on the other two. These structures define my view of the sky in terms of altitude when objects are visible to me in different directions. Is there a way I can map my view specifically in any software. That would be great in planning my sessions. ie knowing when an object will appear in "my" sky. Cheers
  7. D i didn't have a monetary budget in mind, just a sensible scope for a 9 year old, with the attributes I mentioned. I think he's most fascinated with the planets at the moment, but pretty enthusiastic about Andromeda and M42.....and he loves meteors! He picks out colour in the fuzzies as I listen to his descriptions with a little envy! So a scope that's light, easy to setup. One we can take travelling, and not be too scared if he dings it lightly!...Hence a short tube acro. I'm leaning to the Sky watcher 120 f5. He can grow into my c925evo, which will happen sooner than I expect!
  8. Thanks everyone, yes I have the c925 evolution. A goto option is fine, but wanted it manual for him to learn the sky and cruise around. cheers
  9. Dear members, The c925 evo is a fantastic scope, but a bit big and complicated for my 9 year old son, so he simply looks down the eye piece once dad has setup and pointed. I'd like him to learn and get involved more (he would to) as he is a space nut watching and reading everything in Nat Geo. I was thinking of buying a short tube refractor for him. A good all round scope for planetary and deep sky. One that we could take camping, and one that may potentially double up as a reasonable imaging OTA and or guide scope. He is a small 9, and I want him to be able to do everything hi
  10. OWK


    Thank you all for he welcome. Hey Beaner! The weather is warm/hot all year round in Darwin, with mostly clear skies. But at 12S it's in the tropics....which apparently is not ideal, although i havent worked out why yet. Along side stargazing....I've gotten addicted to reading the threads on this forum (and IIS).....indespensible!
  11. OWK


    Dear Members, G'Day from Darwin , Australia. I'm new....about 1 month since I got my first telescope. The procrastination and cogitation was endless. But finally I bought a C926 Evolution.....thanks to all the threads on here, that have advised countless before me. Every time I google search a question, I'm linked to a thread on this site, so I'm looking forward to being a member of this community. There are no Astro clubs in Darwin, so any members from my neck of the woods, please shout out. Cheers
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