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  1. Wow, that's stunning great work!!
  2. Thanks for the link Olly, I'll definitely try that technique it seems a more subtle method than a mask and brush. ?
  3. Thanks Bryan, I might have got a bit excited seeing the image develop and overdone the saturation a bit :-) Do you think it's to much?
  4. Stub Mandrel _ Thanks, I dont think so, there were plenty there when I started, I tried a starless version then tried adding them back, struggled with it for a while then decided to leave as is for now.
  5. After a few disastrous attempts I've finally managed an image of the Orion Nebula. Can't get a good view south from home so I have to cart all the gear out. Seems every time I tried in the past I've messed something up or the clear skies disappeared as soon as I've set up :-( Taken with a SW ED80 with reducer and a ZWO ASI 1600mm-c. Lum 20x20sec + 30x120sec and 20x120sec each for the RGB Lost some of the stars in processing, in fact the whole process of processing with me is a bit disorganised, really need to sort out my workflow. Got Steve's new book for xmas so that shoul
  6. Stunning Image, a lovely sense of depth to it! Chris.
  7. cwit1


    Tried again last Wed and the battery went flat after half an hour, Arrrgh! Fortunately it stayed clear on the Thursday and I managed some 3 Hrs or so on the Orion Nebula. 20x20s Lum as suggested by Richard for the core 30x120s Lum @ 0 gain 20x120sec @ 0 gain for each of the RGB Took ages to process and I've lost some of the stars somehow (but quite like it like that). Ill try and get some more data and try and sort the stars out at a later date hopefully.
  8. cwit1


    What a disaster last night, the wind, Froze me to the bone setting up then I couldn't stay on any guide star it was so bad. I considered just short exposures but by then I couldn't feel my fingers so had to admit defeat and packed up. Clear night and no moon till 11.30pm, what a frustrating hobby eh! Chris.
  9. cwit1


    Paul, Allinthehead, Thanks gents, I wasn't sure where to start and didn't want to waste to much time seeing as I have to cart everything up to the top of the mountain! Thanks again Chris
  10. cwit1


    Hi Paul, Very nice image. I'm hoping to try this tonight from up on the moor, (can't get it from my house) what exposure settings did you use? I'm using an ED80 and a ZWO 1600mm cool. Probably use unity gain. Chris
  11. I haven't had much time to try out this camera yet what with the awful weather, software gremlins and work etc so I dont have anything to compare yet sorry, but first chance i get ill try on a bright star an let you know. Is that one with a Ha filter? Great detail in the nebula by the way !! Chris.
  12. Hi, I too thought about the Atik 460 but decided to go with the ZWO as my guiding is not that good and also the idea of shorter subs ( though more of them) means that i probably wont have to loose as much intergration time by discarding bad subs. Plus its a good bit cheaper Chris.
  13. Shame, still its easier to do so with this type of camera rather than a DSLR, eh!
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