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  1. Hi, grateful for any advice here. I'm desperate for my fist planetary pic, had great views of Saturn last night but when I attached my slr to try and see what i could get I could not see the planet at all on the screen! I spent ages trying to chase it before the clouds hit with no success. Is there a secret to this?! Thanks
  2. Thank you all. I am quite obviously not expecting hubble standard photographs but you gotta start somewhere eh! I have the EQ2 motorised mount so it will track the sky which is what I thought you needed? I realised the lense cannot be removed from that camera so will rethink that but I am still keen on starting. I did see a presentation that demonstrated you don't need to have huge and expensive equipment to be able to get some pretty decent images and I am keen to try and learn. I appreciate you all taking the time to share with me. Wish me luck! Jodi
  3. Hi, I am wanting to start attempting some astrophotography of planets and deep sky. I have a Skywatcher 130M and a Panasonic lumix I wish to attach to it and am lucky to have minimal light pollution from my garden ?. I would be grateful for any advice on getting started and the equipment I will need. Does anyone else do astrophotography with this scope? My first attempts I would like to be on would be Jupiter, Saturn and the Orion nebula. Thank you in advance. Jodi
  4. Thank you all for your advice. I am finding it all fascinating ? just not enough clear nights at the moment! Is there anywhere safe to buy 2nd hand stuff besides eBay?
  5. Hi, I have a skywatcher 130 900mm scope. At present I only have the 25mm, 10mm and 2x barlow that came with the scope. I was wondering if anyone else that has this scope could help me decide whether to upgrade the eyepieces or to buy a better barlow. Also I welcome any advice on the visual capabilities of this scope. So far I have seen Saturn once and could make out the rings which I was very excited about. I have mostly been looking at Jupiter. I have seen two main cloud bands and 4 moons. I understand the atmospheric conditions have to be right, I do allow my scope to cool outside first and the planet is better as high as possible. I know it takes patience and practise but it does appear very small in my view and I can't see how I will see any more detail ever as it appears this small. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Jodi
  6. Thank you. What filter would you suggest for Jupiter? She's my favourite planet!
  7. Mak the Night, what barlow have you got? I have found no help from the supplied 2x barlow yet. Jodi
  8. Hello, thank you all for your advice. I have been only blessed with a handful of clear nights/mornings at the moment! I have seen Jupiter every time and I now understand your points on atmospheric conditions. I have seen all four moons and two cloud bands with the supplied 10mm ep which was very exciting and I will persist looking for more Inc that big red spot. I did see two light objects that flew past my field of view. Any ideas? Thank you again for helping my understanding for this fascinating hobby Jodi
  9. Hello, I have a SW 130M. I wondered if anyone could offer any advice on eye pieces. Am mainly looking at the moon and planets at the moment. Jupiter was very exciting to see with the 25mm the other morning but the 10mm that came with the scope was a blurry mess and I hoped to understand why. Thanks for any help in advance. Jodi
  10. Thank you very much everyone that commented. I decided to go for the SW explorer 130. It's being delivered tomorrow so fingers x for clear night as my son and I are quite excited! There's obviously a lot for us to learn and I'm sure I will have more questions at some point. Thank you all again for taking the time to share your knowledge Jodi
  11. Thanks. Mak the Night I am looking at the SW 130 explorer and just wondered if the parabolic mirror was worth the extra money and if us beginners would even notice at this stage?
  12. Is it best to get one that has a parabolic mirror?
  13. Thanks. So I think I like the sky watcher Explorer 130p or the sky watcher heritage 130p. Also what do you think of Celestron PowerSeeker 114EQ? Someone said not to use an equatorial mount, just wondered why? I'm after something that is quick and easy to set up each use as would not left in one place. Just to add that there is not much light pollution at my location
  14. So, I have just managed to get a refund so I am now scope shopping!
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